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August 27th, 2012

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Oh Tanked.  Gravity is a cruel and fickle mistress.  I’ve wondered something about Nerd’s many proclivities, and I imagine you guys may have an opinion: I know people play up the Star Trek/Star Wars rival fandoms but there must be lots of people who like both?  Am I being naive?  Is it Trekkers or Trekkies?  Is there a derogatory name for Star Wars fans?  Is it sacrilegious to where a Jedi cloak while playing with a Picard action figure?  These are the questions that keep me up at night.

A cute little vote incentive for you guys featuring Death and Gimp (yay for fun commission sketches!) and if you have a Threadless account please go vote for “Octobrawl” which is sadly way below 3 out of 5 and thusly probably nowhere close to a print.

Big thanks again to anyone who answers my repeated bleating for votes!  Those tee shirt sites are becoming a huge part of my varied and sporadic free-lancer income so I really appreciate your support!


  1. corvuscorone68

    i like em both, they both have ray guns and dancing girls and fast ships and monstrous enemies and complex societies and pseudoscience (altho Trek tries to be more authentic) and aliens and space battles; my only problems with them are, George Lucas doesn’t know what he’s doing and i have only seen 1 Star Trek movie and a handful of scenes from various episodes and played some games but fortunately there’s wikis out there

  2. Joanna

    Trekkies. My best friend is a Trekkie (at High School and University he used to go by name Savok) and though I’m on the other side (of Force ;)), we even managed to live in one apartment for a year ;)

  3. Shadow

    First off, thank you for getting a Zambie T-shirt printed, if it arrives on time, it will be on my doorstep on my birthday! Second, to answer all of your questions in order: Yes, there are people who like both, I am one of them. No, you are not naive, merely ignorant, but you are willing to learn and asking all the right questions. It’s Trekkies. Yes, there is a name for Star Wars fans, “Fan Boys.” It’s also the title of a pretty awesome geek movie, look it up if possible. Also, for clarification, I do not consider either of these names derogatory, I embrace both. Lasty, Yes, it is sacrilege to mix anything Star Wars with anything Star Trek. However, as with most things in life, there is an exception to the rule: If it is EPIC, it can be allowed. However, anything that falls short of epic in full caps is sacrilege. Sleep well with the knowledge I have granted you and that I am sure a dozen others will expand upon.

  4. Shadow

    P.S. When I can afford it, I am totally getting a Zambie hoodie.

  5. gamehunter

    <3 :-P

  6. alexander B

    it’s funny someone got hurt and it wasn’t Lech or Evils fault, it’s a miracle Jesus, praise the lord!

  7. Fazzey

    I am a geek of both those fandoms. I started with Star Wars. Then I saw Star Trek: Next Generation.
    But I am not a Trekkie or a Fangirl of SW. I just have certain actors that I like…And I’m selective on what series I watch….I am not a fan of all the SW movies, just as I am not a fan of all the ST series. I’m complicated that way.

    I love how Evil defends himself…That whole “I can’t believe I was actually doing this with HIM” look at Letch.

  8. Kylie_D

    I’m a fan of both. Not insanely so, but still enjoy both Trek and Wars.

    Loving the whole Prozac/Evil exchange. Poor Tanked.

  9. overzen

    Or, you can go a third route and call yourself a Brown Coat. Firefly forever! ;)

  10. igan

    There’s not a specific derogatory name for fans of Star Wars in particular, but among the elite ranks of said fans Nerd would probably catch some flak for liking the prequel trilogy. ahaha.

  11. jeroen

    Ah Trekkers, yes we had a laugh about that one (it roughly translates into wankers in Dutch).

    I don’t feel the complete and utter rivalry between Trek and Wars, it’s mostly based on Hollywood creating one through fan movies than any real animosity I think. Some people take things too seriously.
    Also some fans yelling my hero can kick your heroes ass really doesn’t help. It takes very little to turn grown men into little kids I’m afraid. For further evidence I refer to sports hooligans.

