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March 28th, 2016

Page 519

And now for some more fall out… Happy Late Easter! :D

Vote Incentive: The finished colour version of last week’s vote incentive commission :)

New Ninja shirts!! ‘Unstealthiest Ninja: Pantsed‘ and ‘Epic Teamup!’ fromĀ Shirt Woot, and ‘Unipool’, from Neato (because unicorns are magical and pure, just like Deadpool :)


  1. Stardust


  2. Goma

    Panel one so much feels.

  3. MissyZ

    I love how you manage to make me laugh out loud while simultaneously getting hit right in the feels.

  4. T-Shaw

    Holy crap he’s all alone. That’s so sad.

  5. Pinecat

    Aw Crack, you poor little kit, damn. Also fucking Evil can’t *literally* hold it together. xD

  6. Beau

    Poor little guy. *wipes tears* Your comic just gets better and better. As do your shirts! Go, you!

  7. Solrak

    Crack….has had a hard life. Also, maybe you have heard this way too often, but Crack has a beautiful set of eyes.
    And hey, nice touch with Death’s skull mark(?) making sad eyes, I like that.

    Also, I hope you and your family get to see Zootopia, it’s pretty good film, I think you guys may like it.

  8. Aldin

    As intense as this has been, I couldn’t help but laugh as Crack was chased off by squirrels.


    I was betting on evil’s jaw dropping, but I guess his head rolling off is good too.

  10. K. Dragon

    Okay, that’s sad and all, but I keep giggling at Death’s reaction.

  11. K. Dragon

    Also, his jaw IS dropping. With the rest of his head.

  12. YourWorstNightmare

    Aw man poor baby! Look, even Evil feels bad for him and Prozac looks like he can handle the truth lol. Still feel really bad for Crack, he didn’t even have a chance with those berries XD

  13. Bry

    Evil pulled himself together, but then he lost his head over Crack’s story

  14. Anonymous

    I actually think Crack’s eyes look beautiful in Panel 1. Even though he’s sad.

  15. chase

    I like that even Evil seems touched. I hope Gay can be as well. I thought it was odd that even he could think Crack’s just doing it for attention; he literally murdered the crap out of a goose.

  16. TacBac

    Death can talk?

  17. Diane

    Awww, Crack…poor baby. Also, is this the first time we’re seeing Crack’s eyes clearly? I tried looking recently, and couldn’t find anything, his eyes are always in tiny paranoia mode where you can see their either blue or purple, but never the whole eye, since all the bears seem to have two toned eyes. But he has his mommy’s eyes, and that’s more important.

  18. Faiz

    That wolf on the last panel reminded me of this pic:

  19. dtc15

    Am I the only one who sees the irony that Crack should’ve been Death………………

  20. Shenny

    Diane, Crack first showed wide eyes when he and Evil pranked the polars a few story arcs ago.
    TacBac, Death has always talked. Gimp and Tanked don’t talk.

  21. Riol

    really sad moment *evil’s head falls off*

  22. Urago

    @dtc15: Why? Because his siblings and mother died?

  23. Bry

    @dtc15 thats a good theory, considering him witnessing his siblings’ deaths due to his decision to go to the watering hole without their mom and his mother also died because of him (i’m not putting blame on Crack, and i know the watering hole thing was a unanimous decision by all 3 cubs, but i’m just saying). i could only imagine what goes through his head sometimes… “If I wasn’t born, would mama and my siblings still be alive?…” either way, if Crack’s past was that tragic and hes only paranoia, i could only imagine Death’s past considering he represents death due to his power

  24. Brent

    Regarding the new Ninja shirt, i really think “Facepalm Ninja” needs his own series. :)

  25. Solrak

    Here is some panels with Crack seen clearly. Cutest set of eyes out of all the bears, in my opinion.

  26. Arron

    That rabbit…..he ded.

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