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August 20th, 2018

Page 644

Vote incentive:  the inevitable aftermath…

Last Friday was the 10th anniversary of this webcomic starting… and I likely wouldn’t have remembered if some of you didn’t point it out.  Years ago, before kids, this was kind of my baby and I spent lots of time planning/prepping/producing pages, plus all the pre-work I put into a couple of companion comics I wanted to work on as well.  It’s amazing to look back at how quickly 10 years can go by, and feel like you haven’t actually accomplished that much :(  I’m definitely not where I thought I could be after a decade: long ago, I was updating 3x per week, averaged 50 comments per page, made $2-3 every day in ad revenue.  Dropped to 2x per week after Sam was born and had trouble maintaining that.  The twins arrived and life kind of stopped for a couple of months/spent all my time in the NICU, but things evened out and I kept going once a week.  Having three kids meant we got more serious about finding jobs/contracts (always fun when you’re freelance artists) and my vanity projects time got whittled down even more.  I still enjoy the comic, it’s still a fun outlet away from our day to day pay the bills projects, I still have lots of stories I want to draw… but it is a bit disheartening sometimes to see how slow I’ve been (I want to print books 3/4/5 dammit! And do more of those mini Versus comics!) And with Project Wonderful shut down I’ve gone from pennies a day in ad revenue to $0…yay!
Well, perhaps some new goal setting is in order: I want to do a Kickstarter for the 3rd book.  I had help from a small press publisher to produce the first 2, but they went out of business.  I’ve looked into some other options to help with all the shipping and stuff because I just don’t have time to do that, plus it would be ridiculously expensive coming from Canada.  Might be putting the cart before the horse here since I’d have to get the book funded first, but I do like to research :)  I also like to procrastinate and part of the problem with printing volume 3 is the 20 or so pages I’d have to re-color that I lost in a drive crash years ago (still sad about that, epic fail on my part for not properly backing up… back your shit up people!!!)
Anyway, here’s to sticking with something this long.  And huge thanks to all of you that have stuck right along with me :D  (same to any more recent readers!)  Your comments and encouragement over the years have been so appreciated and I love you all!
Now buy some tees, lol!


  1. Shenny

    I mean there was only one way this page was gonna go down :D

  2. Abdiel

    I’ll gladly pledge on kickstarter, I love this comic!

  3. Dakaggo

    Patreon? Set a goal for 2x pages a week and you might see some good income.

    Advertising doesn’t hurt either. I love this comic but no one I know has heard of it. Maybe try to get a volunteer community manager or something, show up at a conference or two of some kind?

  4. Astro

    I adore this comic! if you get a kickstarter or pateron going I’ll be happy to spread the word for you, I look forward to each and every page ^_^.

  5. Madeleine

    I’d like to support you through Patreon.

  6. Cookie Chris

    This comic is one of the highlights to my Monday mornings. I have enjoyed your work and would gladly help you on your Kickstarter!

  7. Todd Maccarone

    Tanked with a 10th anniversary cake is way adorable! Also, I may be wrong, but Prozac’s rage form has never looked so… Orcish, I want to say…

  8. DukeBG

    What chapter/pages do you need to re-color and what resolution should the needed images be in?
    (You might not need to do much about them)

  9. Nonsens

    Woot! You’re not earning from this? seriously?! This can’t be right.

  10. Dire

    Congrats on the 10 years! Damn, that means I’ve been following BN since around year 2 of its run. Certainly it was before Sam was born. It’s consistenly been one of my favorite comics and one of the very few I try to pester friends into reading. BN is absolutely hilarious, the art style alone mskes it a treat to read, but it will always be especially dear to my heart for the hard-fought character development the characters have slowly earned throughout the series. To me, that’s what separates BN from other comedies I also enjoy.

    I’ve been hopeful for a book 3 print for a long while now. Absolutely game to pledge to a kickstarter. And like others have mentioned, I would happily pledge to a Patreon to help support you and the comic.

  11. BarbWhat

    I’ve been here since 2012! Not disappointed.

  12. Vrak

    Long time lurker. I think I’ve been here for half of this comic’s run time? Anyway, congrats on ten years! You and your awesome comic deserve to be at the top. Don’t give up on what you’re doing!

  13. justachameleon

    Totally in support of a Kickstarter/Patreon/Whatever! Bear Nuts is too successful for you not to be capitalizing on it at all. I’ll gladly cancel my Spotify subscription to support this comic, it’s easily given me more good laughs than Spotify ever has.

  14. WhiteGamingBunny

    I would donate some to a kickstarter. If I had the excess money, I’d donate enough outright for the books.

  15. Asthexiancal

    Congratz for the tenth year!!! I am always a loyal reader of the comic that I discovered a long time ago now, got the two printed books… Just to tell you that even if you don’t get as much comments as you used to, I am certain many like me are silently faithful despite the drop in quantity – but certainly not in quality! – and understand very well your situation. I do hope you will never lose courage and that all the stories you planned will eventually come to fruition, even if this asks for another decade.

  16. Melanie

    If you haven’t – you should try contacting Iron Circus Comics. The owner Spike is a great person and has published a few webcomics books that I’ve bought. I also know her personally from various conventions, and she is super passionate about indy publishing including the KS/funding process. Best of luck!

  17. gridsleep

    I would think Pro would turn a brighter shade of green when he hulks up.

    Also, Serial Experiments:Lain. Right-o.

  18. Eddie

    I’ve loved this comic since the beginning. This is always at the top of my favorites list. (Melanie’s suggestion re: Iron Circus is a good one).

  19. Nicole

    OMG his little candle in panel 10!

  20. Brokenpigeon

    I would pledge on kickstarter! You should think about doing a patreon. I love your comic and own both the books happily! If that’s what it takes for another Bear Nuts to pop up on my shelves then I’ll gladly spend money on it getting started!!! congrats on ten years of artwork and balancing babies!!!

  21. Koraxtu

    I just want to say that I only just discovered this comic last friday and I caught up in the same day. Your comic is amazing.

  22. Delakando

    Open a Patreon!

  23. Chasey

    I just want you to know that I bought one of your “Meh” kitty t-shirts a few weeks ago for my SO’s birthday coming up! I’m probably going to buy one for myself as well because I love it so much!

  24. Mazz Tornfeathers

    Please a kickstarter. I’m in like whoa!!!

  25. admin

    Thanks for all the lovely comments and messages guys!!
    @Dakaggo: We used to love going to conventions! Way too busy plus kids makes that harder now :(
    @DukeBG: print resolution is a lot higher then 72 dpi web files I still have… there’s about 20 pages in various states of undone I’d have to address (some are scanned and flat coloured, some I don’t even have the scans of)
    @Asthexiancal: lol! another decade…I’ll be so oooollllddd :D
    @Melanie: Thanks for the tip! I’ll look her up!
    @Koraxtu: Welcome! :D
    @Chasey: I love that one!

  26. Chasey

    Also want to say I LOVE Nerd’s expression in the 4th panel, haha!

  27. Mr. Woodtastic

    Maybe you can have it that you get all of the major art done than hand it over to some of your viewers to do the coloring that should save you some time

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