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April 15th, 2013

Page 365

Ugh it’s still cold.  We had a bit of nice weather and then an ice storm a few days ago.  If I was still in school and got a snow day in April I’d be overjoyed.  Instead I’m bitching about nursery school being cancelled… life comes around I guess :)  It reminds me of that Office Depot back to school commercial with the “It’s the most wonderful day of the year!” Christmas music.  Makes me laugh every time I see it.

I’ve been reading a lot of Doctor Seuss lately: Things!


  1. Zermel

    What a douche move that was.

  2. Lawr

    are they breaking up? ;_;

  3. samiamthrice

    seriously, why did they go to all the trouble of bringing this selfish, abusive asshole back

    evil stopped being funny a long time ago

  4. Neon

    Why do people hate on Evil so much? -_- Each bear is a hyperbole of their core personality. Evil is, well, evil. Lech is a huge pervert. Gay is overly flamboyant. Crack is constantly tweaking. Prozac is addicted to antidepressants. And so on. Each bear brings their own dysfunction to the table.

    I love all of the bears. I’ve been reading this comic since the early days. It does seem that Evil has more arcs than the other bears. I was hoping for this arc to be more Nerd-centric, but that’s okay. I am curious as to how the other bears will deal with two Evils running amuck.

  5. abowden

    I think he’s gonna discover real quick that having a clone of yourself brings nothing else to the table you don’t allready have.

  6. Xint22

    Ok so was the evil who said “me” the clone or is he the evil that was talking to lech? Oh yeah and YAY FOR BASH!

  7. Xint22

    Oh nevermind i just saw the shadow

  8. Sterling Rodd

    Blue bear.
    Bad bear.
    Baseball bat.
    Betrayal. Bash!

    Dr. Seuss’s Blue Bear, Bad Bear :)

  9. An Anonymous Commenter

    And at long last, we have an official appearance of the clone. I am satisfied now and can return to actually enjoying these comics instead of getting frustrated every week that the suspense of the Evil Clone is not added.

  10. Alister

    Heh, Evil Clone really appeared with style, huh?

  11. Glowworm

    Looks like Evil is his only friend.

  12. NekoD

    The new Evil ‘DarkEvil’ or ‘EvilEvil’ ^^ looks much more diabolic than his original, or it could be just from this panel

  13. NekoD

    This is getting [high pitched voice:] EXIIITING!

  14. tor

    I gotta agree with Samiamtrice here, i really cant see how the other bears can tolerate Evil, considering he has long since gone past pranks and into harrashment, abuse and violence?

    Why are they not getting rid of him just like that other bear, the fat one?

  15. Dubael

    SNERK! I love the Things, very cool.
    As to Lech… ROFL, you got what you deserved punk.

    As to school cancellations and snow days, yeah not so fun now, and yes, that commercial is a hoot.
    Love the work Alison, thank you.

  16. Nicole

    Well done, Alison! Bravo! :D

  17. ...

    I know that Evil’s jerkish tendencies might might grate on people but I like it because it makes it more amusing when karma hits him right in the face.

    Though I will miss team Lecherous Evil.

  18. JOHN

    evil will aways be hella funny

  19. Romah

    I think Evil still has his fair share of defenders, it irks me more when people say that Nerd is always a d*ck to everyone. Once you reread the whole comic a few times, the multitude of moments that people hurt or humiliate nerd for absolutely no reason kind of stay with you. Of course that’s what makes Evil evil and what makes Lech an aggressive jerk and that’s how they’re meant to be. Nerd deserves his moments of being selfishly mad considering his earlier grievances.

    I quite hope the clone doesn’t stick around too long, team Lecherous Evil is far cuter than the double schadenfreude that comes in the form of two Evils. Oooh, it just hit me that they’ll likely turn on themselves. Evil vs Evil would be interesting too

  20. admin

    @Neon: the Nerd-centric parts are coming :)

  21. raeByppilF

    The end of Team Lecherous Evil :(

  22. jwysw

    So how do they tell which one was the original?

  23. An Anonymous Commenter

    That, my friend, is likely going to be a joke by the end of this episode XD

  24. Aephius

    ooooh I think I know what’s gonna happen but I won’t spoil it till it resolves c:

  25. Zermel

    @neon:I don’t hate him.He is my favorite character.We have not seen much of him recently and I realized how much of a jerk he actually is again.Gotta live him.

  26. Constance

    Gotta say, I’m a little bit disappointed, I was hoping Evil2 was going to be the opposite colour scheme :P

  27. Nicole

    I think we will have an Evil vs. Evil battle because, ultimately, there can be only one.

  28. YourWorstNightmare

    Opposite color would be good but unfortunately it is the end of team Lecherous Evil….. what did they do to Nerd? O.o Evil is amazing can’t wait to see what goes on with two of him running around… however it is a bit frustrating that Evil seems to always be portrayed as the bad guy… keep up the great work on this web comic ^-^

  29. Nicole

    @YourWorstNightmare: I think Evil wants to be the bad guy. :)

  30. alicia

    Can’t wait to see what happens next! As far as people not liking Evil, I think he is a pretty interesting character. He seems to add variety and disrupt what would otherwise be ‘a big happy family’. Because, think of it, Lech IS a jock jerk but he can be nice.

  31. CommanderRaichu

    @Zermel, well he IS Evil.

  32. NoveltyFishHead

    I guess Evil preferred the terrible twos instead of the devious trio.

  33. Knives

    Well, at least Ali made their break up great ;P

  34. Beta

    Doesn’t the original Evil have scratches on his head? Both of these evils have unscathed faces.

  35. Fallen Angel Black Wing

    So I causally just took a look at the archive of the bear nuts comic OMG THE NERD ORIGIN COMIC IS LISTED IN THE ARCHIVE!!! *casually fangirls over the new origin comic in the corner of the room*

  36. Chase

    I really want to see it backfire and the clone Evil start being mean to the real Evil too so that he ends up needing to ask the other bears (like Lech) for help.

  37. riu

    evil is the best

  38. YourWorstNightmare

    @Chase that would suck… or worse the clone is really evil and they have to get rid of him but no one can tell the difference between Evil and clone Evil

  39. Cam

    I have a bad feeling about this new Evil…

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