    I like both pretty much allthough I have favorites. I grew up watching the original Star Trek series along with Blakes 7 and other SF (in re-runs I’m not a complete dinosaur), and loved the original Star Wars trilogy (not the ewok movies, allthough I did buy them on DVD a few years back and have kids now so I may acctually have to watch them)
    The Star Trek movies were oke, allthough the even numbers used to be better than the odd ones (Wrath of Kahn, Voyage Home, Undiscovered Country) The less said about Star Trek V the better. Generations was a downer, and it pretty much went downhill from there. Movies being no more than double episodes on a big screen.
    I did like the new movie though: killing off their entire continuity in one fell swoop, that took guts. (and I suspect they got a load of flakk over it.)
    I like DS-9, watched most of the next Generation and Voyager and that was pretty much oke.
    I read too many next generation/quantum leap cross-overs to ever take enterprise seriously.
    The Star Wars prequels, they were getting better, and I’ve seen far worse (there are a lot of crap sf and fantasy movies out there) I can’t say they are good though, they just had fun moments and lots of forshadowing and inside jokes to run on.
    Clone Wars is oke. Better than the prequels at times.

  12. Sterling Rodd

    Yeah! Nerd! My boy, back in action. :) Sort of.

    ST & SW: I like both. Well, let me clarify. I like the FIRST three Star Wars movies (which are, of course, reverse-chronologically the “LAST” three Star Wars movies), with the possible exception of the inclusion of the insipid Ewoks in Return of the Jedi (though I liked the Saturday morning Nelvana cartoon about them). The idea of a bunch of teddy bears whose idea of advanced defensive technology is “slam the logs together” taking on ruthless military organization possessed of technology enabling superluminal interstellar flight and the destruction of planets is absurd. “A handful of neutron bombs over Endor and we go in next Wednesday. Detail some droids with snow shovels to clear away the Ewok sludge.” “Yes, Lord Vader!”

    I like pretty much all of Star Trek up till that gawdawful retconning of a couple of years ago; THAT you can flush and send down the river to Montreal. Some of the movies weren’t so hot, but I enjoyed every series they put up on TV, at least in the overall sense (again, some eps were stinkers). On the whole, I preferred Star Trek because it was ostensibly about our own future. It gave us something to shoot for. Star Wars, as fun as it is, is about people in some other place and time, and leans heavily on mysticism and metaphysics rather than science (or pseudo-science), so it’s not as easy for me to plug into. Never got into the CGI show, so I don’t know much about that stuff, but there just seems to be less of it. And the Star Wars movies from THIS century were terrible, disappointing, and even insulting. Of those three movies, I’d be tempted to say “the less said, the better”, but that’s not true — so, anyone who’d like a fantastic, detailed, and hilarious overview of the problems with these three movies should go to YouTube and look for Red Letter Media’s multi-part reviews of them, and other movies.

  13. Glowworm

    Not everything is Evil’s fault–almost everything but not everything.

  14. systemcat

    I’m a fan of Trek and Wars but more favor Trek. The Star Trek franchise didn’t make three whole movies in a row that look like the result of a dog’s good morning walk. Only like the first three of the six for Star Wars, the classics. Also note here, this is coming from a geek into many many sci fi / fantasy stories. Not just Trek & Wars.

  15. APStorm

    @igan: I’d say it depends. I think it’s perfectly fine to think Qui-Gon, Obi-Wan, and Mace Windu were great parts. The writing was still lackluster, but things involving the Jedi specifically tended to still be pretty cool- just block out the cringe-inducing romantic dialogue with Anakin and Padme and you’ll be fine, really. I think there was also some annoying CG freak, but I think I blocked it out even more…

    @Sterling Rodd: The ‘retcon’ isn’t actually a retcon, though. The original timeline is supposed to still be there, technically. In fact, STO supposedly takes place in the original timeline. The idea, from what I understand, is that both timelines exist, like with any parallel universe in Star Trek. Nero merely caused a new branch to form. As for it as a Star Trek movie ignoring all that business… Myself and everyone else I know have agreed it was a brilliant piece of work. Sure, some supposed ‘Fridge Logic’ points, but they can be excused with sufficient emotional trauma, mostly.

    In any case, I know people who grew up with TOS that liked it. Hell, they also liked Enterprise; mainly because the Crew WORKED, even if the plot writing needed some work early on.

