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May 13th, 2013

Page 369

I guess it was about time I put more toilet humor in the strip :P

I’m prepping this update the week before since I’ll be out all weekend at the Ottawa con and probably asleep long before this goes live so hopefully I had a great time :)  It’s really nice to have a local con again (this would be year 2) as I don’t really get to travel much anymore between kids and the expense to go to US cons. Apparently the Calgary con is getting huge (perhaps too much!) so some day I’d love to go there.  If any of you are regulars to that one I’d really value your opinions on it!

Baby dragon! Happy late Mother’s Day!


  1. riu

    Ha prozac. death is not amused.

  2. Zermel

    I see two outcomes of death’s showing up.He will either shock the twins or get a big bump on his head.I would like neither of these but I have read the entire comic several times and I think many can agree that it will be one of the two.

  3. Jim

    Just got real.

  4. Shade

    I doubt Evil, even with the help of his clone, will be able to escape what comes next.

  5. shonenjump1

    i’m kind of surprised. gimp has been off limits so far. he helps everyone including evil, a favor i thought evil 1 or 2 would uphold.

  6. abowden

    Maybe when Evil gets his comeuppance enough times, he will learn?
    You DO NOT do that to gimp >:(

  7. Chase

    Oh, whoa! Not Gimpy! Low blow, guys. Love Death’s face in the last panel; it’s on.

  8. An Anonymous Commenter

    Soooo saw that one coming XD

  9. Ketira

    I think Evil & his twin are about to get what’s due to them. After all, one never messes with Death, and several of the bears have come close to that state during this whole thing. How could Death not notice what those twins were doing?

    I look forward to see where this goes. Great page!

  10. Xint22

    Well Fuck… :)

  11. Matt

    We would love to see you come to Calgary’s expo one of these year.
    It’s always been a very good con to go to and this year was the best one yet. We have lots of artists that say coming to Calgary’s Expo is a highlight on their con tours.
    One of the cooler things they do is that every year all the artists that are coming will send a picture in. They pick around 75 of them and put them in an art book that you can take have the artists sign their work. They sell it for around $30 and all the money goes to a charity fund.

  12. Dubael

    Love the story arc so far, thank you Alison.

  13. MeMyselfandI

    I would be very surprised if Evil did not have something in the works to deal with Death as well.

  14. Yu Huo

    Between Gimp and Death… this cannot end well for Evil.

  15. Alister

    Oh gosh, Gimp’s “You’re gonna get it” face in the last panel, while fairly subtle, is just priceless!

  16. Nicole

    I’m with MeMyselfandI…I think the twins probably have a contingency for Death. Though I’d prefer to see them get their asses kicked.

    And dayam…they blew Gimp’s mask right off! Talk about burning your bridges…in the end, this will not go well for Evil.

    Poor Prozac!

  17. justacritic

    Sorry Evil1 and Evil2, you lose.

    If you mess with Gimp, who is the medic of the group, there is no turning back.

  18. Glowworm

    Gimp and Death are bears you just don’t mess around with.

  19. YourWorstNightmare

    @justacritic and @Glowworm while I agree with that in one retrospect i disagree in another… One evil can’t handle that but Two is a whole nother story… i think Allison plans to drag this out some more and i wouldn’t be surprise if the only one who can stop Evil2 is Evil… there is only room for one so they are bound to turn on each other. Plus u can’t feel too sorry for the bears cause they are the ones who made evil come back cause he is just awesome like that

  20. Ryn

    Methinks you may be enjoying this gruesome bear torment just a bit too much. Still pretty entertaining though.

  21. kath

    (sharp intake of breath) “Ohhh Bad. Bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad baaaaddd….”

  22. Chris

    It was awesome meeting you and chatting it up at ComicCon. Keep up the great work!
    (Still think Prozac is the best)

  23. Ropo

    How many others heard the theme from “The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly” in your head when you saw the last panel?

  24. Spider30

    How long has it been since we’ve seen Death? I was wondering when we get to see him zap somebody again. Seems Evil’s gonna get what he deserves as usual.

  25. Pyre of Onyx

    Aaaaaand. . .
    This is where Evil #2 dies. End of chapter =3

  26. AspenDarke

    It was nice meeting you in person just too bad you didn’t have any shirts. I forgot to ask while I was there though, any thoughts of doing evil bear stuffed animals?

  27. Bango Ben

    My prediction?

    Evil2 encounters Sloth eventually, who takes out his revenge for what Evil did… well-seasoned. Possibly with an Elric of Melnibone twist of feeding Evil some of his clone’s flesh, with the multilated but not yet dead clone watching in horror as his original dines on him.

    Well, it’s that or one of the pair gets sold to a circus when the zookeepers realize that they have an extra bear not accounted for in the budget.

  28. Fawnet

    Oh Evil, you did NOT just blow up dear, sweet Gimpy.

  29. An Anonymous Commenter

    I have a bad feeling that the at least Evil2 saw Death’s appearance coming and laid a trap to incapacitate him.

    Other than that, I stick with the “Zookeepers find out there’s an extra bear not in the budget and get rid of him” theory.

  30. Tigerbitten

    Poor Prozac…he’s giving birth the wrong way

  31. Beta

    it’s time.

  32. Gumballs81

    Panel 8: Looks like one of the Evils was channeling Jokey Smurf.

  33. Silvershadow14

    Besides being just plain evil, I can actually think of a reason for evil to attack gimp. Remember when Evil ate his bird? Evil’s not one to let someone else have the final word…

  34. admin

    @Matt: Thanks for the info! I haven’t been out west in years either.
    @Dubael: You’re very welcome.
    @Chris: Thank you! See you next year I’m sure :)
    @Aspen: I’d LOVE to do plush bears, but it’s pretty expensive. If the comic audience grows some more and I can be pretty sure of not being left with a bunch of unsold bears then it might be doable.
    @Bango: woah, dark! :)

  35. Name

    I’m really confused about the vote incentive thing how does it work? And how can I see past vote incentives?

  36. Xint22

    Does anyone else think all that…shit is uhh gonna be used against someone? Or punishment? I really hope not.

  37. AspenDarke

    You should do a pull to see if the fans would be interested in buying them. At least mini ones :-) I know I would probably buy 3 or 4 :-P

  38. Urago

    Death is so cute when he’s sleeping.

  39. Yu Huo

    I keep having to come back to this one. Evil is being slightly prescient with the comment ‘The look on your face!’ I think… the look on Gimp’s face in the last panel is very much ‘sorry, Evil, but this is out of my hands now’.

  40. Nicole

    Yeah…you don’t want to run into Death when his ears are that far back.

  41. Gabby

    It was really nice meeting you at the con. Thank you so much for sketching in my autograph book, I’ve been showing it off to everyone (Nerd Love)!

    It’ll be interesting to see how Death handles this situation.

  42. admin

    @ Name: you just click on the vote button beside the comic (or the link in the bottom of the blog) and follow the directions on the TWC site. Some past vote incentives are on the Facebook page:

  43. Name

    @admin thank you so much!! I really wanted to see why Death hates christmas:p I can’t wait for Monday!!!!!!!

  44. Robert

    Ticking Prozac bomb…

  45. Constance

    You could always make one of each bear, to show how they’ll look and take advance orders. That way you don’t end up with unwanted bears and such, rather than making a load and having some left over. :P

  46. 林子堯

    poor Prozac!!! He is my favorite bear QAQ

  47. Cam

    Aww, Gimp still has his hood. And yay Death!

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