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April 29th, 2013

Page 367

As Beta pointed out I totally forgot the scratch marks  on Evil a couple of pages ago so in case the dialogue doesn’t give it away, they’re back now.  Perhaps I will  model Evil and Evil2 on my twins; the play nice together for a little while, and then the biting starts.

It’s been unseasonably cold here lately, and then today was unseasonably hot.  The babies were running around in diaper shirts and pudgy little legs.  I need to fence in my yard as they’re still going in opposite directions :(  And Sam doesn’t help by trying  to climb on everything.  Perhaps I should start a pool  on when we’re likely to experience our first emergency room visit :P

One of my old favorites, Cyberpunk Beat Down, is available now on my Society6 and Redbubble pages.

Lastly, a preview from another silly design in process: I loved these books when I was little!


  1. gamehunter

    hah LoL that panda dude is focking dead :D

  2. Delakando

    it looks like in the end either one or both will die for this.

  3. abowden

    At least there doing it to someone who almost kinda deserves it.

  4. rezazel

    sorry, not funny…. I hope Evil will be written out of the comics after this arc…

  5. JustNoticed

    Oh! The scratches makes you able to tell the original from the clone! And the clone seems to be a bit more plane evil, where as evil himself likes things elaborate.

  6. Dubael

    Ah yes, the twin sibling battles, ‘why don’t they get along/share/whatever?’
    I don’t know, there’s two of them and only one of whatever… why do you suppose? It’s not like they’ve only one personality/ideation/soul/mentality and two bodies now is it?

  7. Xint22

    On panel 6 and 7 the evil on the right looks like uhhhh… somebody think of a word for me, for his expression. Oh and Im quite curious as to what spleen goo is? :D

  8. Zermel

    It’s a dream come true!

  9. Alister

    I almost feel bad for Vanity…poor little guy can’t take much of a beating from Gay, let alone two Evils!

  10. alicia

    Badass! Nice way to start the day :D I have known a few people like Vanity in my life that I wanted to kick around :D

  11. riu

    You can tell what one is the real evil he still has the scar on the left side of his head from the peacocks.

  12. YourWorstNightmare

    I almost feel sorry for Vanity… then again he deserves it. Plus I get the feeling that clone Evil might be a little more violent than real Evil…

  13. An Anonymous Commenter

    Ah…a nice little kickoff for the week. Now we just need the plot to thicken. Been awhile since we’ve had one of those =P

  14. Nicole

    A thickened plot? You just need to add a little cornstarch.

    Oh, dear…I know Vanity’s a jerk, but…ow.

  15. Justacritic

    Next up, “We want our real jerk back”

    Still evils doesn’t allow any one to live.

  16. Mark Linimon

    It’s a good thing that toons are very hard to harm permanently.

  17. richard s f

    Begin, soon the clone bear wars will. Know the power of the evil side, you will. Let the roll be his guide, Prozac must. Yeesssssss.

  18. gamehunter

    @richard s f : what you did there I see !!! ;) (green)

  19. Ninkurou

    I think that I was right… The new evil is even more evil than evil…
    When it was just one evil, he didnt used to do so much evil… In so little time…
    Look at how many things happned, it’s very clear that the new evil is even evillier than the original and it is influenciating him to become worst…

    Im almost sure that the moral will be something like “We want our real jerk back…” or “Better the old and know Evil than the new one…”

  20. Zermel

    @Ninkutou: It might also be because he has a partner who thinks the same way and feels the same way.They know they are much more capable together than they would be separated.They have each other to back themselves up.
    Bloopity Blop pop pow!

  21. Beta

    @riu. Actually, the scratches are from Tanked on p. 356.

    I’m interested to see how Vanity will look after he gets out of the bag… or how Gimp will react in the long run…

  22. Beta

    Also, Alison; I think the TopWebComics vote incentive picture is cut off half way. I believe I do see half of Waldo though :)

  23. Justacritic

    By the way, will Crack’s arm be okay? He’s one of my favorite characters, and I feel sad when he’s suffering.

  24. Bartholomew

    Oh no.

  25. tor

    Well, i guess i will just continue to hope that either Death or Prozak steps up and push those horribel monsters down into the tiger den.

    That, or out into the wilds.

  26. Nicole

    @tor: I bet Gimp is a force to be reckoned with, too, when he gets riled.

  27. Woozle

    I’m getting a bit tired of The Amazing Adventures Of Immune To Consequences Bear. One would think the other bears would have done something permanent about his neverending malice by now,

  28. YourWorstNightmare

    @Woozle the one time they were rid of Evil none of them were happy and they made him come back. Evil is like that one guy in the group that you really don’t like but at the same time can’t imagine your life without him so the bears need him even if he is rather vicious. Plus Evil is awesome!

  29. Nicole

    @Woozle: Remember, this is meant to be read as a book–the story would be going along speedily if we were turning pages rather than reading one page a week. Turning pages, you’re just getting the full impact of Team Evil in a few moments. :)

  30. Robert

    I wonder how far Evil’s head will fly after he finds out it was wrong to mess with Prozac’s Prozac.
    They should make the other him clean it up too. Alone.

  31. Cam

    Evil got that scratch from Tank right? Good thinking, cause I wouldn’t be able to tell them apart otherwise.

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