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March 4th, 2013

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The horror!

Today only I’ve got a rather silly Supernatural t-shirt up on Tee Fury!! I would really appreciate any and all shares/links/pimpage guys!  This one was really fun to draw and have I mentioned before that I really, REALLY like that show? :)

For fun, here’s a grey version of my Avengers themed shirt (had to do this to cut it down to 5 colors for some of the t-shirt sites).  I’m curious, for those of you that saw the original on Facebook, which do you like better?  I hated having to cut a color from the image but in the end I though this version looked kind of interesting with the red and blue really popping.


  1. richard s f

    It begins…

    Nerd knows he’s in it deep

  2. V-Wolf

    And watch, the Clone of Evil, is not so Evil.

  3. Urago

    Hmm, I wonder how Prozac will deal with two Evils?

  4. bartas

    Two Evils! It’s gonna be legen-wait for it-dary!

  5. LyptenT

    I just want to tell you that I love the shirt design!

  6. EnviousSpartan

    Or if one is evil while the other is…”Not So Evil?”

  7. Eehad

    that supernatural tee is just AWESOME!!
    I love the show & your attention to detail aka shoe is just wonderful.

  8. AngelusOscuro

    In before the “lesser of two Evils” joke…

  9. Mcdingles1272

    The Scar!!!!!!!!!!

  10. An Anonymous Commenter

    Dang it. I was hoping for relief from my grueling suspense XD

    Oh well, guess I gotta wait for another week before the plot thickens…hopefully.

  11. Xint22

    Hmm my guess is the other evil is gonna be mentally challenged kinda like that episode from family guy remember bitch stewie and bitch brian?

  12. Jessica


  13. Sterling Rodd



    …end? End. Uh… end?

    Wait, end?

  14. Regis Autumnwulv

    Oh… my… gods…. what …did … He … do…?

  15. Dubael

    I love the Scooby Shirt, I think it rocks on so many levels.
    I like both Avengers pictures, each for their own reasons. The full Colour would be great as a print but the Tshirt version I’m sure will rock. If only I had the budget at the present.
    As to the Comic at hand… Oh Nerd, when will you learn. Lab Security is always the failure of every SF story out there, Frankenstein, The Fly, The Thing, … need I go on? You, Nerd, should have known this from the start, and knowing that Evil loves to antagonise you… you really should have planned for his attempts to infiltrate your sanctum.
    Why… it’s almost as if… you wanted him (Evil) to stumble into your little device… *cue dramatic music*

    *impish feral grin*

  16. alicia

    Aww! its over! I wanna see what happens next. Will there be a continuation in the next arc?

  17. Nicole

    @alicia: I think we can depend on that. :D

    Really…Evil is apparently not the sharpest knife in the drawer. I can’t imagine another one of him is going to want to share the limelight. Either that or they’ll become bosom buddies and wreak twice the havoc. Oh, Nerd…

  18. Glenn

    Shoot the evil one! No…wait, shoot the less evil one!

  19. Becky

    Shoot’m both and let Death sort them out.

  20. FranCis

    Either clones or there will be a “Very Evil” and a “Not-so-Evil”

  21. Nicole

    Becky FTW!

  22. NoveltyFishHead

    Evil’s Bitter Half?
    (sorry, this just reminded me o’ that classic Ren & Stimpy episode from the 3rd panel)

  23. Aps

    I definitely like the original t-shirt design colours better, but you’re definitely correct about the blue and the red really popping out at you in the 5-colour design. I hope Evil’s twin is a good one! :)

  24. Bartholomew

    Hey I’m evil!
    I’m not so evil!
    And weeeere both evil!

  25. Leila

    I definitely like the grey version a lot better.

  26. Sterling Rodd

    Okay, I think I know what’s going on. I think the only way to have a break here is to do Nerd’s back story starting next week… I think this is, partly, set-up for that. I guess we’ll see in five or six days. :)

  27. Sterling Rodd

    It looks to me like each Evil has inherited one of the horns. I wonder if that makes the BOTH “the lesser of two Evils” (yes, yes, the jokes, as predicted).

    Congratulations to Nerd for managing to increase the bear population of the Discount Zoo. Probably not how he would have liked to accomplish that, or the results he would have wanted, but any win is a win for the team, right? :)

  28. Jim

    Evil’s evil twin? Eewww.

    Maybe two wrongs do make a right?

  29. Zach

    I think the other bear will be a bible basher. They don’t have that stereotype yet. If They’re both evil then it’s finally OK to kill one of them. In fact Nerd has a drill in hand.

  30. Zach

    I wish the Gimp bear went in. the opposit of ambivolent is conflicted.

  31. Xint22

    Oh crap sterlings right!? Both evilssssss? Have one horn! But if it seperates the personalitys wouldnt that kind of take away the purpose of a cloning machine? It is a cloning machine right? RIGHT?

  32. DeathJockey

    come on girl evil!

  33. Ninkurou

    I wonder if the evils are gonna be friends or enemies?

    I also wonder if the cloned evil will be “Evilier” than Evil?

  34. Muchacho NL

    And THIS is when the shit hits the fan.

  35. Robert

    What the white hot yiff will survive TWO Evil Bears unmolested? (Literally.) Should somebody warn the polar bears, or at least put it on Youtube? How long until he touches himself? When will these questions get away from rule 34?!!

  36. Silvershadow14

    Oh dear sweet baby cheesus

  37. Urago

    Wait… is Nerd blind without his glasses on? Just curious.

  38. Mong

    Let Death have some fun.

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