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September 10th, 2018

Page 647

So far we’re not getting the ridiculously hot Sept we had last year :(  The last couple of days have been sunny but windy… bye summer…at least school’s back!  Just wait till they all have homework to do at the same time and I start eating my words.

I got my butt in gear and did some updating to the site (and by me I mean I managed new links in the archive but my friendly neighbourhood web guy fixed some things and updated some things and now it’s not running so slow any more!  Yay!) Next up on my to-do list: buttons for social media (did you know I have a FB page?  Of course not because I don’t have a link anywhere!!) sign up for Instagram because apparently that’s where all the cool kids are, sign up for Patreon, start re-coloring lost book 3 pages, gotta get eat and sleep in there somewhere too… baby steps :D

Vote Incentive: Count down to Halloween! Pumpkins! Knives! Uncomfortable feelings!


  1. T-Shaw

    Might as well….

  2. Hake Feretto

    Gimp ? Well why not, we don’t know lot about him so maybe he can help, advantage is that he’ll be able to “add the first aids”… even if I think he his more disposed for the “interrogation” or “torture”

  3. bipolarzombi

    tank and gimp are just so cute holding hands

  4. Todd Maccarone

    Well, last resort time, eh? This ought to be good.

  5. Abdiel

    Gimp is there to heal Evil after the lions are done mauling him.

  6. TheDelusional1

    Gimp gets along with pretty much anyone and everyone, he’ll probably just talk the lions out of it

  7. gridsleep

    I never before thought of pumpkin carving as pepoplasty…

  8. Emily A Shelton

    GIMP has to be one of my favourite bears. Want his backstory so bad <3

  9. Nicole

    Welp, off you go, lads!

  10. Kerisa

    I don’t know if there’s anything you can do about it, but your comic link through Comic Rocket has broken. It has reset to end on Page 542 (June 10, 2016).


  11. DJChris

    What sort of last resort is Gay getting at, his expression gives me reasons to worry but in this situation of being out of options of saving Evil, they have to go for it.

  12. connor murphy

    @Alison acton: I have a question for you? Will there be a comic where gay comes out of the closet to the bears? I ask this because i remember him saying that he wasn’t gay, so i assume that gay is in the closet about his sexuality?

    Also I want Lech and gay to be a couple because they seem like they’re already a couple by the way they argue like an old married couple argues.

    (This is just me being a shipper talking, but if it actually happens i’d honestly be surprised because i don’t think it’s likely to ever happen.)


    Great to see that the site and everything is getting an upgrade. Im really hoping that youll be able to pull in more of an audience. Post that Patreon link because Id definitely support this to help get the new books out.

  14. bunny

    its funny, the bears talk about gimp like hes super weird but from what weve seen hes completely normal and one of the nicest characters lol!

  15. admin

    @Emily: stay tuned…. :D
    @Kerisa: I don’t even know what comic rocket is??
    @Connor M: I go back and forth about Gay, but to me he really seems like a love all/no specifics tied down kind of guy. Why settle for just Lech when you have a whole zoo…. lol

  16. Anthony

    @admin @Kerisa Comic Rocket is a webcomic indexer that allows following updates from multiple webcomics easier. Imo nothing beats having bookmarks, and I have tried ComicRocket before and it isn’t really reliable – also some authors and web hosts (like HiveWorks) does not like ComicRocket. There is an alternative you might try, it is called Piperka.

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