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Monday — June 1st, 2020

Page 736

Happy Monday everyone! I know there’s lots of places loosening restrictions and the summer weather is finally here and everyone’s itching to get outside (or just get away from their kids! Is that just me??) but please be careful and mindful and love everybody around you…the world kind of needs it right now :(

Father’s Day is coming up soon and this is one of my fav designs for the holiday (plus an adjusted version after so many requests from people with 3 kids, lol.  Kind of ruins the effect but oh well) You can find these and many more on my Neatoshop. Plus today’s vote incentive is another of my fav Father’s Day designs, though this one is a little on the sad side…


Hello and welcome to ‘Bear Nuts’, the irreverent spawn of the odd little back corner of my mind.   BN is the result of staying up late working for other people while strange ideas germinate about what I’d rather be doing… in color too!

The page above is the current update, click ‘first’ to go to the beginning.

Updating on Mondays, schedule permitting, I hope you find ‘Bear Nuts’ to be as enjoyable and vapid a time waster as I do.

Edit: Had to cancel Friday updates for the time being… blame my twin parasites :P