    The CGI Star Wars, what I’ve seen, was pretty well done. The dialog is by someone much better than Lucas, so it’s not cringe-worthy, and Anakin’s voice actor doesn’t sound nearly as whiny as Christensen did in the movies.

  16. APStorm

  17. aflibble

    I like both there are plenty out there that do just most nerds lean one way or another. The face palm moments are what makes the whole thing so much fun. Hate the new Star Wars but still am loyal to the first ones. the animated ones are not bad though. And now onto Trekkie and trekkers. A Trekkie is a fan boy/girl they like trek for being trek they are more into the imaginative parts of the shows. A trekker is someone who is into the science of the it all they are the ones that sit around debating the plausibility of the ships design, and how to build a working transporter.

  18. Sterling Rodd

    @APStorm — Oh, the “new” Star Trek was garbage. With the exception of Spock, the characters are unrecognizable as anything like the progenitors of the ones we were familiar from the original series. I never heard anything about it being a “parallel timeline”, and even if that’s the official line, that’s threadbare. They changed everyone’s backstory, they destroyed Vulcan, and they handed off Star Fleet’s flagship to a guy who’d been out of the Academy for less time than most people take to plan what stuff they need to bring with them to open up the cottage Victoria Day weekend. It was utterly unbelievable, disconnected from everything the longtime fans were emotionally invested in, and offered almost no reason to care about a bunch of smug know-it-alls who could only fail if they didn’t run down the hall and push the button fast enough. It was a movie for the under-25s. That’s the kindest I can say about it. They handed off the franchise to a bunch of people who don’t care what it’s been for nearly 50 years, and this is what they’ve created in their own image.

  19. Sterling Rodd

    Star Trek review, if Nerd were human. :) Warning: lots of swearing.

  20. Sterling Rodd

    Swallowed the URL. Here it is.

  21. Duez

    All I can say is: Like what you like, mix and match universes if you have to! Or just like them separately! I used to do that with Pokemon and Digimon, thought Digimon was a huge ripoff when it first came out, then a few months later I watch it, and bam, double fan! XD As far as titling goes, well that’s just silly. :3

    Love this comic page, the battered up Tanked kinda irks me, but maybe because i just went through some Dental work an hour ago? The novacaine is slowly fading, and ugh I hope the Hydrocodone kicks in. I don’t like having bad teeth. ;_; Anyway, enough personal ranting. Adore a lot of the faces and poses in this set, Lech is pretty cute with the comic behind his back. XD Good ol’ Prozac diving for that first offense, too. XD
    Bluh, stop pinging tooth, where’s Gimp when you need him? XD Or Death maybe. XD

  22. mouseanderson

    Hmm, I’d have to say I’m both a trekie and a Fan boy.
    ***Warning, old man alert***
    I used to watch the Original series when I was little and I stood in line in Boston for the Premeire of Star Wars in 1976. Love the Zambie T-Shirt!
    Go Tanked! Doing all the things we wish we could (and surviving hopefully).

  23. kath

    HA! I can answer this one with an accurate answer. George Takai, (sulu) and Carrie Fisher (Princess Leah) got together for what was to begin the trek vs star wars war, but, they realized… DUM DUM DUM (Insert dramatic music) that both franchises had earned respect, so, if there was going to be *any* sort of wars, it would be the Star trek, Star wars VS,—- TWILIGHT.. You can *like* georges Face book page and look back for more information. If the actors say it so, then it “makes it so”

  24. Zermel

    I have seen all star wars related movies and if Star trek is on it is watched.I don’t really favor either of them,both are terrific.Voting can be arranged again :)My family has been preparing for Isaac.I don’t really know how this will go,I have lived in Louisiana all my life and hurricanes/tropical storms have come and go,no harm done to us.Though people are making a lot of noise about Isaac.Pray for us guys?

  25. Phil

    Sadly, I’m one of an extreme minority of geeks that like neither star wars nor star trek. Both bug me for different reasons. I was always into cyberpunk fiction instead, rangy hacker types stealing stuff from unpleasant corporations, you know? Aside from it being much more realistic and violent, it has more human characters in it. They get greedy, pissed off, horny, etc. Compared to the weirdos in any decent cyberpunk novel, the cast of Star Trek and Star Wars look like they’re carved out of soap.

