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September 17th, 2018

Page 648

Fun night with the kids at the annual fall fair in the town I grew up in (in weather more suited to a heat wave in July) and now for my annual rant at how expensive it is :P $25 for 16 ride tickets, which is not enough for 3 kids to get two rides each. Blah. 3 cups of slush each and some mini donuts, and the oldest one complaining non stop about how hot he was (Sam’s not a walker, lol). So yay, and we’ll do it all next year. I may have to go in the bumper cars, Sam’s still too short to go by himself. And Evan stepped in a sizeable pile of cow poo, in his sandals. The baby donkey in the petting zoo was the cutest thing ever!

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  1. ShennyNerd


  2. Connor murphy

    Gimp come on you can’t say no to the Family!

    That’s a good set a kneecaps ya got there gimp, would be a shame if someone had to break em? eh! Capiche?

    You help the Family or the boys’ll take you down to the polar bear exhibit and give ya a pair of lead boot’s ya knpw?

  3. Connor murphy

    I’m just saying gimp! once ya part of the family, ya never leave the family, or else ya get iced!

    I really don’t wanna have ta Ice ya gimpy ma boy? but you double cross the family then there ain’t nothin we can do!

  4. Connor murphy

    @Alison Acton Was gimp ever part of the mafia? because he seemed to respond when gay said it was for the family?

    look all i’m sayin is, sound’s an awful lot like a mafia movie!

  5. Brian P Hibbs

    This is gonna get weird.

  6. Brian Hibbs

    This is gonna get weird.

  7. T-Shaw

    I’m sorry Gimpy, it has to come off.

  8. Chasey

    Ever since the incident with Evil-clone where they all legit almost died, (and probably also the Cracked incident) they seem to recognize the importance of family a little more. The word keeps coming up at important times. Evil used the term family earlier in this strip as well. Even he knows.

  9. Todd Maccarone

    A face reveal wouldn’t be anything new- did you not see his face WAY back on page 1? Regardless, that “for the family” comment… You gotta wonder what’s up…

  10. Anon

    We saw Gimp’s face on page 366, just never his (dot dot dot) forehead.

  11. San

    I wonder if Gimp is truly a savage Kodiak or some such and that is why he is used to (and eventually found whatever sated need) being bound? Maybe like Crack and Prozac riled up he is a hulking destructive force? (the seeming opposite of submission as severe as his?) either way I am excited to see how he lends a hand since he’s always been so gentle to this point.

  12. Emily A Shelton

    Finally *sniffs* gimp is so cute I was thinking of getting a tattoo of him. He’s by far my favourite bear and I can’t wait for his backstory.

  13. ShennyNerd

    @Todd That’s not Gimp, the eyes aren’t the right color.
    @Anon The forehead is part of the face :)

  14. Connor murphy

    I nearly forgot about the double-double toil and trouble incident! :)
    i also nearly forgot about when crack’s mind finally…well cracked right open! :D

    also thanks for bringing up the jimmy-timmy power hour double trouble, because i just thought of a way to make that comic strip even better!…..Play rules of nature while reading the final showdown between evil and his clone! :D

  15. Connor murphy

    So….Who want’s to bet that gimp is secretly gorgeous under the mask?
    I’m thinking that he takes off the mask and is shown to have long luscious blonde hair like finn from adventure time! :D

  16. Urago

    @Connor: Gimp was actually shown without his mask before in the arc where Evil accidently clones himself.

  17. DJChris

    I thought Gay was talking about showing Gimp’s face but it wasn’t the case he was talking about something on his forehead, and is giving such question what’s the reason for Gimp to be hesitant to take off his mask and what’s on his forehead that’s he so willing cover it behind that mask, so much questions to be answered but I might regret it later of what’s the hidden horror behind that mask.

  18. StoticM

    I don’t remember which page, but I vaguely remember Alison saying any form of bodily harm or mutilation isn’t of the table for characters…I’m betting on a scar, visible inflammation maybe. Otherwise, I’m intrigued. More development is awesome for our resident mute. An unrelated note, @ Connor murphy. That mafia comment is hilarious, I love it.

  19. bunny

    aaaaa yes gimp baby!!!!! finally my son is relevant! :D
    also i LOVE the mafia comments lol

  20. Abdiel

    Gimp will take off his mask and reveal his third eye. He will then proceed to fry the lion with a laser from said eye.

  21. K. Iceclaw

    The suspense. Is killing me. Already.

  22. Hake Feretto

    The true about Gimp is…. he is secretly….. SADOMASOCHISTE when he remove his mask !!! He will give to the lion a bit view of what torture is !! Or just scared them with his face….

  23. Revpup

    With the mask he is passive… taking it off does he become dominant?!

  24. TJimmy1999

    People seem to have forgotten that we’ve already seen Gimp’s face back in the Evil Twin arc when he overheard both Gay and Vanity fighting and begrudgingly picked up his first aid box.

  25. Boop

    What if his head was a mouth, that’d be cool. Would explain the zipper, but I’m not jumping to conclusions since this comic is unpredictable

  26. Chasey

    Okay guys, I don’t think he has something like a third eye or a mouth under his mask on his forehead. Gay just meant, by pointing to the mask, that they needed the true Gimp, the bear UNDER the mask, to come help them. What THAT means, though, we’ll have to find out because we’ve never seen Gimpy act any way other than, well. Gimpy. Maybe he’s secretly a savage beast like hulky-Prozac.

  27. StoticM

    @Chasey I like the idea that he’s hiding or suppressing another self. We’ll just to wait and see.

  28. Nicole

    I feel utterly protective of sweet Gimp!

  29. Nicole

    So many good thoughts on what Gay means by pointing at Gimp’s forehead. I WANT it to be a third eye (Yes, Abdiel!!!) but I think Chasey is totally right. They need the bear under the mask. They need who Gimp was before. Gay is also pointing essentially toward the zipper–another indication of taking off the mask.

    Do you find it interesting that Gay knows who Gimp is/was?

  30. Hake Feretto


    I’m right with you two, the zip is just what close the mask, look at the pannel where we see gimp in his back you see the zip so yes I don’t think he heve something as crazy as a mouth or a third eyes ( I thought its a scar and nothing else).

    And yes I like the idea of duble personnality and it can be logic because if all of you looks at Gimp’s tools we can see in his room they are all Torture-Tool exemple in his bed-room we can see some wooden board and the only use I see for these tool is for hit the butt…

    Same for the tool in his special room we see handcuffs, whip, torture-rack and other tool that are totaly contradictory with Gimp’s personnality … because what he does ? He healt the other ! So see him have torture-tool that are made for “hurt” in his room is really strange and not good with him. It will be better if it was in Evil’s room but is not.

    So I think Gimp use this mask for hide something about his true personnality and don’t hurt others as he must do it.

    But we can just wait now and I hope this mystery will be resolved in the next page but I think the suspens will be keep and we will come back to Vanity and the monkeys ‘s situation.

  31. Nicole Villacres

    @Hake Feretto: You are right–time will tell!

  32. CleaverPun

    …I feel like some of yall shouldn’t be reading this comic considering Gimp has on a gimp mask and has bdsm tools…but anyway. Given that it could be possible that Gimp will force Evil and the lions to get along, maybe he has some sort of consent bending abilities which is why he doesn’t like using it. His bear bio even says he has the ability to “get along with everyone” so maybe he can make others get along as well. OR it could be that he is more submissive with the mask on v more dominant without it or something. i dunno

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