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August 17th, 2008

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BEAR NUTS for August 17, 2008 – 01 Bear Nuts


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    […] Southworth who creates the Uglyhill comic just twittered about Bear Nuts, a Weekly comic made by Alison Acton. Thought I’d give it a special mention as the artwork is […]

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    […] ever wondered what “Adult Swim’s version of Care Bears” would look like, this would be it. The artist claims she’s just getting started in webcomics but I hope to someday (after a lot […]

  3. Vlad The Vegan » Bear Nuts » Archive

    […] a great new webcomic called Bear Nuts that I just ran across today.  Someone described it as “like Care Bears but […]

  4. Carlisle

    Dude. I want those hippos as an avatar!

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    […] Another great comic for this week: […]

  6. tim

    hippos have sex in the water so the female doesn’t get crushed under a two ton male

  7. Leon

    when I first this I was laughing my ass off and its funny to read again

  8. comi girl blog » Mega Con Recap…

    […] Alison Acton creator, writer and artist of Bear Nuts webcomic and artist on The Faerie Path […]

  9. Featured Webcomic- Bear Nuts « The Infection

    […] for this week’s featured web comic. This week we have the comic ‘Bear Nuts’ by artist Alison Acton. The story chronicles the lives of a very ’special’ group of […]

  10. Featured Webcomic- Sister Claire « The Infection

    […] to the devil as an introductory comic. We then moved on to pervert people’s childhoods with Bear Nuts, a comic that puts a slight twist on the lovable Care Bears. So in keeping with tradition […]

  11. MahaPanta

    Who doesn’t love the Discount Zoo?

  12. dispare

    it a nice place.

  13. idunnolol

    Love this comic !

  14. Zermel


  15. Lisa

    I just recently got introduced to this comic. I love it so far.

  16. bickbak


  17. sneakers

    Heehee. The monkey poo’d on him.

  18. Alex

    Is that hippo doing what I think its doing?

  19. Chronamut

    I just realized the bear head is gimp – you showed us his face all along…

  20. TheSeaaOtter

    Chronamut gimps eyes are pink not blue lol.

  21. Ruben

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  22. justachameleon

    This is a little late, but Bear Nuts just passed its 10th Anniversary on Friday, August 17th, 2018! Very exciting times for the comic.

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