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August 27th, 2018

Page 645

Went to bed without uploading this page, but fortunately I get up by 5am EVERY morning so many of you probably didn’t notice… seriously, no matter when I go to bed, still wake up by 5.  Sometimes I can kind of go back to sleep, but I usually just roll with it and start my day.  It happened kind of slowly as I finally lost all the remaining baby weight (and then some!) and at first I was really annoyed, now I’m used to it.  It does feel weird to have made such a change to my sleep patterns (circadian rhythm?) by just dropping weight…hormones are complicated things.

So about last week’s milestone update: thank you so much guys for all the nice comments and messages, they are super appreciated!  I have been asked about Patreon before, but I’m not sure I want to go that route…it just feels odd to me.  Sure I have a Paypal button on the side, but I’ve never really liked that either and I don’t actively promote it.  I suppose the level of interaction is the nice side of Patreon… all kinds of things to consider!  Meanwhile the kid’s show we’ve been painting backgrounds for just got renewed for a new season while we’re only 4 shows into the current one, so Jim and I should have that contract going till Jan 2020…which is crazy for us.  Most animation contracts seem to go in the 3-6 month range and we’re stumbling into longer ones these days (Jim managed to stumble his way into a supervisor position) so the stability is great, especially with 3 kids.  The work load is something else… LOL.

Inevitable aftermath when Tanked is involved and this week’s vote incentive (baby Hulk!)


  1. Chasey

    Send Tank! He can’t possibly get mad at little innocent Tank! Of course, he won’t know what Tank’s trying to tell him, but still…

  2. Hake Feretto

    Why are you all so effraid of Death?? He his the calmest and most understanding bear of all the group! He his not impulsive, ewmxtremly mature and crack, do I need to remember you that is thanks to him if you are finaly rid of your tromatism with ducks ?
    Other thing you have see how death is nice last time when the girls had play a joke to all and gave to him your special suit ?

    Seriously its time for all of you to understand that Death is scary only his name and nothing else, and for his power he don’t use it intotionaly… he just want more attention from all his family and he have finaly found a way to protect them of his power with your spcial suit crack ! So yes actualy Prozac can’t help and Death is you one solution and I’m sure he will be very understanding and do his maximum for help your to save Evil ( if he is nit dead yet )

  3. Todd Maccarone

    Hmm… Chasey has a good point. Send Tanked, but also send Nerd- he’s the least likely to be hit (don’t hit a guy with glasses on rule and all that).

  4. BarbWhat

    Holy shit they are STILL afraid of Death after all this time?
    I mean, yeah he could kill them all if he wanted but he’s super chill give the guy a break

  5. Chasey

    I don’t know if they’re afraid of Death right now per se, (except for Crack because he’s afraid of most things) but more that they know Death ALSO meditates like Prozac so they don’t know if they’re interrupting and going to annoy him. Even though he probably wouldn’t zap them, it’s still probably best to not ask for a favor after annoying someone.

    Maybe they should just ask Death to ask Prozac… that could be helpful. :D

  6. WhiteGamingBunny

    I agree that it is odd for them all to still be nervous about talking to Death. Aside from one coffee addiction mishap, he has proven to be the most level-headed bear at the zoo and has readily helped them in the past.

    Gay Bear however… I do not recollect you ever lifting a finger to help, so saying you won’t anymore changes practically nothing.

  7. Connor Murphy

    I’m wondering something? Will gay ever come out of the closet? Maybe gay will come out of the closet as a exclusive comic for book three or four probably? That way if countries that are homophobic can read the comic’s still online because it’s only in the book if you order it?

  8. justachameleon

    Connor… Pretty sure Gay’s not the one whose been in a closet all this time. Especially with some very noticeable things like his dialogue, and I don’t know, his name? Hopefully Lech comes out of the closet though. Lol

  9. T-Shaw

    Death is the true alpha male.

  10. DukeBG

    Sorry for the late reply~
    This turned out far worse from what I expected, so maybe it won’t be of *any* use to you, haha.
    Basically what I wanted to offer (re: recolouring old pages with lost highres for book 3+) was to use a publically available neural network for enlarging images of drawn art to blow up web res pages. The NN in question was trained on art with roughly cartoonish style, maybe close enough, and I had success with it in the past…

    Above link is what I got enlarging 4x (so… 288 dpi) randomly chosen page from chap 022. It definitely needs a lot of touch-ups. I cannot tell if it will be faster to apply touch-ups to this than the recoulouring work that you need to do from the scratch.

  11. Abdiel

    Maybe they’re still scared of Death because he shocked everyone that one time.

  12. Brian Hibbs

    I bet they’ll open the door to find him and gimp cuddling again.

  13. Connor Murphy

    @Brian Hibbs I actually hope for that too because that would be soooo cute!! :)

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