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March 18th, 2013

Page 361

When you have small children there’s nothing like the sudden sound of silence.  It fills me with dread.  And then you call them and one tip toes in with the guiltiest grin, urg.

There’s a nice little library down the street from our new house and we took Sam over to get his first library card.  He was very excited and picked out yet another truck book, but this one has flaps to lift and is ever so exciting.  He “reads” it by himself and looks under all the flaps and tells me what he sees.  I was doing dishes and didn’t notice that he’d left the book on the couch and Evan got quiet.  Then I hear a distinctive rip.  Great precedent we set by ripping a flap off the first library book he ever borrowed :(  The librarian sighed and said those flap books never last long; I guess I’m not the only neglectful flap endangering parent.

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  1. Michael Johas Teener

    Prozac and I have *exactly* the same routine, right down to the fresh strawberries … and suspicion of a too-quiet house (even though the boys are now boyz … teenagers.

  2. richard s f

    Ever walk into a bookstore that sells rare books and see ones you destroyed when you were tiny? you helped make em rare and valuable :D

  3. Jingy

    I think I was the only child I knew that was actually interested in more than the interactive flaps present in those kinds of books.

  4. Gumballs81

    A perfect example of the calm before a storm.

  5. Xint22

    What is prozac watching? Also 13th panel is the best.

  6. Sterling Rodd

    Strange reaction to just the kind of thing he’s been striving for for so long. :)

  7. rezmyth

    … easy with the meds, Prozac!

  8. Dubael

    Oh yes, it’s like that scene in “Shrek”
    “It’s quiet, too quiet.”
    Every parent knows that feeling.
    You hope, you pray, that they are only napping, but you know, in your darkest heart of darkness that something evil this way comes.
    Another mess to clean?
    Another knee to bandage?
    Some nefarious plot to send the dog to the moon to foil?
    What will it be this time?
    You creep through the house, silently searching for the trouble, like a zombie hunter and then …

    Quoth the raven

  9. Miss Finefeather

    Prozac Cereal!
    You can taste the kidney failure in every bite!

  10. Glowworm

    Heh, pill filled cereal. Part of a balanced breakfast.

  11. Mort1

    That thing about silence? It doesn’t stop, they just get into different mischief. Too late to send the kids back to the store.

  12. Sterling Rodd

    I also noticed a definite Canadianism in the strip this week… the milk bag. Those are unusual enough elsewhere I once had a friend from the Midwest ask me what the hell one of them was in a photo I sent him of my kitchen.

    And yeah, the more I look at it, the funnier the sour resignation with which Prozac resolves to “enjoy” his cereal in panel 13 gets. :) It’s actually a brilliantly-constructed expression. A hundred words couldn’t convey what that drawing does without a sound.

  13. admin

    heh heh, milk bags: the wondrous unicorns of the dairy industry. Don’t jugs just take up way too much fridge space?

  14. raeByppilF

    Ah, so Prozac still takes the pills.

  15. Mazz

    Haha kids destroy flapbooks so easily. My daughter ruined a few library books. I felt bad and paid for the more expensive ones but even then the librarian didn’t expect it.

  16. Sterling Rodd

    @raeByppilF — Actually, it’s disconcerting… it’s been a long, long, LONG time since Prozac has appealed, at least “on screen”, to any chemical therapy. It’s been Death’s meditation technique ever since. Part of me is intrigued to see him return to form (it was funny watching him -PING!- to instant oblivious glee back in the day, after all). Part of me is disappointed and concerned. Y’know… for a cartoon bear. :)

  17. anaccs

    Alison!!! You have to stop doing so amazing designs. I’m going broke… Loooove the Korra t-shirt that obviously I had to buy…

  18. Nicole

    D’awww…big, brown-eyed, contented Prozac. What a cutie! Wish it could’ve lasted longer for the poor sap.

  19. Tigerbitten

    A quiet house is a thing all parents fear unless they do it intentionally (for example: putting the kids down for a nap). Otherwise, paranoia immediately sends us racing through to see what’s going on.

  20. HaruhiFan

    Poor prozac!

  21. Janun

    I can attest to that flap book statement.

    I’m doing practical training at the local liobrary and one of my tasks is to fix and clean books. Most of the books I have to fix are flap books.

  22. admin

    @anaccs: I apologize! :)
    @Janun: I don’t feel so bad now! What’s some of the weirdest stuff you’ve had to clean out of a book??

  23. NoveltyFishHead

    ooohh…just imagine what he’ll need to take from the “event” in the next few pages.
    Hey Tank! You got yourself a drinking buddy in the futrah!

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