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Monday — February 22nd, 2021

Page 774

Fun times ahead for all the bears, especially Cara! It’s always good to let go every once and awhile :D
Our latest lockdown has been a little relaxed, so we can go to my mom’s for Sunday dinner again! And leave the kids for sleep overs! Even more exciting!!! And my little niece is just starting to walk, so excited to see her again…if she even remembers me.
It’s still cold here, but the days are definitely getting warmer and the sun is coming up sooner on those 6 am dog walks. But if any of you are currently experiencing the hardship hitting Texas and some surrounding states my heart goes out and I hope you are safe! I can’t imagine dealing with cold conditions when you don’t have the infrastructure to handle it. I whine when the snow plow goes by and leaves all that heavy mess at the end I just cleared, but that’s nothing to a cold house and hungry kids :(

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