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May 20th, 2013

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Flanked by Evil is probably not a safe place to be…

Finally got to go see a movie last night!  First time since last summer I think??  Iron Man 3 was a blast though the bad guys were kind of a bit over the top perhaps.  I guess when your heros have super powers your villains are going to get a bit ridiculous at times.  I’ve already gotten an email from Amazon about the dvd being available for pre-order now so I suppose home release times are shortening?  Maybe in a few months I’ll get to watch Star Trek too :P

‘Date Night’ will be live on Shirt Punch this WED the 22nd for 24 hours only!  Poor Jayne never got the chance for any great romance.  I wonder what might have happened if the show got more seasons… oh wait, there was the brothel episode.

Sam got a bloody nose at the playground the other day when he walked behind a swing (a big plastic beast for older kids with developmental issues).  It took out another kid on the front pass; I guess everyone was having trouble judging how big a berth to give this thing.  Or the maybe the little girl was, Sam just went without looking.  That’s how he crosses roads too, parenting FAIL.

This kid’s having fun though :)


  1. Dorch

    WOW….. evil2.. is really evil, not just malicious

  2. riu

    Evils face in panel seven is awsome

  3. Delakando

    The… stuff… hit the fan!

  4. tedflip

    This won’t end well~

  5. abowden

    Maybe this is how they get rid of the other Evil?

  6. gamehunter

    I bet Death is going to beat the shit out of them with his cool super power and his grim reaper weapon ! <3 Death & Gimp <3 !!!

  7. rezazel

    With the end of the classic 35mm format coming fast (end of 2013), home release dates will be the same as theatric release dates, soon! (no, really, that’s what movie companies plan to do!)
    and… GO, DEATH!

  8. FranCis

    Evil 2 is being a little to naive to the wrong bear.

  9. DeathJockey

    Love Gimp’s face he is like “Wait what the…Two?”

  10. Xint22

    Omg death with EMOTION! Oh and in panel I love deaths face can you like draw a deaf grim reaper? Cuz that would be funny cuz death deaf. Heh

  11. Xint22

    Oh i guess evil2’s name is I’m not afraid of you

  12. An Anonymous Commenter

    Seems legit. Tension I sense.

    Where has Nerd been hiding from us, I wonder?

  13. Name

    The death and evil showdown in panels 6 and 7 almost exploded my brain.

  14. YourWorstNightmare

    Omg… Death and Gimp in panel 8 is like “not afraid?!” thats rare they look shocked. I love how he turns to clone and is like who are you… i think Death is the one in a bad situation right now clone evil is kinda unstable and Evil is probably ready for revenge on death for shocking him

  15. Urago

    I’ll channel my inner Nerd now, excuse me…

    *Plays the final Bowser theme from Super Mario 64*

    Good luck, Death!

  16. ninkurou

    Im telling, evil2 is even more evil than evil1!

  17. Sampson

    Evil and his Evil Copy have disposed of almost all the bears – Nerd was likley the first to cop it, otherwise he would have alerted the other bears to the twin Evils. Tanked was caught in a rope trap, Crack ambused and locked in a corn-lined room, Prozac’s pills were replaced with laxatives, Lech and Vanity have both had the ***p kicked out of them. This leaves only: Gimp, Gay (green) & Death to stop them. Death does have one weakness though, his fear of water…

  18. NoveltyFishHead

    hmm…so this means clones don’t get the same memories…or this guy is just an eviler Evil?

  19. Name

    Notice how Evil#1 is apparently still afraid of Death… I sense an Evil vs Evil showdown approaching… While Death and Gimp kinda just stand there and are like “wut.”

  20. Dubael

    Alison! I love what you’re doing with the story, I’m hooked.

    As for parenting, it is a 20 year stint (or so my mom told me) Even after that there are issues to be dealt with. As a parent of twins who are now in their early 20s, you haven’t failed unless you actually do something horrendous like sell them into slavery, pimp them out to child pornographers or pull Susan Smith.
    There is no agreed upon manual for raising children, it’s a mixture of what is current, what is handed down and what comes to you at the time of crisis “What do you mean you locked yourself in the car?”
    So long as you don’t beat them daily or abuse them you are doing what every other parent under the sun is trying to do; be a good parent.
    Buck up, it’s a long road, and a hard one, but the rewards are worth it.

    I have faith in you.

  21. Xuncu

    Heh; Gimp has one of the most metal mowhawks possible now.

  22. Rainey

    Death……sic’ ‘im! >8D

  23. Nicole

    Flanked by Evil? I dun like dis…

  24. Ferret Williams

    Zap ’em

  25. Ninkurou


    I can’t belive that I left that one go!

    Death asked the clone “Who are you” because he alreandy Know that he is not the evil that he Knows!

  26. Dubael

    I like that Original Evil (as opposed to New Evil) is still afraid of Death, and yes, Ninkurou pegged it. Death knew that this twin was not OE but something different. Very cool, excellent story dynamics Alison.

  27. Beta

    Since when has Death been afraid of water??

  28. Name

    @Beta That would be comic 303, in “Bear Off”, when Prozac says Death hates water because Gay wanted him to go save Lech from the polars. There was a lot of speculation as to why, and the best answer to this was that it would be like dropping a toaster into a bath. Therefore, it could also be said that Death not only hates it, but may also be afraid of water, though I find it’s better to say he would be cautious around it. Which is why it might be used as a weapon against him.

  29. Blaka

    Death talkes! ö.ö I know it must have happended before, but still: Death talkes! ÖAÖ

  30. Cam

    I knew there was something bad about that new Evil! Well, worse than the regular badness of Evil anyway.

  31. Trolldrool

    This in itself could be seen as forshadowing. A trait of many psychopaths, a true psychopath, is a complete lack of fear of death. It’s one of several factors that makes life so boring to them because there are no real stakes involved for them.

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