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February 25th, 2013

Page 358

I’ll admit I’m intensely curious to see what they do with the new Star Wars movies.  The originals were entertaining, and the new ones had Ewen Mcgregor.  I’m not a super fan that has any familiarity with the expanded universe and the Solo twins or anything so if they go with that it will still mostly be new for me… or maybe they’ll ignore all that stuff and just completely bring something new to the table.  It’s going to be interesting at least.  I do wonder a little if Disney will slowly swallow all forms of entertainment and eventually own everything and their team of copyright lawyers will descend like a swarm on every little artist trying to sell fan art at cons.

Nerd totally brought this on himself, and I’ve been excited to do this arc since I first started sketching the original incarnations of these bears.  Evil twin just seems sort of punny.

I’m having trouble keeping pants on Evan.  I hope to God he’s not going to be one of those kids that has to be duct taped into every diaper :(

Has anyone not seen the Youtube clip that inspired these otters for Tapzoo?  Heart melting cuteness levels.


  1. Feartheswans

    Double the Evil, Double the diabolically chaotic malevolent delightful fun?

  2. Nicole

    Oh, for gawd’s sake. Of course. Of course this was going to happen.

    We have to wait a whole week now before seeing Nerdevil? :D

  3. Zermel

    So he was going to clone himself :) Now Evil will be cloned,this comic just got a lot stranger than it already was since I first started reading last…dunno,it’s been at least a year.Dalek,R2-D2,and the Tardis all on one shelf? You amaze me,Alison.

  4. Knives


  5. Gumballs81

    Well, this should be great!

  6. Mathias

    So is this going to be a fictional thing like the devolution ray again or did he actually build a cloning machine?^^

    Oh and Nerd, remember: Doing it with your clone only counts as masturbation ;D

  7. Mcdingles1272

    Now I see what the claw marks will be used for, to tell the clone Evil and the normal Evil apart…..

  8. ponyhome

    Oh, the world really doesn’t need another Evil. On the other hand, who better to be Evil’s nemesis than Evil?

  9. Jeroen

    No, but those sure are cute.

    Ductaping daipers is a legal option? Something to think about. I’m seriously considering the use of tranquilizers when changing them! Everything seems to be mommy, mommy, mommy! Now I know that mother is the name for god in the hearts and minds of all children (my favorite line from the Crow) but there are limits!

    As for Nerd, yes he brought this on himself! Another Evil!!! They are going to hate each other, no other option.
    Please don’t steal the Ren & Stimpy episode on the subject! It was fun, but somehow seems wrong.

  10. Xint22

    Honestly I really think sumtin bad is gonna happen I don’t think it’ll work I THINK it will just blow up de end :)

  11. Regis Autumnwulv

    I’m really looking forward to the SW with the Solo twins too.

  12. An Anonymous Commenter

    So it’s a cloning machine. Very amusing. I didn’t expect things to take this terrible, terrible turn until later, but oh well I kinda saw this coming XD

    Evil Clone army. Lech Clone orgy. Crack Clone mass-panic-attack. Calling it.

  13. Sterling Rodd

    I love the Clark Kent finger-the-glasses-up-the-nose move in panel one. :) And Evil looks so suave in panel three. I have a feeling this could be an epically long arc… we have seen Evil vs. Evil before, but I think this time it’ll be canon. Or maybe cannons. Ursicide. :)

    I’m having trouble keeping pants on Evan.

    C’mon, guys, don’t make me do the obvious play on “Bear Nuts” being begged for here. Somebody else get there first, huh? :)

    P.S. Am I the only one who thinks the mark on the forehead in panel five makes Capt. Picard look like a teenage Charlie Brown?

  14. Glowworm

    Oh great, Evil is channeling Dee Dee!

  15. Chuck

    Evil is going to be split into his two main personalities. His evil side and his indifferent side!
    (Who gets this reference?)

  16. Pan

    Rofl, I was one of those kids who had to be duct taped to their diaper! XD

  17. Zermel

    @Chuck:I totally get it.That would be very interesting.
    @Rodd:He does look like a teenage Charlie Brown!

  18. richard s f

    Evil Twin Powers Activate!

  19. ZZflop

    I see there being a “glitch” in the cloner and “Good” Vs Evil happening. That would be awsom. Make a palladin style bear… Pls pls pls run with that alison…

  20. Ninkurou

    Okay I was wrong. Nerd was really going to clone himself….

  21. Dubael

    @Featherswans, hmmm there’s something ‘refreshing’ in that double-ment lol
    @Nicole! Nerd Devil! Oh sweet mother of pearl I love it!
    @Ponyhome… interesting concept.
    @Sterling, I was wondering what that reminded me of, good call re Picard as Teen C Brown.

    Duct tape and diapers! I recall the first time I looked on in my twins to find that my daughter had mastered the secret of removing her diapers. She was so proud of herself and the ‘artwork’ she had scrawled upon the wall. Duct tape was the only solution, it lasted a couple of months until she (and her brother) realised why they wore diapers, and that wall art was not to be done with diaper contents.

    Loving the strip and enjoying the trips down memory land Alison, thank you for sharing both *Warm Happy Smile*

  22. Spider30

    This is a Dee Dee moment for evil.

  23. admin

    @Nicole: ha! Nerdevil is also a good concept…
    @Zermel: I live to amaze! Sometimes it’s amazing that I’m still awake!
    @Mathias: I never really thought about that aspect of cloning oneself… thank you?
    @Jeroen: which R&S do you mean? I haven’t seen many of the original eps. (worked on the new ones though…till we ran out of money :(
    @Chuck: I don’t but it sounds vaguely familiar. What is it??
    @ZZflop: love the idea but the pages are already drawn! Perhaps the clone-o-tron can make another appearance some day
    @Dubael: glad I could give you great poo memories, I don’t hope to share in them :)

  24. Xint22

    So whats the deal with airline food eh? I mean seriously is it food or not make up your mind people! Am I right? Whos with me?

  25. crazybark

    a smart evil O_O…WERE ALL GONNA DIE

  26. SCyberTaz

    I haven’t heard what Disney plans on doing with all the “Expanded Universe” content that is out there or the authors who’ve been given permission to write novels using the Intellectual Property. They may not issue further permissions and cease the rights to re-publish the novels. But they mainly would try to crack down on any un-licensed usage of the IP, because no-one wants to read Rule 34 fanfic of Chewie on Endor having “fun” with his new furry Ewok friends. Once you go Wookie, you never go back…

  27. Dubael

    @ Alison, it’s not so much the poo moments as the fond memories of babies and their ‘discoveries’, the messy ones and the not so messy. The bright smiles on their faces as they realise “Hey! If I do this….” Like when they learn a word from you that you know you shouldn’t have said in front of them, or you discover that they have discovered how to climb the stairs and are laughing with glee at your surprise (and alarm). Those happy moments when they smile and your world fills with sunshine.
    I enjoy those. :)

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