Hello and welcome to ‘Bear Nuts’, the irreverent spawn of the odd little back corner of my mind.   BN is the result of staying up late working for other people while strange ideas germinate about what I’d rather be doing… in color too!

The page above is the current update, click ‘first’ to go to the beginning.

Updating on Mondays, schedule permitting, I hope you find ‘Bear Nuts’ to be as enjoyable and vapid a time waster as I do.

Edit: Had to cancel Friday updates for the time being… blame my twin parasites :P



  1. The Bookstopper

    You know, I hate being -that- person, especially with the recent move and all, but is there anything about when the next book will come out? I neeeeeeeeeeeed the Tankard book to go on my shelf next to Prozac and Evil!

  2. MarkTheDark

    So uhm…. When are you gonna update the bear bios?

  3. Nerd Da Bear


  4. Nerd

    Lmao “Death uses ELECTRIC SHOCK” keep up the amazing work.

  5. Darrell

    Not to be “That guy” but if you don’t have any fansites on Facebook or anything… I’m here to warn you someone is using your logo as click-bait for t-shirts ^_^

  6. StoticM

    I know not a lot of people of written fan fiction for this Comic but I’m writing something for this. https://www.fanfiction.net/s/11998404/1/Bear-Nuts-A-Fighter-s-Tale Sorry if you don’t like the oc but I just wanted add another bear to the cast. Also I’m willing to make drabbles if i get the inspiration from the comic.
    Criticism is welcome I want to improve.

  7. Jeroen

    5 already! Time sure flies.

  8. GameOver202

    I’m trying to start a general Bear Nuts RP over on kik.
    There’s the kik code. JOIN ME MY BRETHREN

  9. GameOver202

    Or contact me on kik. just look up GameOver202.

  10. Michael

    I suppose Crack does have a point, they had no right to try changing who he is to suit them.
    Maybe he’d have preferred it if they just abandoned him to the wilderness to let him fend for himself?
    They may not have had the right to change him, but does that also mean that they where obliged to be his carebears for the rest of his life?
    It’s a poopy situation, but just because someone has special needs, does that mean that other people in society are required to sacrifice their own wants and needs to compensate for that individual? To effectively be prisoners of their relationship to that person?

  11. Dragon jak

    no. no they shouldn’t. speaking as a man suffering from autism, I am far better, both for myself and the people around me, because people wanted me to change my behaviour instead of giving up on me. if there was a magic cureall, giving me the ability to become an extrovert, or gain the ability to understand subtle social cues, I would leap at the chance. looking at cracked, an individual suffering from so much constant stress and mental agony, I don’t understand why he thinks he been wronged. the procedure wasn’t that invasive, he did it willingly, knowing what he was getting into, and he is no longer gripped by the panic that has plagued since a very young age

    sure, you could argue that he’s just against things changing from how they once where, and there might be a lot of very subtle changes to him that he maybe doesn’t like, but as is, the reasoning seems somewhat thin for such a drastic change in character, as well as in an attempt to return things to the status quo. I do hope admin addresses these issues, but I am still enjoying this series enormously, and im happy to overlook this if nothing gets done.

  12. Matthew

    Found the comic by through some friends

  13. Ruth

    Don’t even mention snow and dog poop. Big yard, two big dogs (one who poops like a circus elephant) and many feet of snow since last November. And now it won’t stop raining so the yard can dry out long enough to let me finish cleaning it up before I have to mow!

  14. gridsleep

    Is PMS always crying? I’m not going to go back and look at every panel, but doesn’t she have any just good moment?

  15. gridsleep

    That tall stormtrooper with the “Down with the Empire!” sign… is he the one who bumped his head on the doorway?

  16. Name

    Last comic ( Monday — July 24th, 2017 ). Penultimate Page, where Nerd talking about looong scenario, some of first words are behind the comic border.

  17. gridsleep

    The chibi Evil Stalker Killers is cute, but shouldn’t chibi Freddy Kruger be a little bacony? He looks too normal.

  18. Weatherheight

    Please tell me I’m not the only person to think of Skippy Squirrel after reading panel 8…


  19. Rebecca

    Guinness, good choice!

  20. aeolum

    Does anybody else get the impression that the reason evil acts the way he does is more so the rest of the bears will be at each other’s throats less? That was a long pause after he said somebody has to be the bad guy

  21. Ali

    This comment will be here forever

  22. Lux

    Awesome series, binge read the whole thing and I’m taken back by how much the series progressed! Please take as much time as possible for your third book, wouldn’t want you to rush this masterpiece XDD
    (Thx for the awesome webcomic)

  23. Callam

    God I wish this was a tv show! I look forward to them every week

  24. Sterling Rodd

    “You like my mouth”? We actually went there? :D

    I’m not sure what’s going on with Prozac. Is he really going to make a play? :)

  25. Lokier

    Wait, when sid Gay and him become an open thing? Did I miss something?

  26. Jeroen

    Oh I feel you! We have a late April/Early May break just to remind us what it’s like to have them home…

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