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Monday — June 14th, 2021

Page 790

Early on I was able to plan arcs with a bit of real world meaning, like having a Christmas arc actually land on Christmas :) I haven’t been able to accomplish that kind of thing in awhile, my capacity for forethought is much diminished (along with my aging mom brain cells) but last month’s ‘Kong vs Godzilla’ release happily coincided (kinda) with the emergence of 2 new beast modes to rival Pro-Hulk, and the final evolution of Glech happens to land on Pride month, not planned but fun all the same :)
And if you had ‘read a comic with a line like “That’s my emergency dildo!!”‘ on your bingo card, then here you go.


Hello and welcome to ‘Bear Nuts’, the irreverent spawn of the odd little back corner of my mind.   BN is the result of staying up late working for other people while strange ideas germinate about what I’d rather be doing… in color too!

The page above is the current update, click ‘first’ to go to the beginning.

Updating on Mondays, schedule permitting, I hope you find ‘Bear Nuts’ to be as enjoyable and vapid a time waster as I do.

Edit: Had to cancel Friday updates for the time being… blame my twin parasites :P