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September 3rd, 2012

Page 331

Ha, forgot to set this up last night as I fell asleep.  Owen’s been making a habit lately of going to bed on time and then screaming a couple of hours later.  It doesn’t appear to be teething issues as he’s quite content to just sit on the floor and play.  It’s weird to be up at 11:30 playing with a baby who looks way more alert than yourself.  I feel bad for Evan who gets woken up by this twice every night (Owen likes to  wail when we put him back to bed too.)



  1. umbreonluna

    Honesty gay should have known better. Poor tanked.

  2. Brian Hibbs

    never underestimate how stupid people/bears can be

  3. viper

    gay oughta know by now not to suggest something to tanked, his alcohol addled brain will take any suggestion seriously xD

  4. NoveltyFishHead

    Now Gay will hopefully learn from this. Poor Tank, you silly adventurous guy.

  5. gamehunter

    LoL <3

  6. FTS

    Aaaaaand. Gay outta nowhere.

  7. Tim

    I read and love Bear Nuts. I think all the characters are wacky, interesting and of course deeply, deeply flawed. I would never want to tell you which way to take the action because I enjoy the surprises. I relish your evil imagination and I am deeply impressed that you keep on doing this with toddlers on your hands. Even with daycare they are wicked tiring.

  8. Chase

    I thought Nerd really valued all his models… I’m surprised he would be bashing them together like that. But then again, if I were him, I’d have a few prizes strictly for display and then plenty of toys to play with and to love.

  9. kath

    hang on. Did Gay tell him out of the blue, Hey tank, if you get enough feathers you can fly, or , did Tank ask him “how do I fly? and Gay says “If you get enough feathers you can fly.

    One of the issues is that while we have strong arms, they are not developled in a way that would support ourselves in beating, or strong enough to support the weight of our bodys. Kind of hard to tell exactly if he has a concussion as isn’t it the way he normally looks??

    @ Chase, yes, he probably does value the models, but whats the sense in having them if you can’t role play once in a while?

  10. Ketira

    @kath – we’ll just have to wait & see. I’m sure that will come up in the next few pages….. ;)

    At least Tanked had the freedom of Flight…. even if it was only for a few seconds.

  11. Tachigamigod

    Sooo I start school tomorrow and what better way to keep my spirits up than a new Bear Nuts update? Yaaaay~

  12. Starkittens

    I go through reading this little bit (at least the first pages or so) singing:
    “I believe I can fly! I believe I can touch the sky!”
    Oh, I really hope you put that tiger on a shirt. I’d buy it in a heart beat. even if it just looks like that sketch. It would be:
    Sketch tiger! The very rare in the wild, never seen in Captivity!

  13. Zermel

    The first panel,I swear is pure gold.Laughing so hard it hurts.Thanks for the weekly amusement,Alison!

  14. HaruhiFan

    Gay is so fucked.

  15. raeByppilF

    OMG Nerd said “Bitches”!! Ha, cool.

  16. corvuscorone68

    the 3rd panel had me laughing for about a minute >.< hard to keep it quiet at 12:30 AM when it’s SO DANG FUNNY

  17. jeroen

    Poor tanked. Really gay should have known better, some people will try anything… …kids especialy…

    I do sympathize with the wailing, my two year old can scream bloody murder when we put her to bed, ussually takes about 10 minutes, then she fall asleep, but sometimes it gets so bad we acctually take her downstairs again to calm her down.
    We assume it’s got something to do with working through the day, and being tired when not wanting to go to bed.

    Good luck!

  18. BSSinSTL

    Flying is just falling until you hit the ground.

  19. Lori

    Owen sounds like my niece. :( My sister was told that playing with her was encouraging her to wake up from her ‘nighttime nap’ and it was better to just keep putting her back to bed, and if it happened more than twice in a night to do it without speaking as the munchkin was looking for interaction. Of course my niece is an only child, but I imagine there must be a similar solution for kids who share a room. Good luck!

  20. Jeuce

    Omg, Bearnuts plushies. Topatoco could make them!

  21. Zakaef

    Shoulda got a hang glider. i mean, Da Vinci almost pulled it off, and it wasnt that far off of tanks design….

  22. sneakers

    Not the Borg!

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