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February 11th, 2013

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So last weekend Jim and I were going to go to a movie, for the first time since probably last summer.  The grandparents arrived and fed the boys dinner and everything and I only felt a little guilty about leaving.  They also didn’t freak out because they were busy eating so bonus.  I double checked the times before we left; there’s not much out right now I really want to see but Jeremy Renner is in some fairy tale movie so we went for that one :)  Turns out the 7:45 showing was not the regular movie, it wasn’t even 3D, it was extra annoying IMAX 3D.  Tickets are over $20 each instead of $12 for the basic screening.  I abhor 3D, it gives me a headache and it’s harder to follow.  I definitely don’t appreciate paying more for that.  This was ‘Hansel and Gretal’s’ second weekend so it’s still a big draw but there was only two showings of the regular movie all day Saturday, one in the morning before lunch and then not again until 10:40 pm.  WTF.  We just left, I was so annoyed.  That’s a huge damn money grab and I won’t feel guilty at all downloading it later.

Maybe in a couple more months we’ll try to go out again :P

Here’s some duckies.  I had to draw a lot of duckies.


  1. Zermel

    This makes me feel as though he is somehow going to clone himself.

  2. gamehunter

    I think nerd is going crazy !!

  3. DeathJockey


  4. Ana

    He thinks he’s soooo smart and yet doesn’t use internet to bark his geekiness instal by being such a dick to everyone, no wonder Evil picks on him.
    Oh Nerd, use your “intelligence” to make something useful instal.

  5. ponyhome

    Wow. I didn’t know Tanked could GET mad, unless he’s deprived of booze. I think he was actually enjoying Nerd’s earlier babbling.

  6. Stomme poes

    3d films are horrid. It’s gotten to the point that almost *all* films in the cinema are 3d. Meaning, they’re keeping out a lot of us from seeing any films in the cinema.

    The movie industry claims to hate piracy but they sure do seem to be doing everything they can to encourage it.


  7. Urago

    Nerd is so cute in the 8th panel.

    Actually, Nerd is cute, PERIOD!

  8. Xint22

    Wait… Why did tanked get mad?

  9. Xint22

    Oh I bet this will turn out like that thingy thing ray. oh and i post WAY to many comments.

  10. Sterling Rodd

    @Zermel — Yeah, I suddenly got that impression too. He’ll probably realize how annoying he is. :) But I’m dubious. I don’t think they have the facilities to do that, and I don’t think Nerd has the chops. He’s a science fiction fan, not a real scientist. :) Though I could be wrong. But I’m waiting to see if there’s another (small-n) nerd in the zoo someplace.

  11. Huh?

    Time to go to a con? DRESSED AS A BEAR?!

  12. Knives

    Tanked, annoyed? WHAT IS THIS I DON’T EVEN and I don’t think that they have any cloning devices laying around the zoo.

  13. Solario the Visored

    Yes, it’s a Dalek! And it’s going to exterminate R2-D2!! D:

  14. Dubael

    Zermel had my thoughts at the start.
    As to Tanked, he is Mr. Happy-go-lucky but like most of those kind, he doesn’t like it when his friends get upset. That at least is my perspective on this.
    So, I’m wondering, is Sterling right, will Nerd go out into the greater zoo and meet other nerds.
    As to Ana’s remarks about the Internet, I was under the impression that Prozac limited their access to that.

    Alison, sorry that your first time out in forever was so crappy. While 3D doesn’t bother me or give me a head ache it does several of my friends so I can appreciate that it ruins the experience. Throw IMAX on top of that and I’m surprised you didn’t get a migraine, and I am thankful you didn’t either.
    Here’s hoping that the next time out is better.

  15. Yukiza13

    Doctor Who! I love Nerdy so much more now!

  16. Zermel


  17. Regis Autumnwulv

    Oh God he’s gonna clone himself

  18. Nicole

    Or…maybe we’re in for a female bear? :D

  19. kath

    dang tank is mad. I had to go back a few frames and saw the last time he showed up, he was sniffing Deaths feet… but, I can see the little guys point of view. Here Nerd is, and not only is he frustrated, he is being picked on by Evil and its upset Nerd. Yes, Evil should be afraid!! because when you tick off a happy drunk you get an angry drunk and that can get dangerous… I am sure though that Nerd will take chewie to Gimp and get the arm fixed, they usually pop in and off with very little problems. (or he could put a sock for the arm,,,)

  20. All

    By the way, be glad that you did’nt dish out all that money for Hansel and Gretal only to find out the movie is crap. I would’nt pay to go see that movie and you can’t pay me enough money to go see it.. Go see Warm Bodies instead. ;p

    hehe Poor Nerd. I hope he wont try to make a clone of himself, that always ends up going sour.

  21. Duez

    Yeah, 3D is such a hassle, and kudos to people who DO enjoy it but I’m with you on paying more here doesn’t improve the movie for me! I already have a good imagination, thanks! XD
    Anyway, nice page! We always wind up inadvertently destroying what we love in fits of rage. Be it minor or major. Hard to keep level headed when surrounded bu un-equals. It’s fun to relate sometimes! Eager to see where this kinda slips off to. :3

  22. Beta

    One thing I will say about 3D is that I’m glad it isn’t all about the gimickys anymore. 3D used to try and draw you in with the OOos and Ahs of things popping out of the screen and such. Now a lot more is focused on bringing depth backwards into the screen rather than things coming out of it.

    Granted, Most movies shouldn’t be in 3D and it’s really just a waste most of the time. But there’s a few out there where the atmosphere really gets captured from the feeling of space.

    If they can make it to where you don’t get the crosseyed feel from wearing the glasses and rid everyone of the sickness, I don’t feel like it would be so bad. But really, it is that bad for the most part.