    Ok, here’s my critique/comparison of the two genres:

    Star Wars: So let me get this straight. There was this order of monks with psychic powers and plasma cutter based swords who weren’t allowed to own anything, weren’t allowed to hang out with chicks, weren’t allowed to have sex or kids, and whose utterly joyless existence was spent running around the galaxy cutting parts off of people who were causing trouble. Although there were literally HUNDREDS of these guys, two “sith” were able to finagle raising a clone army, taking over the entire government, and then hunting them all down and killing them. This mostly brought peace to the galaxy, until a bunch of rabble-rousers tracked down the last joyless monk in the entire universe where he was peacefully not bothering anyone in his weird hermit cave, got him killed in the second act of the first movie, took two more movies to kill the last two sith, blew up the empire’s giant space station not once but twice (the second time with tons of contractors installing toilets and roofing and whatnot), and returned the universe to its previous, chaotic state. Now the last remaining joyless monk is recruiting people to ALSO become joyless monks and start the whole thing all over again.

    Hmm… Yeah, thanks, no thanks.

    Star Trek: Ok, let me get this straight. So the result of first contact with an alien race who are basically humans with pointy ears, funny eyebrows, and severe haircuts, is that we meet all sorts of OTHER alien races who are ALSO humans with (insert strange feature here), and we immediately get rid of all money, and all commerce. Because we never really liked having stuff, or buying stuff, or shopping. Now everyone is basically working for free because they love working so much, but they get all the free food, stretchy pants, and velour shirts they want. If you have a red shirt, your job is to die in some strange, horrible way while a guy in a blue shirt yells about it. Unless you’re in the new series, in which case everyone has a red shirt and who dies seems to be based on who’s not allowed to hang out on the bridge, so it’s kind of like high school. All characters are stereotypes: A woman with greek hair, giant boobs, and a sympathetic expression is a “councellor”. Her job is to sympathize with middle aged men in between scenes in which they’re heroically pointing and yelling at things on a large TV screen in their mancave/bridge. Middle aged men are in all command positions, and say things like “make it so” and refer to each other as “Number 1” and “Number 2” which makes me wonder what their restrooms are like. The security guy is a giant, testosterone-addled black guy with bumps on his head, who growls a lot and has a weird round sword that doesn’t seem practical to me for some reason. The geeks are either Scottish (and kinda fun) or black and do their glasses shopping at seventies nostalgia stores. There’s always someone (an alien or a robot) who doesn’t get those wacky human traditions, and makes ridiculous mistakes which would make any normal person shove them out the nearest airlock, but which somehow amuse their crewmates. The entire ship has no restrooms whatsoever, which leads me to believe this is why they’re REALLY going on so many “Away Parties” (which I can only think of as a euphamism for a chance to do a little Number 1 and Number 2).

    Did I totally miss the appeal of these series? I’m totally like “Meh” when I think about them.

    Although I did like the original Roddenberry episodes, in which he sneakily made fun of the cold war without getting in trouble with the censors (The federation was America, the vulcans were German rocket scientists, the Klingons were the Russians, and the Romulans were the Red Chinese — everybody else was this or that nation our countries argue about).

  26. Phil

    Edit: Note that I wasn’t saying that non-scottish geeks aren’t fun. I’m sure Geordie was fun in his own way. However, he did not SEEM to be fun. He seemed to be the kind of guy who spent his off-duty time arranging his tools in alphabetical order. When Scotty was off duty, he got drunk, acted as Kirk’s wingman (while Kirk tried to bed everything that looked vaguely female), and beat up Klingons who got mouthy about his ship.

    Perhaps there are other Scottish engineers who were boring, like Geordie. But they never showed us any. :)

  27. Phil

    I did like Firefly an awful lot… That show had me hooked the instant I saw this scene:

  28. Beta

    Star Wars? Star Trek? Blasphemy!

