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May 6th, 2013

Page 368

The most yellow page ever!  And I love drawing Crack freaking out; it’s fun to try to come up with new ways of showing it.  I have no idea how long it would take to glue up a corn padded room.  Maybe I should have put him in a straight jacket…

I’ll be somewhere at the Ottawa Comic Con this weekend!  Probably leering at Nathan Fillion from afar :)  I don’t remember my artist alley booth # but drop by if you’re in the neighborhood!  It’s the only con I’ll get to do this year :(

Finished Waldo design from last week’s vote incentive.

I do have 2 shirts up this WED (the 8th) at Shirt Punch!  They’re available for 24 hours and then gone!

“Still Flying” and  “Threat Neutralized”


  1. Zermel

    Aww, a room made of corn.:( Those eyes in panel 10.

  2. Urago

    Well, now I’m sure Crack will have a heart attack.

  3. gamehunter

    duuuuude….this is messed up!

  4. kath

    yeah,well, the thing about dried corn is that the kernels come out of the cob, so with him thrashing about the corn is going to be de cobbing itself pretty soon. then where will he be? up to his eyeballs in cobs!!

    Evil needs a serious smack down..
    and I need some chips. or cookies, or something… (sigh)its after 2 am, I am up. Why? because a shield bug/ aka stink bug) flew in my room around midnight , landed on the bed with an anoying BUZZZ and I woke up, smacked it, not thinking, and now my room smells like fabreeze and stink bug… (even after stripping the bed down and using half a bottle, my eyes are still watering. Gah, I hate stink bugs. a pox on the guy who didn’t think his bamboo should go through customs…

  5. Lawr




  6. Blacky Blackerson

    OK now that’s just sick…
    I think Prozac might be starting to regret bringing Evil back XD

  7. justacritic

    Now Evil (or his clone) has just gone too far.

    We did see that Evil commented that Crack having corn taped into his mouth was just sadistic.

    This Evil clone is a horrible influence, and I have the feeling that the clone is going to be doing a horrible backstab. With something involving clown, rings of fire, and a tricycle.

  8. Nicole

    Evil is in for it. And Evil2 as well.

  9. Kumbartha

    Aww how hice of Evil and Evil2 helping Crack getting over his corn-phobia ^^ :D

  10. abowden

    I lolled at this one. although it is a new low, and unusually elaborate and difficult to pull off.

  11. Xint22

    Where did they get the corn?

  12. Rainey

    So yellow! OAO

  13. aquagirl555

    Now I’m wondering…. What did he do to Death?

  14. An Anonymous Commenter

    Ooooookaaaaaay…that was disturbing. Took me a minute to realize it was corn…but still. Yeeeaaaaahhh…

  15. YourWorstNightmare

    oh god poor crack! i love evil but that is just low what if he has a heart attack someone needs to fix this soon before EVil clone does something REALLY bad and gets Evil in some kind of danger

  16. Alister

    Well, the Evil Twins have OFFICIALLY crossed the line. This has to be one of the most malicious pranks ever executed in this comic. Poor Crack!

  17. £Ø§Ð

    Not sure if hes afraid of corn, But darn funny none the least!

  18. Nicole

    I’m thinking it might end up being Evil who has to put Evil2 down.

  19. YourWorstNightmare

    @Nicole yeah I’m not sure the others can handle it

  20. NoveltyFishHead

    ohh…physiological trauma…how evil.

  21. Beta

    Something tells me this page took a while to color.

    @justacritic. You may be on to something with that whole reliving Evil’s past/trauma hypothesis..

  22. Xint22

    Death is gonna walk out of the club like what up I got a big copulating organ and then use his electrical electricity to explode th- woah woah woah…. Woah what if the zoo keepers notice the extra bear and like gets rid of him! Or yeah n stuff then like maybe Evil2 will be like ” oh golly it sure is a good day to……. uh kill or traumatise A… A CHILD GOLLY ” then Evil will be like HAY man even I have standards and and you just crossed the line that you werent supposed to cross! And then they will fight Evil2 will win and everyone
    else will go beat up Evil2
    Alison!!! Am I kind of right?
    Also you have been a huge inspiration to me. Some days. Your basically why I want to make my own comic and why I love drawing keep uh drawing :) and thanks for being an awesome artist.

  23. Xint22

    Oops sorry some days shouldn’t be in there auto correct

  24. gamehunter

    @Xint22: *spoiler alert!!!!*I think that the Evil2 is going to win at the end and he is going to pretend that he is the real Evil ;) and the other bears are going to fall for that trick…………thats how Evil is going to pay for all the bad stuff he is ever done .

  25. Gorm

    That’s an a-maize-ing room. (I hope that joke isn’t too corny)

  26. Nicole

    Har! @ Gorm!

  27. Xint22

    Oh thx gamehunter

  28. Magdalene

    So… at what point does Evil2 turn on Evil?
    Because you know it’s bound to happen.

  29. An Anonymous Commenter

    These recent comments have reminded me: It’s been an awful long time since the Zoo itself has been utilized or the Bears have moved beyond the confines of their exhibit…

  30. Evil's Lover

    OH MY God Yes!!! corn!!

  31. Urago

    By the way, Alison: Happy Mother’s day. Happy Mother’s day to Prozac, too, seeing as he’s pretty much a mother(And a father) to the other nine bears.

  32. LOLmonkeyboy

    I love this comic I have gone through the entire series in 3 days i love it keep up the good work! Does anyone know deaths back story? Or when they are going to show it?

  33. Name

    @LOLmonkey Well, we do know when he was little (but after he’d gotten his tummy thing) he zapped Santa so now he hates Christmas, but other than that, no. And because he’s one of the most loved characters, she’s probably gonna wait a while before she goes there.

  34. Cam

    I thought Crack’s disliking of corn was just him being irrational, but wow, that’s true fear…

  35. Faiz

    this is just PURE EVIL

  36. Dusk Hunter713

    My god, someone stop these two. This is just sadistic at this point.

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