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September 3rd, 2018

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Hey guys!!  School starts tomorrow!!!  On Sunday Jim let the kids do a 3 movie marathon of the first Jurassic Park movies (I didn’t remember the sequels at all) and there were no issues.  I once had Evan clinging to me and sobbing that he wanted to leave the theatre… because the trailer for the live action Jungle Book was too scary.  Lol.  The boys were quiet and attentive the whole time, no fidgets, no whining.  That movie came out in ’93 and it holds up pretty well actually.

Had some time to do a derby entry this week on Shirt Woot:  ‘House Fight’ Please go VOTE for my design and help it get printed on Woot!  All you need is an Amazon account.  Thanks a lot guys! :D


  1. Shenny

    DEATH <3 <3 <3 <3

  2. Chasey

    Srsly, guys. Got an important sich-ee-ay-shun to worry about here! At least now they’re gathering a bunch to either go get help or go TO help!
    However, Gay and Sara’s witty banter seems almost… like friendship. The weird, rivalry, nobody-must-know, kind. But still! I like it. It didn’t seem super mean and it was nice to see. :)

  3. Brian Hibbs

    Well they could go get him, or ask a bird to send a message, since there seems to be plenty of communication between the exhibits.

    He’s still their best asset.

  4. Brian Hibbs

    Then again maybe Crack can just go psycho on the lions.

    He was pretty good at taking threats out last time he tried.

  5. Todd Maccarone

    Okay, Death and the bunnies- priceless! Also, glad to see Gay and Sara are getting along… Finally. Still, poor Evil. Who knows what he’s going through?

  6. Chasey

    @Todd: Watch, we’re all going to finally get there to save Evil and he’s just sitting around playing Chess with the lions.

  7. Bri

    I find it funny that you’ve mentioned that memory with Evan around three times now, recently. xD

    And yeeks, the bears are sure at each other throat’s this chapter! :s I mean, I’m well aware that it’s the norm for them to argue or tease each other, but somehow it seems like they’re more agitated or easily ticked throughout this one …

  8. Abdiel

    Crack is the only one who cares about Evil

  9. justachameleon

    Hey Alison! Any chance you’re planning on doing that Patreon you discussed for a little bit a couple weeks ago? I think we’re all really excited to help support you in whatever way we can. Don’t let us get in the way of your other projects though! I think we’re happy enough just knowing you’re doing well and the comic hasn’t ended yet ;)

  10. T-Shaw

    Thanks for interrupting the bickering Crack.

  11. Nicole

    Dang, is Cracked about to go hulk?!

  12. caanthedalek

    Oh my god happy Death

  13. bunny

    all i want in life is for death to be happy. HE DESERVES IT.

  14. TaggertShare

    Wow, Gay can handle a Lass with sass. Cracked cant.

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