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April 22nd, 2013

Page 366

Since there was just a bit of confusion last week, that’s his hair curler.  I thought the power cord would give it away but I have been enlightened recently that not all vibrators run on batteries :)  And poor Gimp, never gets a break.

I realized I hadn’t updated the archive page in forever so that’s up now (it also has the title for the next arc on there for curious readers) and I wanted to show you guys this adorable Gay art by Seth, love your style!

Unstealthiest Ninja has also made a reappearance on the Woot chart so you can now get number 4: Flight School from Woot, and all three of the previous designs from Woot’s back catalogue.  Funnily enough, there’s been a few requests for an Unstealthiest Ninja webcomic, or children’s book… those sound like good ideas…. :)

Cheeky oranges.


  1. Xint22

    I think this was a perfect time to reveal gimps face.

  2. ObliviArt

    I knew it was Gimp when I looked at the wall…lol. anyone else notice the wall to tell who it was?

  3. Robert

    Like “too many” (as a friend says) gimpers, Gimp Bear is too cute to like his own face. And thank you for leaving the blanket over him. It saves the kiddies from seeing what attachments, locks and clamps he sleeps in. (Rule 34) … Now turn away while Gimp detaches from the bed.

  4. ThaMojster

    Im guessing the evils took gimps mask and other “gear” possibly one of the only ways to get gimp personally.

  5. 林子堯

    Wow!!! interesting ~ Gimp can take off his mask so cool ! 0w0

  6. sneakers

    The hair curler was clear.

    And we got to see Gimp without his hood! It took me a second: “Which bear is brown?… Oh yeah Gimp is!”

  7. Cam

    Gimp without his hood! Wait, did the Evils take it? I actually kind of hope so, I want to see Gimp completely without it!

  8. Thwaitesy

    I didn’t even recognize Gimp without his hood. Until he reached for his medkit.

  9. Faiz

    I even thought of doing that to my enemies at school if they ever dare chug all my juices inside my jug!

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