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Monday — September 16th, 2019

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I had originally planned approx 1000 (10 main character arcs over 10 books) so it’s not quite the end or anything, and yet, I’m kind of amazed I’ve done this much.  Between the kids and the career my life now is waaaay busier than when I started this project (obviously) but I’m hanging in for now :). I do really want to run a Kickstarter for Book 3 (and beyond since there’s finished material for like Book 4/5/6/7 now…holy crud) but I have that typical creator anxiety that it will just flop.  It will be a small run if we do, that’s for sure.  I don’t get to cons anymore, I can’t store boxes of unsold books in my basement, etc.  But I want copies for me at least, and the few of you hard core BN fans who still message me every once and awhile demanding more books :). You guys rock/and are annoyingly persistent.  SO, I’m looking into running a KS campaign this year/ early next year.  There’s just lots of details to iron out as I’m in Canada and there’s no way I can do the shipping stuff to the US, ALL of the budget will go to postage fees :(

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Hello and welcome to ‘Bear Nuts’, the irreverent spawn of the odd little back corner of my mind.   BN is the result of staying up late working for other people while strange ideas germinate about what I’d rather be doing… in color too!

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