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April 1st, 2013

Page 363

Happy late Easter guys.  I hid 24 eggs for the boys and we only found 23.  I’m sure a sticky, melted mess will surface sometime in June.  In the meantime, I’ll be scrubbing chocolate handprints off the fridge for days.

Date Night for Jayne and Vera :)  Available at Soc6 or RedBubble.

I think Evil and Tanked celebrate the holiday in different ways…


  1. Thirteen

    “These taste funny.”


  2. Envious Spartan


    Hehe. Poor Gay. Now he must feel like a star facing a paparazzi. XD

  3. Kira

    i feel like the last panel accurately represents how i feel when dumb things.
    i mean, i look way better than him, but still.

  4. Joanna

    You put your son in this one ;) Evan.

  5. FranCis

    I wonder if I’m the only one worried what might happen to Gimp and Lech? Then again It just makes me want to find out the more I worry about it.

  6. Zermel

    @Alison: I see you put Evan instead of Even in the third panel.Fix for the booky :( the last panel has some sort of dramatic movie starre to it.

  7. Sterling Rodd

    @Zermel — I think “Evan” might be an April Fools joke. :)

    I love the irony of Gay, sporting the look Truman Capote affected at the end of his days, suggesting Lech and Evil might be bromantically involved. :) Good to see Lech again!

  8. An Anonymous Commenter

    Maybe it means the Evil Clone is female and…uh…


    At this rate, we’ll finally see the Evil clone around late May…maybe.

  9. Xint22

    Why do prozac’s pills taste funny?

  10. Sterling Rodd

    @Xint22 Why do prozac’s pills taste funny?

    To get to the other side? I dunno, why? :)

    Nice pose for Prozac in panel 1, BTW.

  11. Glowworm

    I hope those aren’t laxatives in Prozac’s bottle. Gay looks adorable.

  12. Bartholomew

    Oh no… Evils never done anything to Prozac before…

  13. Evil's lover

    I don’t know but If evil’s twin is a girl I will kill her!!

  14. NoveltyFishHead

    Oh my what has Evil 1 or Evil 2 done with his pills?

  15. admin

    Nice catch on the Evan/even guys. My brain just skipped right over that one.

  16. I♡Monkeys

    I don’t get what the blue balls remark means? But I loved the picture of Tanked slobbering on a bunny was adorable

    ( ) ( )

  17. Nicole

    Whoa. They messed with Prozac’s pills? Are they insane?? Unless they’re Nyquil or something to knock him out.

    And they’d be wise to leave Gimp alone. Wonder how Death will respond?

  18. Lawr

    Blue balls is Gay making a pun; being that Lech’s balls may in fact be colored blue: but the term blue balls also refers to a person being excessively horny but unable to… find someone to relieve that problem

  19. Sterling Rodd

    @Lawr — Phew, I’m glad you took care of that. I’ve been working along the lines of “when a daddy loves a mommy very very much, but there’s no mommy to love the daddy back, umm, then, ahhh…” :)

  20. Cam

    I can’t tell how upset Gay is, but he kind of looks like his lover insulted him and he’s sad. ;) Also, foreshadowing with Prozac’s funny tasting pills…

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