    It’s all about BATTLETECH my Sibkin. ;)

  29. kath

    Me thinks your young. See, the presumption of youth is that what is now, always was. Star Trek got such a wow factor because it *did* go where no show had gone before. Sure you had the cheezy forbidden planet and robbie the robot, but for the most part, science fiction was something that was hidden under the matress much like the porn magazines of old. (and those were really different too-) people didn’t wear alien costumes for halloween, they wore the princess, the bride groom, hobos, and maybe the occasional wolf man and vampire.

    Star trek brought science out of the closet and into the workshop. The people from AT & T would sit down every sunday and watch it and then work on how to make what they saw on the screen really work. Is it any wonder why the cell phones that we have look SO much like the communicator??

    Star Wars, (ep 4) was what is called a benchmark movie. Star trek had been taken off the air, we had a quick blip of lost in space, and Dr Who was in its twilight months of ending. I remember sitting in a theater in new york watching the starwars movie and realizing that everyone in the theater was ducking as the ship came from *behind* us. On a large scale cinima screen, something like that- and the special effects, hadn’t happened before. Sure, you could see where they had matted in the ships, but it didn’t matter. The musical score swept you away and by the end of the movie, you walked out feeling GOOD about saving the universe.

    There was a monitary system in star trek, just, not the traditional one, Gold, it seemed was pretty common and that brought down the value. Latinum was different, an amount that could fill up a shot glass could buy a space station because it was so rare. Not sure exactly what they used Latinum for, but because it was a liquid , they had to press ,and seal it into tiny gold bars that they would use for their commerce. The world of star trek was developed because we had blown up the earth, devalued any monitary system and the exploration of space was something we had started, but people were losing intrest. but go into space they did pushing outward with the new warp drive, (something that theroetical physicts are saying *is* possible- ) Both Star Trek, and Star wars, opened doors into a different level of thinking.

  30. Sterling Rodd

    Yeah, I have to agree with Kath, Phil. I think Star Wars is really simply a romp, but I don’t doubt for a second the vision of the near future young people were given in the 1960s (and those of us who watched it in reruns later) made a difference in the shape our world has today. Setting the all-too-human “aliens” aside for the moment, the show effectively set some quasi-realistic goals, both for technology and how our nascent global society might take shape. I don’t want to over-inflate its significance, but I do believe it has had an influence on those things. I think, a century or two from now, people will still know what you’re talking about if you mention “Star Trek”. I’m not out to dump on cyberpunk just to be confrontational, but really, what does it offer us except an opportunity to sit back in a sullen corner, brood and nod darkly as our paranoia and cynicism are indulged… scratch out a living by crime as you prepare for electrobrainrape while our coastal cities flood and the interiors become deserts, essentially. There’s some thrill in looking into the dystopia, sure… but I think you also need an upbeat, hey, here’s how cool and decent things could be kind of vision. Evil’s an intriguing guy, yeah, but it’s guys like Nerd who got us to the moon, send probes to comets, and give us better odds against cancer every year.

  31. Phil

    @Kath and Sterling: All that is very well and good, but who initially conceived of “cyberspace”? I believe that would be William Gibson, cyberpunk author. If you want accurate predictions of the inventions that surround the Internet, cyberpunk is your go-to genre. Even some of its more outlandish ideas — connecting to a network with brain implants, electronic replacement eyes, sensory overlays — are now becoming a reality. There’s research right now involving measuring brainwaves to control equipment, and it’s a very short jump from that to the “trodes” you read about in cyberpunk fiction.

    Don’t get me wrong; I did enjoy TOS. Roddenberry was a true science fiction writer. Total respect. However… The rest of it leaves me cold.

    And for the record, I’m a diehard, deep geek. But my geekery is all about Cory Doctorow, Bruce Sterling, William Gibson, Neal Stephenson… Star Wars/Star Trek? Not so much. You want your mind blown? Read “The Diamond Age: Or, A Young Lady’s Illustrated Primer” by Neal Stephenson. Completely amazing. How many books manage to teach you about Turing machines while entertaining you?

