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March 25th, 2013

Page 362

Owen’s had a runny nose for the last two weeks, but Evan’s had a runny butt.  I am all too familiar with baby diarrhea.  (Maybe he’ll read this some day as a teen… HA!).  So the diaper rash is pretty bad and he was going commando in the kitchen for a bit to air out.  I went upstairs to get more diapers and sure enough, he’d peed on the floor.  He actually went to get the dish towel and was trying to clean it up.  I was amazed; he’s always been the more helpful one.  Owen never picks up after himself, the little jerk.

I got a message from a reader looking for help in spreading the word about her sick friend.  If you have a second she would very much appreciate any help:

Available today only on RIPT:  Dreaming of a Quiet Winter :)

Kitty sketches, or actually Genets.  I’ve been working on this zoo game for over a year now and the diversity of species never ceases to amaze me.  I should post some sketches of some of the weirder stuff out there, like this thing.


  1. Nicole

    OMG…Totally not expecting that! What the heck is going on?

    Oh, wait…two Evils…

  2. Caiman

    In panel 9, his reflection is pointing with the wrong paw.

    Intentional..? Since we’re dealing with clones here?

  3. Rainey

    Clap on! Clap off! Gay has a clapper! X3

  4. jeroen

    Two evils and all they can come up with is turning Gay green? No there has to be somehting else… …gamma radiation?

    On the comment: I see where you get your color references from and hope you tiled your kitchen. My wife insisted on carpeting the bedrooms, safe to say there have been incidents…

    Finally: cool shirt design. I do regret never ordering them, but the shippingfees are murder.

  5. kath

    my mum had 3 kids in 3 years, to the day. I remember one winter when the dryer broke, and we had dypers hanging everywhere. (dad had tried to put them outside, but they froze) I heard my sister tell my mum, “He’s done it again…” and my mum said “Just use a dish towel- it will fit…”
    We have a wonderful product here called A&D ointment, (Johnson & Johnson) and it’s got alot of different uses besides baby rashes – it can be used for an extended period of time on hemoroids, – under the eyes to reduce bags and puffyness, as well as on a tattoo for the first few days so the colors don’t bleed out.

    Yes, I would say that cracked has been dipped in spit pea.

    Poor prozac, his bottles empty and there is more to come…

  6. kath

    oh, my bad, its pretty early in the morning and I was thinking , ok, crack is green- but it was gay that was dipped…

  7. Xint22

    Prozac actually made me laugh!… Too bad when I started laughing everyone around me started staring at me, and to cover it up I said “It’s this thingy thing…and baby diarrhea…post…rectam” I felt very very very awkward!

  8. Nicole

    Oh! That’s so cute that Evan was trying to clean up after himself. What a little sweetie.

  9. Alister

    My my, haven’t the Evils been busy! Not only have they been laying traps, but also experimenting in hair care! Gay has to be a pretty deep sleeper to not wake up during that extensive dye-job.

  10. Urago

    Oh, Gay, don’t be like that. You look good in green.

  11. Dubael

    Yep, I can comprehend it; Evan the tidy, Owen the despoiler. Typical twin behaviour, one differentiates her/himself from the other by taking on different traits and habits, apparently it can get really bad in identical twins.
    Sorry to hear about the rash, going commando is not only a good way to air out but, my mom recommends it for teaching kids about using the toilet. As we were both working full time at the time, we gratefully let my mom handle that task for us. Only took about a week. I’m going to have to sit down with her one of these days and learn her Grand parenting secrets so that I too can pass on this sacred knowledge in my own turn.

  12. Dubael

    P.s.: I love the pictures of Quiet Winter and the Kitties.

  13. admin

    @Caiman: No that’s totally my mistake! Nice catch.

  14. Sterling Rodd

    “Colour” has a U in it! :) I mean, y’know, when you’re spelling it right and all. ;)

    Panel 12… now THAT look is unique.

    Wow. Prozac wouldn’t say **** if he had a mouthful of it, would he? :)

  15. raeByppilF

    Well, according to some color dictionary, that color is called Light spring bud.
    And his normal color is Pale yellow. And Prozac’s color is Pale, light grayish arctic blue.

  16. NoveltyFishHead

    hmm…so this is the morning when Gay started going green. XP

  17. Mark Linimon

    The bears can call the author as an expert witness!

  18. An Anonymous Commenter



    …sorry. Been a little eager XD

  19. Nicole

    Yes, what other mayhem awaits our Monday morning pleasure??!

  20. Fazzey

    I love the new look Gay!!! *giggles maniacally*

    @ Rod Sterling: Sadly color is spelled 2 different ways….Both Color & colour are the correct spellings….It just depends where you are…I’m Canadian, my mom is American….We kinda spelled it both ways for a long time.

  21. Dr. Demenz

    Annnnnnd I’m all caught up. Found this comic by way of Tv tropes and had to read all 350+ strips to get caught up. Great comic, love it.

  22. admin

    @Dr. Demenz: :D Thanks!

  23. Bartholomew


  24. mouseanderson


  25. Thwaitesy

    He’s got a Clapper LOL!

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