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February 4th, 2013

Page 355

Poor Nerdly is having a bad day.  I had a good day drawing his expressions though, fun!  I get a lot of real life reference in tantrums :)  Sam does this new thing where he covers his face with his hand when I yell at him.  I would have thought he was past the “You can’t see me if I cover my eyes stage.”  Owen now copies him which is an improvement over his old habit of throwing himself face down on the floor and sobbing. Evan just runs weeping to another room like a martyr.

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Crack hand of Doom!


  1. riu

    Aw poor nerd.

  2. richard s f

    uhoh, nerdrage

  3. Thirteen

    Nurrrd you’re overreactiiingg aaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  4. Anonymous

    If you yell at a toddler, you’re a child abuser. Of the worst kind. Period.

  5. silverfang16

    Temper temper.

  6. Knives

    Aaaaaaw. :c
    But Nerd’s facial expressions as he slowsly breaks down are MAGNIFICENT
    Holy hell mrs. Acton, you are awesome.

  7. Katsudoo

    Better than my Chubkin. He yells back at me and informs me that I’m being very rude, I should go in time out, and I need to get some manners. Then he huffs off like ‘God! Parents!’

  8. Duez

    Oh gosh, every panel has an angry Nerd! That last face is just, oh wow. Poor guy, been there done that. It’s even worse when people try to agree with it or understand it, and then in the end still give up. XD Anyway, fun page. :3

  9. Xint22

    SEE THATS EXACTLY WHAT I SAID IN MY LAST COMMENT! -I bet someones gonna be like “dat is stoopid” and den nerd will cry and no one will care”

  10. Xint22

    Oh oops and thats basically what happened.

  11. Narfcake

    I could soooo relate to Nerd at times …

    On another note, another DoOomcat shirt! This time, at TeeTurtle:

  12. Chase

    Aww, Poor Nerd. He needs another nerd to nerd with. Or maybe even just someone who’s a little nerdy so they could be at least a little interested to sate him.
    Haha, but yeah, this is so me. I just nerd out to myself nowadays because no one else but the internet shares in my interests~

  13. Regis Autumnwulv

    Three points…
    1. GREAT COMIC, AA, very clever and Tom n Jerryish
    2. Anybody else notice that Gay yelled for Lech on page 300 in an NON offensive way? Hmmmm.
    3. Evil rocks.

  14. kath

    bwhaha. My toddler niece had the very bad habit of banging up right behind people and stepping on their shoes. She thought it was hysterical because people would lose their ballance and almost fall. So, one day when I heard her coming up behind me, I bumped her before she could bump me… she fell on her backside and became very upset and told her mother on me… that I had bumped her and she fell and when questioned, I admitted, yes, I had bumped her back on purpose… For that I was sent to the corner… which I marched myself to the closest corner and stood there facing the wall. Of course I kept getting asked questions and I would say “I was bad and Im being punished in the corner, I cant speak now, so leave a message after the beep…
    my niece learned a lesson that day, She never bumped anyone after that!!.

    Hope you got your inking issues taken care of.

    Sometimes, Nerd, people nod and say Uhhuh, and no, they haven’t heard what you said. the thing is, Nerd, its not that they don’t care. They really do, But they are in their own special card board box working on things in the box.

    Don’t get discoraged Nerd. Someday, you can figure out how to use it to your advantage… “But Prozac, I did tell you I was going to glue Evil to his bed last saturday and dress him as data and I did ask you if you had a problem with it and you said “What ever makes you happy…” Don’t you remember?? :D

  15. Dubael

    Oooo Anonymous, brave words were never spoken. If you haven’t the decency to post your name, you are a coward.
    As to yelling at toddlers, only those who have never had children will adopt this specious attitude.
    Yes, yelling at kids is pointless, often they yell right back, or go and sulk or any other number of things. However, unless you live in an extended family environment, where some one can come along and separate the two of you so that behaviour A doesn’t lead to behaviour B (adult getting so frustrated that yelling ensues) you are not only likely to have this happen but it will be instructive to the child that ‘hey, when I do this, I get this result’.
    Yes, time outs are wonderful, and I have used them as a parent; even taking a time out and putting myself in the corner once when the world wasn’t riding my shoulders at that moment, which any stay at home parent will concede is rare.
    However, that isn’t always possible, say for example when driving the brood somewhere, or otherwise engaged in a task that requires all of your attention; like, say cooking… sure just walk away blithely to deal with a problem in a reasonable and reserved manner without any emotional response on your part… Something will start to burn and now we have smoke and a potential fire to deal with as well… Wheeeee!

