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Monday — June 10th, 2024

Page 932

Yes that is a prehensile sock arm :) Or it’s just manifested by the strength of Steven’s scintillating personality.


Steven reared back and licked her pink nails. “Well, there’s plenty more where that came from…if you’re willing to accept the “unnatural” nature of their making. Which, fine. More for me.”

And then she leaned into Gay and dropped her voice to a menacing whisper. “Of which I will require weekly offerings for my part in this farce.” Gay smiled ear to ear and loosened his bow tie a little. “Of course! My beautiful and discerning new friend!”

But when he turned back to the lady lions, the cookie tin was empty.

He watched them closely, slightly distracted by Lech’s heavy, anxious breathing down the back of his neck, and Cara’s tightening grip on his elbow was starting to pinch. The lionesses all chewed slowly, eyebrows down and eyes narrow. Hopefully they were just concentrating and not preparing to skin him alive. No one was hacking snickerdoodle back up (which come ON, that’s NOT likely and these bitches weren’t going to ruin his streak of absolute adoration of all his baked efforts) and so far there weren’t any lionish fangs sinking into his throat so…good?

“So….” Gay was tired of waiting, this was getting ridiculous. “Good?”

Head bitch was still looking inward but the one on the right smiled and licked her chops. She bounced forward and sniffed the empty tin, tongue questing for crumbs. “These things are really-“

The middle lioness lounged in front, cutting her off from the tin and glaring, “Acceptable.”

She turned back and glared at Gay as the right bitch slunk back and curled her lip, showing a little fang at the middle one. But the leader ignored her and put her nose up, giving Gay some side eye. Gay smiled. He could smell fake disdain from a mile away and she was putting out serious perturbed and trying to hide it vibes. 


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