    Don’t you think George Lucas is kind of losing it at this point? The first three movies weren’t bad, but the last three… Egad. And you want to talk about wasting one of the best characters ever, I *weep* for poor Darth Maul. Imagine: You’re this total badass maniac with a double-ended lightsaber and spikes all over your head, you speak in growls, you have a flying Harley Chopper, and how much screen time do you get? What, 20 minutes? And then some APPRENTICE cuts you in half after you’ve got him hanging down in a pipe.

    Seriously, I’d be having a LONG talk with my agent if I was him. Worst. Sith. Assignment. Ever.

  32. Phil

    And you both have to admit: Geordie really REALLY needs to relax. So does that bearded guy… In the movie, he gets to meet his HERO, the guy who invented the warp drive for God’s sake, and he gets invited on the historic flight etc, etc, and what does he do??? HE TELLS THE MAN TO TURN OFF HIS MUSIC!!!

    If I was that inventor guy, I’d say “Listen Sonny, when you invent your own warp drive, AND you build your own rocket ship, THEN you can fiddle with the radio. Until then, we’re listening to Steppenwolf!”

    Admit it — that whole scene was just wrong. I half expected bearded guy to ask if there was any prune juice. ;)

  33. kath

    @ Phil,

    let me get out Mah salt shakers…

    Lavar Burton is like that in real life. He is just- totally nervous type of person who shakes like a leaf if there is more than 4 people in the room and is probably closer to Cracked in his personality. His acting always came out as agressive because if he didn’t he would be hyperventaling. Brent spiner, while being gayer than Gay, is probably closer to Evil. He would do anything, and everything to prank the others (including Patrick Stewart on the set and off the set. Micheal dorn reminded me of the polar bears (no one really liked him much on the convention circut. ) James Doohan was pretty close to Tank- (it wasn’t diet coke or lemonaid in his can at the conventions and if it wasn’t , he was a real piece of work to deal with)

    George Lucas never really expected Star wars to take off. The only *novel* concept was that he started the first movie as *chapter four* and threw in a bunch of references to things that had happened before, and if he had just put *chapter one* fans would have gone.. Uh huh and then left the theater. and I know about AT&T and the developers because my elder brother worked for them for many years and we would have discussions about how warp communications worked. (you fold space, you punch a hole in it and it gets there faster than the speed of light. ) even Einstine had theorized about warp theroy but it was so far beyond peoples concepts, it was just another theroy until a theoretical math major can prove it.

  34. richard s f

    Live long and may the force be with you :P

  35. Phil

    @Kath: salt shakers? I always miss the references… :/

    I don’t have anything against the actors. They’re actors, they have a job to do and they do it. My problem is with the characters and how they’re written. Joyless! It’s a shame, you know? No mischief, no pure fun. I had the impression that if you played a prank on someone on Picard’s Enterprise, the result would be Number 1 and Number 2 (Haw!) staring at you in disappointment and saying “We expected much more from you, young man.” God help you if you pinch a girl’s butt, Kirk style. Or imagine if someone started chatting up the giant-bosomed shrink! Picard would be like, “Now, young man, I don’t know how they did things on Earth, but around here we don’t chat up women with giant bosoms, we wait for them to comfort us.” I don’t remember ever seeing any hot green chicks when Picard was around…

    Can you imagine how strong the temptation would be to just prank the hell out of everybody on that ship? They were all so uptight, so buttoned down… Just imagine a shaving cream bomb in Worf’s locker (Worf, right? Worf, woof, something like that). He’d probably have a psychotic break and disassemble Data. It’d be YouTube GOLD. :)

  36. Phil

    And… OH MY GOD, imagine how fun it would be to prank Jedi! Swap out their lightsaber for a “snake in a can” model? “Defend yourself!” SPROING! Or fiddle with whatever containment fields they use, so instead of getting a nice, thin blade they get a four foot glowing stylized man-part with two glowing orbs bouncing around!

    Jedi: “Defend yourself!” (FWOOOOSH)

    Sith: “Really? REALLY?”

    Jedi: “Just a minute… That was not supposed to happen.”

    Sith: “This is just wrong. How did you get it shaped like that, anyway?”

    Jedi: “This is not my fault!”

