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April 8th, 2013

Page 364

We were painting all day today, this place finally feels a bit more us.  And luckily the colors really turned out well.  I’m always a bit worried about how the paint chip will translate to a whole wall, especially under different lighting, but today was a good day.  Now the dilemma is what to paint Sam’s room; he vacillates between purple, pink, and blue, though some days green is his FAVORITE color, and other days it’s red.  I don’t want to be ogreish about gender color stereotypes but if I had a girl I still wouldn’t want to paint her room pink (I was a total tomboy).

Plus Sam is still at the age where you give him a choice between milk or water and he picks water and you ask him are you SURE? and he says YES, and then you give him the water and he has a tantrum because you didn’t give him the MILK.  I don’t want to paint his whole room and then deal with the drama of it being the wrong color.

If you missed it on Facebook, here’s two Evils and an unfortunate bag.


  1. Nicole

    Oh, no! Poor Prozac! Darn you, Evils!

  2. FranCis

    I don’t even want to guess what his pills were swapped for. Poor Prozac

  3. gomamon2003

    Poor prozac judging from the amount of pills he took he’ll be in there for awhile.

  4. carol

    Paint Sam’s walls in stripes that way, no matter what day/hour/minute it is…his favorite colors are on the walls?

  5. Madeleine

    Yellow background with blue, purple, green and a few pink spots! That way, you also won’t see dirt that easily. ;)

  6. kath

    my parents picked this cream color swatch called Sahara, and it was lovely during the daytime, but come the evening light, the walls turned purple in the shadows, and in the morning, they were a reddish orange. It was the strangest thing that, after all of the money and effort to paint the walls, they lived with it (having blue fabric furnature) for many years before going back to the paint store and getting just a plain egg shell white.

    First what you do is look for the most scrubbable paint. You know Sam is going to be drawing on the walls. the next thing to do is get squares of poster board in the colors that he really likes and attach them to the wall all around the room at sams level, and that way, he can change what he wants for the colors of his room at a whim.

    Oh, and secret about the milk/ juice/ water is not to give him a choice of what he is drinking, rather a choice of colors of straws. he will still feel empowered, and should he change his mind, he can use a couple of different colors and it will be less stress on you.

    letch, when you go looking for trouble, don’t you know it ill find you? Poor Prozac. It can’t end well with the amount of distress he is experianceing… and heaven help evil for what is going to happen.

  7. ponyhome

    After what happened LAST time, you’d think that even Evil would think twice about messing with Prozak’s meds.

  8. Xint22

    Well Glowworm was right about the whole laxative thingy thing. As I conclude my statement I have on eandeavor: to use a fancy word and end this random statement with one word so powerful I dont really know yet because I kind of just lost my train of thought because it just fell of the track, but I know that I must and I shall do the thing which I was gonna do and now I forgot so I cant and now I shall go eat fruit loops oh wait I finished them yesterday. Hmmmmm lemme go check what other cereals we have I am now holding my phone sideways. Oh cool cinnamon toast crunch I am going to pour milk in it with that thingy thingy that pours it, not a jug because im in Canada and now I just put the cereal in my mouth I have finished the cereal and I have put the bowl in the garbage and….wait DAFUQ BRAIN!!!!

  9. Alister

    Now that the Evil Twins have Prozac out of the way for what looks like a LONG while longer, I shudder at the thought of how much damage they can do without Prozac’s being there for authority and damage control.

  10. An Anonymous Commenter

    Well, at least now we can see AN Evil. One more week for the clone, hopefully. One more week…

  11. Rachel S.

    My son is the same way, so we just have his room white, until he is older and he can really decide what he wants. We just have lots of colors in the bedding and other accessories in his room.

  12. Ketira

    I’m going the same route as Rachel S. –only for my whole place. I’ll use shell white on the walls, caribbean blue for the ceiling, and beach colors in cushions/accessories.

    Although for Sam, you may want to make padded pillow covers in washable fabrics.

  13. Nicole

    @Xtint22: Har! Hope all is well now.

  14. Glowworm

    I knew it–laxitives!

  15. Method T

    Personally, I’m less worried about what sort of Damage Evil 1 and Evil 2 can do while Prozac is ‘out of commission’, and more worried about how livid our pill-popping bear will be, the moment he can step off of his porcelain throne.

    We’ve all seen what he can do to Polar bears when he’s pushed a little bit too far. I shudder to think as to how he’ll deal with the sinister duo whom brought him to the point of tears when it came to ‘Holding it in’.

  16. Jeroen

    That sounds so familiar. My eldest daughter is nearly 3 and has mastered the tantrum art to perfection! I fear for the youngest!

  17. Jeroen

    By the way, Evil is way too relaxed in that last picture, or simply way to pleased with himself.

  18. Constance

    *shakes head* I thought the hair straightener was a dildo at first, lmao. I was thinking “Why, on earth, is Gay waving a vibrator around in the air. XD

  19. Devin

    Who says all the walls have to be the same color?

  20. Virgil

    Curious that the Evils would be cooperating. Certainly defies the norm for ordinary psychopaths.

  21. Sterling Rodd

    That’s a hair straightener? I thought it was a curling iron. Or are they different names for the same thing?

  22. Sterling Rodd

    P.S. I do feel good that it never occurred to me to think it was either a dildo or a vibrator. :) For a second I thought it was a portable fluorescent lamp, though.

  23. corvuscorone68

    if Gay were any more selfish he could turn it into a sport and go to the Olympics

  24. Cam

    I guess we know what Evil swapped out the pills for. I hope Prozac will be ok, he ate quite a bit of them.

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