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August 20th, 2012

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I don’t have cable so I mostly just followed the olympics coverage online this year and it’s hard to not see all the ogling posts, mostly of the women’s volleyball (and the male swimmers of course!) and I can’t for the life of me understand the desire to play so under dressed: I don’t care about the eye candy factor, it’s the sand.  Scratchy sand where it shouldn’t be!  How is that comfortable??  I would find that so distracting.  That and there was an incident a few years ago (somewhere in Toronto I think??) where degenerates dumped a bunch of broken glass all over a beach volleyball course before a big game/tournament/random event.  We have a big charity tournament in Ottawa every summer and that story always gives me chills before the HOPE event.

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  1. Filthy Pazuzu

    There were many grumpy articles about the women’s beach volleyball sometimes wearing more clothing because of the chill. But more clothing does slows them down.

    They do use special sand, fine grained – and expensive!

    Anyone see the US vs Canada women’s semifinal soccer match? One of the best matches I’ve ever seen.

  2. NekoD

    Let’s pick one from far away: Lech is gay and does all the macho stuff just to hide the fact, and he is picking on Gay since he has a crush on him. But that would be a tough love if you remember the end of the last chapter. Hmm…

  3. Xint22

    Lol I saw the picture with the three new bears and I saw one with lips, a tampon I think and an infection symbol

  4. gamehunter

    @NekoD: LoL DUDE !!! YOU smoke more weed than me man :D srsly smoke some more and come back !!! :D

  5. Chris

    Oh Lordy, Lech.

  6. Xint22

    Because of lechs ears he looks like a rabbit!

  7. igan

    Their ears do that sometimes. pffhaha. Lech and Gay tend to look like bunnies sometimes because of the way they wear their ears. With the pointed ears and the horns Evil sometimes looks like a goat `~`

  8. Gumballs81

    Looks like Tanked misheard “boobs” as “booze” and it threw him off track.

  9. Aerliss

    A slightly less awful story about things in volleyball sand; they found acorns hidden in the volleyball sand in London (pitch was entirely artificial and new) by squirrels. Poor little things. All that hard work undone and then their home invaded by thousands of humans.

  10. kath

    Go topless day was today? awww, like I totally missed it (NOT) so, if there is a go topless day, begs the question since Prince Harry was in vegas, is there a gobottomless day for the guys? I mean, fair *is* fair.

    how the world has changed in my life time. When I was a kid, if a guy said Boobs, or breasts or other terms, his mother would wash his mouth out with soap. Won’t go into the V- monologe, but, where have we gone in the world now that we can say these words just as easy as saying kneecap?

    the “and a pulse” was probaby in reference to the blow up doll that lech has. At least, I don’t think they have pulses, do they??

  11. Cam

    Lech….you’re gross… And Evil, are you sure?

  12. James

    I like lech we both share similar personalities
    with the biggest difference being that I don’t
    consider myself the Alfa male

  13. Camolot the Creator

    For once, he ACTUALLY didn’t do it.


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