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September 17th, 2012

Page 333

I’m not sure if anyone’s been keeping count but perhaps somewhere there’s a webcomic equivalent Guinness Record book and Nerd is angling for character who takes the most nut shots.

Fall shows start up again soon… Cas!


  1. samiamthrice

    what the heck was even the point of that

    WHY do these guys keep such a miserable bully as Evil around

  2. Thorn

    I’m with samiamthrice

    Take him out back and shoot him.

    Poor Nerd, no guy should ever kick another guy in the balls – they know how much it hurts.

  3. alexander B

    sorry, It doesn’t work if he saw you do it lol

  4. Blacky Blackerson

    How many times are Nerd’s Bear Nuts gonna be in harms way? At this rate, his chance of procreating will be in the negatives!

  5. gamehunter

    axax LOL and you guys wanted GAY to get : ,, Gay needs a swift punch in the snout,, and ,,Gay badly needs a swift kick in the crutch…,, axaaxaxax the IRONY !!! :D MEGA EPIC LoL MAD BRAS!?!? U MAD!?!?

  6. Kylie_D

    Well, I like to think of it as Evil standing up for Tanked a little bit, while getting his own kind of fun in at the same time.

    I thought it was funny. Not nice, but funny. No use in complainging – everyone knows what Evil is like.

  7. Gumballs81

    Man, Evil *does* automatically get blamed for everything! ^_^

  8. Jarman

    I am starting to agree with the “troll” more and more these days. Could you please give Evil a rest for awhile and look for some other outlet for comedy, or writing, or any sort of conflict? Seriously, fuck.

  9. igan

    If Evil were out to avenge Tanked, it’d be Gay on the receiving end (OHOHOHO) of that nutshot

    He was just being a dick in this case. pffhaha

  10. Sterling Rodd

    That was way overdue. :) But speaking as a guy, I’ve always heard it more as a “honk” than a “crunch”. :)

  11. Xint22

    The most random time for the funniest thing….. Awesome

  12. Xint22

    The next arc should have the girl bears!

  13. Ketira

    I have a feeling that “I didn’t do that” is similar to Bart Simpson’s “I didn’t do that….” hyper-excuse.
    Problem is, it won’t work in this case….

    And guys, if you go back through the archives, you’ll find that she tried to get Evil out of the picture once before. If you look far enough, you’ll know how that ended up. Besides, in any comic, there has to be a “bad guy” in the group – and in this comic, Evil is that.

    To me, the “comedy relief” comes from the arguments/fights that Gay & Lech have with each other. I wonder if they really like each other, but are afraid to show it?

  14. Glowworm

    Vanity is wearing Gay’s headdress. Cute!

  15. Blacky Blackerson

    I don’t think destroying Gay’s crotch will phase him much seeing how he’ll never use it :D.

  16. Solario the Visored

    Vanity looks positively royal in that headdress. I approve! :)

  17. Madeleine

    Evil is clearly pointing at the broken glasses. I didn’t see him shatter them, did you?

  18. Khayaaliy

    I love your incentive picture. I’m going to be camping for season 7 DVDs tonight.

  19. NekoD

    Evil just had to fix his reputation.

  20. Lauren

    @Blacky Blackerson, neither will Nerd. There aren’t any girl bears in their enclosure. (*hem* Alison *hem*)

  21. Feartheswans

    There are many reasons Evil could have nut shotted him. Self amusement, just to be a dick, or rather he seems to leave Tanked alone adn was very quick to run to him when he crashed out of the sky. Perhaps he could be a little miffed that Nerd was more worried about his Modeling Glue than Tanked. If that is the case, I am more than certain Gay is about to really get it.

  22. samiamthrice

    @Ketira yeah, I remember that storyline. it was entertaining, but also…really weird. how on earth could things be ‘boring’ in this group without Evil around? there’s enough crazy to go around, the only thing that was missing with him booted into the woods was the abuse.

    oh well I guess, I’ve just no stomach for characters that are a nonstop parade of ‘haha look how horrible and naughty I am’ like this

  23. Duez

    Ooof, talk about rustling ones jimmies! Poor Nerd, he just can’t avoid it around Evil.
    Lot of interesting and cute expressions in this one, silly little page and it just makes the brain enjoy rather than think about why. XD Also, panda thieving your hats!

  24. BSSinSTL

    Allison,you need to teach Nerd how to block a low kick.

  25. HaruhiFan

    Evil’s screwed yet again. I wonder if there is ever going to be a time when he’s actually nice and does something that doesn’t benefit him……..NAH!!!! Like that’s ever going to happen. XD

  26. tayausd

    In Evil’s defense, Nerd had that one coming. He should have been more worried about Tanked than the glue.

  27. Thorn

    Come on Prozac, go Hulk and send Evil’s nuts sky-high!

  28. HurpDurp

    Nutshot! Fatality…

  29. VikkieTheMimm

    The fact that you are a supernatural fan only makes me love this comic even more.

  30. Sterling Rodd

    Hey, how come my avatar’s not showing up? It’s sweet. :)

  31. draco

    Time for the cheap shots Evil!

  32. Blacky Blackerson

    @ Sterling Rodd: There it is; and yes, it’s pretty badass.

    I wonder which ones worse: Nerd getting his nads caved in or another pair of broken glasses he’ll have to replace with more money.

  33. Rainey

    New reader here and loving the daylights out of this comic; like Care Bears on acid! XD
    Evil reminds me of Stitch…. oO

  34. Woozle

    It would be nice if Evil actually suffered consequences for one of his innumerable evil acts. One thing that really turns me off a series is when one character is obviously the writer’s favorite and lives a consequence free existence no matter what he does.

  35. Zukibat

    They’re a strange little family. But there’s no question that there is plenty of unconditional love between them all.

  36. tayausd

    @Woozle didn’t she do a whole story arc where he had to pay up for one of his deeds?

  37. Saiman159

    Nice ‘Supernatural’ reference! I love Castiel, he’s so funny!

  38. Perez

    I’m with Jarman and Woozle on this one. The story arcs in “The Origin of Evil” and “Bear Off” did give some explanation and delivered some comeuppance (I feel he has a very rich past), but they are far outweighed by gratuitous things like this. Evil might work well in a side collection of single panels where he can be himself, but he has way too much influence over the main series.
    Evil plotting- Evil acting – Evil getting yelled at. It’s a sequence of events that happens so many times just to get to the middle one. It takes up quite a bit of space, it gets repetitive, and it can really slow things down for the narrative when it becomes the focus.

  39. noah

    tanked is the cutest thing ever invented

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