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Monday — July 6th, 2020

Page 741

Annoyed today. Went for Sunday family dinner at mom and dad’s like usual, and like usual the puppy had a great time running around the pool and barking at the kids, and jumping in to swim, getting out, barking, repeat for an hour. They all have a blast and everyone sleeps well after. Except tonight when a neighbour complained about the barking. She’s 14 months and has a lot of energy…so I guess I have to leave her at home now? Or lock her in the house when we’re outside? Not fair to her at all :(  Anti-bark collars probably can’t be used in a pool…Ugh. I’m kind of mad about this. It’s not like we do it late at night and all day every day, it’s once a week in the late afternoon.

How about some happy feelings instead? Gay celebrating from last month. (Would anyone want this on a shirt? I can set it up)


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Edit: Had to cancel Friday updates for the time being… blame my twin parasites :P