    And the extra money it costs is pretty ridiculous.

    And to the comic. Foreshadowing? I see 2 outcomes. A female gets introduced, or Nerd finds a way to be around more nerd(s) in an even bigger sausage fest than there already is. Probably the latter.

  23. richard s f

    Why make new movies when you can make the old ones in 3-d? if people will pay for it…. brain eating zombies gonna starve :(

  24. Jon B

    Great update. Sorry about your trouble with the movie. Good luck with the next one. Also, cute duckies. :)

  25. Sterling Rodd

    I can see a few ways this could go. Nerd might find some way to clone himself (or, maybe just dream it), in which case, he’ll probably realize some of his own shortcomings and plane them off a little. But that would really, really be stretching the premise of the strip as we’ve come to know and love it, so I’m dubious that’s likely.

    He might cook up a friend for himself using his computer. I think we’d all be along for that ride. A virtual nerd. What kind of trouble might that cause?

    There’s a good chance he’ll find someone else in the zoo who’s having the same problem he is. Male or female; either one presents its own possibilities and problems. :) I don’t think we’re going to see a female bear added to the mix here. The couple we’ve seen telegraphed don’t seem to line up with characteristics similar to Nerd’s, at least not from what little we’ve been shown. But anything’s possible, after all.

    There’s an outside chance Nerd’s going… outside! The con idea is intriguing, but again, it presents a lot of problems. On the other hand, the whole lot of them managed to go to a masked wrestling match and get away with it, so who knows?

    I think I’m parking most of my chips on someone else in the zoo. Any takers? :)

  26. Dubael

    I Sterling’s exposition on the possibilities presented by Nerd’s revelation that he needs someone like him around. I also like Nicole’s idea too. Regardless of where Alison takes it, I’m along for the ride.

  27. Pink Rabbit

    I hate that 3D junk too, waste of money… And its a shame that we have to wait until later on some movies just to see it in 2D instead.

  28. Alister

    I can almost see Nerd developing Multiple Personality Disorder through this.

  29. Elsie

    Chewie, slave Leia, R2D2, and a Dalek.
    One of these things is not like the others…

  30. Filthy Pazuzu

    3D. Ick. Most make me nauseous and give me a headache. (Only Avatar didn’t.)
    The MPAA bitches about declining profits (true or not), and I have to wonder if the profusion of expensive yet pointless 3D will cut into their profits enough for them to take notice and correct their course.

  31. Sterling Rodd

    @Elsie — Chewie, slave Leia, R2D2, and a Dalek. One of these things is not like the others…

    R2D2 is completely non-biological!

  32. Sterling Rodd

    I’m rather a fan of the new 3D technology. For me, it enhances the experience, and it’s something I’ve been waiting a long time for. It’s the next technique that enhances fidelity to the reality of the experience, like colour film, stereo sound, and even moving images themselves in the first place. I understand there are people for whom it doesn’t work, and I won’t argue the merits of people who prefer the 2D experience because that’s genuinely subjective. But now that we have the oomph to do it, I think it’s here to stay, and I hope it becomes the new standard, especially in live action and particularly documentary movie-making.

    That’s why me and Nerd is pals. :)

  33. Sterling Rodd

    Oh, yeah, and IMAX. We have an IMAX cinesphere not too far from where I live and I love watching documentaries presented there. You’re nearly lying on your back, looking up, and there’s movie everywhere you look. It’s almost like real life. I saw a presentation of a mission to preserve the Hubble Space Telescope there… I’m not old enough to remember the moon launches, but part of the movie was a huge, full-colour, thundering launch of the shuttle filmed by a camera that simply couldn’t have been manned. We were given a view no human being alone could ever see as this thing came to life and pushed away from the Earth like a thoroughbred out of the gate. And I swear, I had tears in my eyes. It made me so proud to be a bear. Uh… I mean, a human. :) “Glorious” is a word that gets too much use, but that’s exactly how it felt. Truly glorious.

  34. Ninkurou

    I dont think that he will clone himself… Its not needed, there are alreandy a lot of nerds in the world, like myself…

    So he might find someone on the internet, or we will have a new characterm, or like you said, he will go to a convention.

  35. alicia

    Ohh I really wanna see what is gonna happen next! Say, when is volume 3 coming out? Also, have you ever considered going digital with the graphic novels, like putting the volumes on Kindle?

  36. admin

    @All: but- but- Jeremy Renner!
    @Beta: Yes! The constant throwing/shooting stuff at the screen thing was soooo bad. It made re-watches in 2D extra ridiculous.
    @Sterling: Do you still use your hotmail account? I sent you an email :)
    @Alister: hmmmmm….
    @alicia: vol 3 still needs covers and extras/etc. and I’m not sure when I’ll get to it :( I might do pdfs at least at some point. I don’t have a Kindle so I’m not that familiar with it or what formatting I’d need to do.

  37. Dubael

    @ Admin: Yes, we understand, Jeremy Renner, no explanation necessary. Here’s hoping you were able to enjoy despite the IMAXified 3D… or did it manage to make him… even more… REAL?

  38. Lauren

    I know these wouldn’t help with the cost, but Hank Green has manufactured some glasses that, should you find yourself having to watch a 3D movie, would let you watch it in 2D and you wouldn’t get headaches. Here’s the url for the website if you’re interested. I’m not a spammer, just trying to help!

  39. Bartholomew

    Though not directly related to the comic, I’d like to see an origins of Gimp story arc. He’s really mysterious and doesn’t show up that often in the comic.

  40. Urago

    @Bartholomew: I think Gimp is SUPPOSED to be mysterious. :P

  41. DeathJockey

    I love that i notice the dalek than it dawns on others what it is :)

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