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February 18th, 2013

Page 357

Oh Nerd.  You need a better outlet for your zealous dedication and work ethic.  And now, a rant about ketchup chips.  God are they gross! Plus who buys them and puts a bowl out in reach of drooly toddlers?!  My husband of course.  We had company over and the chips and fruit went down fast and there was red smeared every where and mashed into the carpet… the new carpet, in our new basement.  The babies looked like extras from a zombie movie.  I should have got pictures.

Sparkly Crack hand! Apparently Bieber’s taking over the one glove style thing… can that not just die out?  It’s sad that I know this, and that bit of useless knowledge takes brain space away from something more important.


  1. abowden

    he must be literally a genius lol soooo, robotic girlfriend?

  2. Knives

    … Where did Evil get those cuts? Plus, Nerd hasn’t left his room for weeks? Unsanitary AND fasting. Lovely.

  3. Kaiserbix

    Nice artwork :D

  4. bakaneko

    Don’t know if evil is concerned or wants to cause havoc…

  5. Duez

    Is it weird how I get sorta philosophical feel on the last panel? From my own experiences lately with how fast information goes, so before you are even DONE or just finishing something, people snoop right in all “We have to know everything now to share it with the world!” and yet, the world is usually not ready for it as is. XD
    Anyway, love that bottom left panel, DNA strands and sheep! 8D

  6. gamehunter

    L0L Tanked got pissed off and scratched Evil`s head FTW!!!!

  7. Xint22

    Gamehunter OHHHHHH thats what happend! Also when i started reading this it felt so… COLORFUL probably because of the green background

  8. Sterling Rodd

    Cloning. I stand corrected. :) Or at least abridged.

  9. Huh?


  10. Glowworm

    “Maybe he’s dead.” XD. Always a good answer.

  11. An Anonymous Commenter

    I’m guessing this is either a cloning machine, a robot girlfriend, or a Robo-Nerd.

    Why? All of them can go horribly wrong in dozens of ways when introduced to the Bear Nuts world. *shot*

  12. Dubael

    Gah! Ketchup Chip! You have my sympathies, and yes, you should have gotten photos, that would have been cool. As to the carpet, Phyllis Diller famously said, ‘Cleaning your house while your children are growing, is like shovelling the walk while it’s still snowing.

    Nerd! What have you created? Even Evil is enticed, so enticed in fact, you could bludgeon him and use his body for spare parts Muwahahahahahaaahem… sorry about that. What were we talking about? O Yes, the perfect room mate; some one who pays their share of the rent on time but is otherwise absent? No you want a companion; Hmmm I think Inara Serra might be out of your price range.

    Alison, love the art, love the comic, thank you and please keep up the lovely work.

  13. MickeyMouseEatsPie

    You can tell you’re a hardcore fan when you’re getting up in the wee hours of the morning to read the newest post.

  14. raeByppilF

    @An Anonymous Commenter
    I think it’s a cloning machine, because of the sheep and DNA strands

  15. Chuck

    Looks like Tanked bitch-slapped Evil with his claws!

  16. Urago

    Wait a second…

    It can’t be Tanked who hurt Evil, Evil says Nerd was in his room for WEEKS. If Tanked attacked him in the previous page, it would have healed by now.

  17. Nicole

    Har! :D

  18. Jeroen

    Ah, Ketchup Chips… Being a die hard RPG gamer, I think I tried about anything new junkfood and soda wise that hits the market, and those were indeed gross.
    You should always take pictures! I have some brilliant ones from my eldest daughter who had gotten hold of a full tube of (luckily kiddie) toothpaste. She looked more like a smurf than s zombie, but shuld she ever want to pursue a carreer in dental health…

    Nerd has serious issues, I can sorta relate, but not so far as to go Frankenstein… eh bear…

  19. EnviousSpartan

    I fear for Nerd. o.o;;;

  20. Sterling Rodd

    I only just noticed the wounds on Evil’s temple. I’m wondering if there’s backstory coming to fill in that blank. :)

  21. N0083rP00F

    First – Ketchup chips? – ewww gross – those are for lazy people who like ketchup on everything.

    Now as for the head lines on Evil – either those are claw marks [highly unlikely] or part of his new look. I am guessing something along the lines of those headlines on certain rappers. Rap, where fashion and stupidity collide and nobody wins.

  22. Sterling Rodd

    Ooooo, I don’t think we can come out of this with more than one standard purple bear. I have a feeling it isn’t going to end well for “the perfect roommate”, big time. Grab your popcorn. :D

  23. Kitsunekage

    Sadly, and don’t ask how I know this, but bieber is accually trying to emulate MJ. As well as peresly. And any other highly famous, successful singer. In fact, he is attempting to take everything that they did right, while avoiding the same pitfalls that snared those that came before him.

    @Sterling Rodd *wheels in a theatre popcorn maker* think this’ll be enough?

  24. mouseanderson

    The Bieb’s has finally lost it. Sad really, both my daughters thought he was cute. I have teenagers, it’s painful at times.
    Meanwhile back at the Nerd, do we have a nerd clone or just nerdy sheep.

  25. Sterling Rodd

    @Kitsunekage — It occurs to me it just might not be Nerd who gets cloned… in which case, take back the popcorn, and wheel in the Bactine. :)

  26. Jaguar

    Can’t wait to see how his room mate will look like

  27. Fallen Angel Black Wing

    @Sterling Rodd-…. wait… if we follow that hypothesis than… Well, I want to say who I think will actually get cloned, but it relates to the Alison’s deviant art account and the final lineup of what bears will be appearing. For those who have been to that account, which of the bears that haven’t made there appearance yet seems the most like one of the other characters?

  28. Xint22

    Somethings gonna happen to Evil… I really think so….

  29. sasha

    funny comic. waiting continued.

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