    Raising children is the most difficult career anyone will ever undertake. It is fraught with second guessing and complex issues and problems that are not helped by COWARDS calling names from the shadows.

    Step up Anonymous, Step up or shut up. You are championing no one when you hide behind internet anonymity.

    Cartoon is great as usual, thank you Alison

  16. Nicole

    Poor nerd. It sucks to have no one to share your interests!

  17. Alister

    It’s official, Nerd is turning into the “angsty teen” of the group.

  18. Aephius

    Did NOBODY notice that nerd just smacked evil?

    is he, like, gonna get killed in the next page? or…

  19. Zermel

    Possible that he will beat up Evil again.He is too misunderstood throughout the entire comic.

  20. Zermel

    Love how having 2 emails only different with a single number can be such an annoyance.

  21. Xint22

    Apparently nerds origin story is being lead from this

  22. Xint22


  23. Zermel

    @Xint22:You will be the leader of our people.

  24. An Anonymous Commenter

    @Dubael: Or perhaps he just doesn’t feel that he needs to make a full-on account just to post a comment, like me?

    Regardless, I’m not siding with him on the child-yelling stuff or anything (I’ll take the opinion of an experienced parent over one who has no legitimate kids themselves), I just think the whole “you’re a coward if you don’t post your name” thing is potentially not very true.

  25. rez_azel

    Hehe, poor Nerd, I totally know how it feels to tell others of your favourite scifi TV-show / movie and they just don’t care :-)

  26. Nicole

    @Aephius: Evil knows not to push Nerd when he’s over-angry–especially when it comes to his sci-fi stuff. Nerd has kicked Evil’s ass before. So, while I’m curious to see Evil’s reaction to the shove, I’m not overly concerned that he would attempt a beat down on Nerd.

  27. Dubael

    To An Anonymous Commenter.
    Fair enough, however, you can still put your name on something if you bother to attack some one. I used to do that when I didn’t feel like opening an account.
    I don’t expect everyone to make an account just to post online, I understand that most of us in fact have busy schedules. I only got around to creating an account while recuperating from a debilitating injury that had me housebound.
    I think what really peeved me about the attack was the wording.
    To say that someone is the worst kind of child abuser because he or she raised her or his voice at a child, frankly devalues the whole epithet of ‘child abuser’. While yelling at a child may not be ‘approved of’ it is certainly no where near to such abusive actions as beating and I don’t mean corporeal punishment but full on beating, kicking, whipping et cetera. A raised voice in frustration at a child’s behaviour is also not even in the same league as sexual assault or the acts like purposefully starving a child, confining her or him in a dark closet or cellar while tormenting them with horrid tales of things in the dark coming to prey upon them.
    These illustrations are taken from real life friends accounts of the abuse that they have experienced at the hands of those who were acting In Loco Parentis to them. Parents and guardians, caretakers and care givers, to my mind may be excused for losing their temper, we are all human, however, how one loses their temper and what they do is of concern.
    Equating a raised voice as the worst kind of child abuse is puerile and vile calumny. It is akin to calling a ‘slap on the wrist’ capital punishment.

  28. Dubael

    Nerd Bear, feeling his stones and getting his Frustration out. I think Nicole is right, Evil may like to stir the pot and get into mischief but he knows better than to play with a ‘hornet’s nest’.

  29. Anonymous

    @Dubael: Okay, I apologize.

  30. draconus0311

    I love this webcomic. I think Evil IS going to mess with Nerd and Nerd is going to get him good!

  31. Yukiza13

    Awesome comic! It’s taken less than a week to finish because I didn’t want to put it down. Can’t wait for more! :)

  32. Xint22

    Lol zermel i did that as a test for my profile pic but either way it made my whole class laugh for 2 days :D

  33. chaosfox

    nerd act more gayer than gay

  34. Violetpool

    I feel you, Nerd… I feel you…
    No one likes to bable with me about things

  35. Hikaru

    Aw, Nerd :( I (sorta) understand how you feel. I’m an otaku and none of my family listens when I geek out about the latest manga chapters that I’ve read or the dtama CDs that I discovered that goes with the stories, etc. So, yes, Nerd. I understand and I REEEEEALLY wanna give u a hug :(

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