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September 10th, 2012

Page 332

I had fun painting the first panel of those feathers and then got bored.  They’re not super complicated but still time consuming.

Sam starts his first day of nursery school on Wed and what a difference a year makes.  Drop offs for the first couple of months of day care were hard.  At one point he gave up crying and would just dejectedly take his stuff off and walk away (drama queen).  By the end he was asking us when he was going to Barb’s house again.  Now he’s been to the classroom once for his intake interview and he keeps asking when he can go back because they have so many toys.  Priorities of course.  This is a co-op nursery school so we’ll be responsible for helping out in class once a month, washing the dress up stuff, making playdoh, and the occasional riveting evening of cleaning every toy in the room.  I’ll also have to get used to the idea of taking other people’s kids to the bathroom…ick.

More zoo sketches for work: wolverine!


  1. EnviousSpartan

    Ah…Gimp’s kindness almost never fails, as well as Gay’s quest to find more fabulous glamor. :D

  2. gamehunter

    aww <3 GAY and GIMPY <3

  3. Delakando

    Baby needs his milk. and Gay needs a swift punch in the snout.

  4. alexander B

    Gay badly needs a swift kick in the crutch…

  5. Fazzey

    Second to last panel…Tanked is just too cute for words! *huggles happy Tanked*

  6. jeroen

    You just know that wolverine is luring you in for the clawfrenzy… Still it’s cute.

    This comic clearly advertizes that beer can be the sollution to all your problems. It can be, the question is should you want it to be.

    Poor tanked, he got suckered again.

  7. gamehunter

    @ Delakando & alexander B : NO!!!!! BAD!!!! >:(
    @ jeroen : ,,This comic clearly advertizes that beer can be the sollution to all your problems. It can be, the question is should you want it to be,,
    GO read the comic (The Tanked story) , then speak up your mind please , if you still stand by your foolish words , then you are idiota!!!

  8. Glowworm

    The last two panels are adorable.

  9. Booboo Wilde

    I’ve been following the comic since about the third strip, and I finally have found the need to say something.

    The final three panels actually gave me hope this this Monday wouldn’t entirely suck.

    Thanks, Alison!

  10. MeMyselfAndIPod

    Allison, do you get a piece of the Giclee Prints? I want to buy a Pirate one for my sons room but want to make sure you get some recompense.

  11. MeMyselfAndIPod

    Giclee = Society 6 Link. Derp

  12. Solario the Visored

    Welp, a physician’s primary goal is to make sure the patient is safe and happy. Tanked is as safe as he’s going to get, so might as well give him what he wants. :/

  13. Filthy Pazuzu

    On Friday nights I look exactly like Tanked does in the next-to-last panel.

  14. Gallows

    Prozac and Nerd look ready to join Lech in lynching Gay.

    “Mommy mommy! What are those bears doing to that bear and where did they get the trucks to tie his limbs to?”

    Meanwhile Evil looks happy and content that somewhere there is someone unhappy.

  15. Ropo

    I have a question that just occurred to me. What does Gay call himself? All the other bears call him Gay, but he has always been in denial about his orientation, always avoiding and dodging the subject whenever it comes up, insisting that he simply has fabulously good taste, or is too urbane and sophisticated for the others to appreciate. He refuses to accept that he is… gay. So… what does HE think his name is?


  16. Nicole

    Gay looks FABULOUS! :D And sweet Gimpy always knows what to do. :)

  17. Zermel

    That was not a Redbull so I am still puzzled as to how this all went down.

  18. NekoD

    I wonder if Lech is angry because Gay doesn’t let him finish or does he show heart and is angry that Gay doesn’t show any regret. Would be kinda nice to see a hidden side of Lech. Something like: He could have died you fashion fag. (Cannot hink of any better now). After that he goes off with his magazine.

  19. admin

    @BooBoo: You’re welcome!
    @MeMyselfAnd…: We get higher royalties from INPRNT ( ) but Society6 is another option of course (had to go with them too as they print shirts/etc as well as prints)
    @Ropo: Gay believes himself to be gay, as in the traditional meaning of the name! Or maybe…. :)

  20. VikkieTheMimm

    Hi! Just wanted to say, found your comic via a project wonderful ad on nedroid, and ended up reading the entire comic, from start to now. I love it, especially the Gimp and Gay/Letch moments (and there’s a sentance I never thought I’d type). I’ll be back for more on Monday!

  21. Cece

    I don’t post much, but I had to say that your sketch of the wolverine made me go “awwwww!” You managed to make one of Nature’s most vicious critters look adorable.

    Who’s a pretty wolvy? You’re a pretty wolvy! Yes you are!

  22. Ropo

    Of course! I should have thought of that. I’m old enough to remember when the definition of gay had nothing to do with sexual orientation. A perfect name for him considering his insistence that he is merely… fabulous. Thanks, Alison! (Now, about that pink rhino(???) on his chest…)

  23. admin

    @ Vikkie: Welcome to BN!
    @ Ropo: lavender rhinos are horny beasts! And it’s another gay emblem that’s not overused like rainbows and pink elephants (I’m not sure about the color though, I went with purple because it’s fabulous)

  24. HaruhiFan

    Beer. Of course beer would fix Tank. :)

  25. Zelly

    2nd to last panel: That face is totally a baby reaching for it’s bottle.

  26. silverfang16

    Magic liquor is magic. ^_^

  27. Ghostie

    For once it looks like Gay is winning a verbal sparring match, but I must say, Prozac looks terribly annoyed, and Nerd looks irritated. They may just join Lech in strangling mr tan fur.

  28. Matty

    I have a soft spot in my heart for Gimp. Being a sub myself with a bondage kit in the closet underneath all my Chuck taylors, I like that he’s not particularly expressed as a sexual deviant first and foremost. If anything he really keeps to himself aside from his outfit. Gimp is definitely my patron bear.

  29. Nothing But The Tooth

    I adore Tanked – he’s always so cute! :)

  30. Cam

    Hehe Tank looks like a baby on a bottle with that beer.

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