    Sith: “Look, I take these fights seriously. If you’re going to make us a laughingstock, I’ll… Hey, what’s that kid doing up there! HEY YOU! KID! YOU BETTER NOT BE FILMING THIS!!!” (throws lightsaber)

    Jedi: (Facepalm.)

  37. Ciao

    Evil telling the truth…well its possible in this comic. XD haha

  38. Sterling Rodd

    @Phil — All William Gibson came up with was a word that acquired some cache, Phil. He didn’t invent the thing… the internet… just a slick-sounding synonym. We’d still have the thing and still be using it with or without the term. A rose, by any other name, would still spam your email. I’m old enough to remember precursors to the internet dating back to the 1970s, when the Canadian government’s suggested version was something called “Teledon” that anticipated the BBS culture of the early 90s.

    connecting to a network with brain implants, electronic replacement eyes, sensory overlays

    Google “The Six Million Dollar Man” and “The Bionic Woman” sometime, Phil. Throw in “The Forbin Project” while you’re at it. One of the good things about getting older… maybe the only good thing… is it tends to give one some perspective. Not everything was invented last Tuesday.

    How many books manage to teach you about Turing machines while entertaining you?

    Have you ever heard of Fred Saberhagen? Or Isaac Asimov?

    Don’t you think George Lucas is kind of losing it at this point?

    From the Ewoks on up. I thought I’d made that clear. :)

    I *weep* for poor Darth Maul.

    What, seriously? What in the world made you find Darth Maul interesting enough to regret his swift dismissal from the plot? You’ve missed your own point — what did he do except SHOW UP and LOOK COOL that made him in any way memorable? Jar Jar Binks was a more interesting character… at least he had some lines, a back story, and some ever-so-slight character development. Darth Maul was nothing but a crass marketing vehicle. A toy design with requisite screen time. If he vanished from the movie, all you’d have to do to maintain the plot line would be to have Jin fall down some stairs and break his neck. Literally. He’s one of the reasons the “first” three movies were such a jumbled, forgettable mess.

  39. HaruhiFan

    For once it’s not Evil’s doing. Huge shocker there!

  40. Beta

    Star Wars. Star Trek. Sterling, Kath, Phil. I get those two.

    What about the Star League, and it’s Defense Force? That whole Terran Hegemony thing? Alexander Kerensky? Phelan Kell? Inner Sphere? Clan Invasion? Refusal War?

    We all know what’s the best galactic universe :P


    What about Doctor Who it’s tne seventh season anyone… anyone no okay

  42. kath

    the salt shaker reference – well, that was Deforest kelly who started it. Years ago they were looking for things to use as props in the med bay (and other places) and a few of the hypo spray units were actually salt shakers (or salt grinders) it was a pretty cool call back in the new star trek movie where Kirk picks up the star ship salt shaker and spills some salt out of it. (chances are, it was something cobbled together by a fan and found at a convention) If you ever get a really good close look at the costumes, yes, they are made out of floor mats and duct tape edging them. Got gold pressed latinum? its a plastic clay that you bake in your oven. So much stuff is just every day things. On a cool note, I happened to be watching Stargate Atlantis and noticed that the spoon spork and knife set that they used was the exact same one I had purchased years before at a camping store- If its unique, chances are, it can be used as a prop.

  43. Shadow

    Two things real quick: One, I love my new Zambi shirt and I’m very impressed with the quality of the print. Two, I just noticed that Gimp is wearing ass-less chaps, or briefs I suppose they are. I wonder how I missed that the first time I saw this page, and I also wonder if he’s worn those before and I’ve just been oblivious. I might have to re-read the whole strip just to see.

  44. google

    mantap gan

  45. Camolot the Creator

    I have some regard for both series, and my preference for Star Trek is mostly based around it’s science, ships and my two favorite captains.
    want to know them? It’s a kicker, and it’ll piss off many of the Star Trek fans that read this.
    Here we go:

    Archer and Janeway.

    Picard was too committed to diplomacy to consider solutions that would have prevented many problems and developments from occurring, and Kirk was composed mainly of bravado and recklessness. Archer and Janeway, on the other hand, were basically the perfect Starfleet officers, and both lost, between them, no more than fifteen crew members, and mourned the loss of each one individually.

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