-Prints/tees/laptop and phone skins available at our Neatoshop or our Redbubble store.

-Unstealthiest Ninja 1,2,3 and others currently available from Woot!

-Art Prints from Studio Dooomcat are available at our INPRNT site.

-Original art sketches, inks, mini prints, etc. from the making of the comic can be found at our Etsy store.


All of the original pages from the comic are now available for sale!

Since my office quickly degenerated to “play room” and most of the art producing furniture was removed to baby proof the place I am quickly running out of room to store originals.  I literally now draw on a lap board in whatever room the baby decides to play in… probably not good for my back :)

The comic pages are drawn with red or blue pencil and inks are done over top.  Final text and panel borders are done in Photoshop but all original text is present in pencil.  All art measures 11×17 and pages 1-37 are on bristol while pages 38 and on are drawn on Chromacolor 18lb archival animation paper (without the holes of course).  The pages also come signed and dated and with their original thumbnail sketch as well.  Here is a close up of the above page and it’s corresponding thumbnail.


Simply send me an email and let me know the page number: I will reply with a link to confirm which page you’d like and let you know if it is still available.  If you’d like to see a scan of the original before buying then please ask!


$50 USD plus shipping/handling

(s/h in US/Canada is $6, everywhere else $10)

Some pages are slightly damaged due to coffee stains or grabby baby hands (some literally have teeth marks, wasn’t me) and some include art with a lot of re-uses and thus have less drawing involved.  If your choice is one of those I will email you a sample and lower the price.

Pages 1-37 will ship flat and pages 38 and on are shipped rolled in a triangle tube.  I use Canada Post surface which can be slooow so please allow 2-4 weeks shipping time to the US (longer if customs is having a field day!) and up to 8 weeks for over seas deliveries.  Air shipping is available for an added fee if you need it sooner, just email me to arrange it.

Shipping in the US and Canada includes a tracking number/delivery confirmation.  Surface shipping overseas does not, contact me if you’d like to upgrade to air.

Paypal is the preferred method of payment and our address is I can also email you a Paypal invoice if that is easier.

Thank you for supporting an otherwise unemployed artist :)