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March 11th, 2013

Page 360

It takes less than a minute of upside down time and I’ve got a headache.  What’s happening to Tanked made me a little queazy just to draw.  Blech.  I also made a stupid mistake yesterday and told Owen to stop saying what sounded like “cock”, in Sam’s presence of course.  Then there was a chorus of three little voices chanting “cock, cock, cock!” very excitedly.  I’m trying to be very aware of what I say but sometimes things just pop out of my mouth… at least they have yet to start parroting them back at me at inopportune times, like the grocery store.  I still haven’t managed to break their habit of pointing bananas at people and going “Boom!” though.

Super Exclusive Club is up on my Society6 page as prints and shirts/etc.  I’ll let you guys know if one of the shirt sites prints the grey version but I may have to re-do it in a more copyright friendly kind of way for that.

Christmassy time Bear Nuts commissions :)


  1. Sterling Rodd

    Straight into the thick of it, eh? So that “the end” last time, that was just a [expletive deleted in case Alison’s kids are listening] tease, was it? Very well. :) It’s touching to see Crack concerned about someone else. That happens every so often… I like when it does. Lets me know he has some depth. Peeking through the bush panel is excellent. Seems like a throwback to they way they all comported themselves a couple of years ago. :)

    Christmassy time Bears… oh, Prozac, I hardly recognized you in the second pose. The ribbon makes you look so… much more like someone yellower. :)

  2. kath

    when we were little we had grown up next to a farm and learned to swear like sailors at a very young age (well, not in front of our parents) and of course my youngest brother picked up words, no matter how many times we told him not to say it. it all came to a head when we were eating dinner outside and he dropped his corn on the cob, and he excalimeed SH** and we just froze. to our astonishment, our parents busted out laughing.

    there will be far worse things that they will say, and while the parroting will drive you nuts, its just to get a response from you. the best thing to do is to question them with “and who’s the rooster?” or make up a nonsensical word when you stub your toe and say it. if they say it, act shocked and tell them not to repeat it. they will soon lose intrest in the other words when new ones come to replace them. as for remembering this stuff, my earliest memories was when my brother was about 6 months old, as I am a year older, I had to have been 18 months old at the time.

    of all bears to freak out, it had to be cracked. but I thought that evil would have learned his lesson when tank nailed him for teasing nerd?

  3. Bri

    I was driving my 3 year old to Day Care last week, and was cut off by an idiot. I started to say something really nasty, checked myself then said something like “Stupid Idiot.” From the backseat I hear, “Mommy calls them (Insert Nasty Names Here)” How do you tell him not to say that when you can’t stop laughing. Poor kid is doomed.

    If Evil has a twin, is it going to be like Evil Bender, actually good, or are we in for Double Trouble? I have a feeling it is Trouble Squared.

  4. An Anonymous Commenter

    The suspense! Gah! I want to see the Evil Twin! *sigh* Another week, I suppose…if the next issue silhouettes the twin I will be upset.

    At least Crack hasn’t been forgotten. He’s needed a little scene. Now we just need confirmation that Lech, Gay, Gimp, and Death are still alive. =P

  5. Knives

    Oh god all that blood straight to your head……

  6. Nicole

    Teh beer! Cannot reach!

  7. Dubael

    I love where you’re going with the strip Alison, keeping me intrigued more than I thought, very good. I like it.

    Now, as to little ones, and words lol, oh well, I found that you just can’t help it, the more attention that you draw to it, the more they delight in it. In fact I learned that the best way to discourage my twins from some activity was to as much as possible ignore it or down play its significance.

    Kids love attention, preferably good attention like praise, but they’ll take bad attention like watching you melt down or get irate over their behaviour if they feel they’re not getting enough (and they feel like they’re never getting enough the little Egoists *feral grin*) so my twins basically taught me that the best way to get them to behave the way I wanted was to give them time outs when the did something I didn’t like and praise them or share their joy and fun when they did something I did like.

    It’s quite pavlovian I assure you but you’d be amazed how many parents refuse to ‘drool at the sound of the bell’ when it would make things so much or easier for them.

    As to the banana guns, well as Dawn, my girlfriend routinely points out, every boy she has ever known loves to play with swords or guns and trying to make them stop is futile. She would make a game of it and get them ‘shooting’ at inanimate objects instead of people.

    Besides, it’s not like the bananas are going to kill the people, you’d need an awful lot of potassium to endanger the average human being.

    Again, thank you for the art, the story and the updates with the kids. *happy smile*

  8. richard s f

    no farm stories where the rooster goes “Cock a doodle doo!” or …well you can guess :P

  9. Tigerbitten

    Maybe they’re saying ‘clock’??? XD

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