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January 28th, 2013

Page 354

I’ll admit ‘Sex in the City’ is one show I’ve never watched.  I might have gotten that movie plot a little off.

Owen now refers to himself as ‘Odin’, perhaps because it’s easier too say, or maybe from being around his uncles too much.  It’s late now so hopefully he has entered the ‘Odin Sleep’ and I can get some work done.  Evan still favors ‘No!’ and is getting more emphatic about it.  They do give each other and Sam hugs whenever I ask which is damn cute.  I wonder how long that behavior will continue.  I much prefer it to the biting stage.

Fishies! Sick of drawing fishies.


  1. Thirteen

    I tend to do this to everyone when my sister isn’t around. Haha!

  2. richard s f

    how about torturing the fishy drawings and drawing fried fishies, blendered fishies, elephant stepped on fishies, popped balloon fishies or even flaming falling star fishies (inspired by flaming flying marshmallows…)

  3. abowden

    I love the sex in the city thing, I have never watched it but yeah, I am pretty sure you got it wrong ^_^ but only in a deliberately hilarious way.

  4. nesath

    and the page 354?

  5. NoveltyFishHead

    @richard ….what?

    hehe, I haven’t seen Death in a while in this comix. The last few panels were funny.

  6. Jackalope

    I’m not sure what manolos are? I personally never heard of such a thing.

    I also have never seen a episode of Sex in the city and since they put The Carrie diaries on it made me just roll my eyes. I don’t think that there will be a sex in the city 3, considering (from what I heard) that the second one was terrible.

  7. Duez

    Hehe, poor Death, at least he takes it well. XD
    And oh boy, more of Prozac trying to put up with things.
    Sometimes I do feel like Nerd though, find out something, wanna tell everyone, and no one cares or finds something else in it to find interesting.

  8. Xint22

    I bet nerds just gonna go tell everybody and someones gonna be like “dat is stoopid” den nerd will cry and no one will care :)

  9. Sterling Rodd

    Personally, I think Odin would be an excellent nickname with which to cruise through high school. :)

    I’ve glimpsed Sex In the City a few times (and here I will refrain from making jokes about off-trail goings-on the in the Don Valley… what? I’m talking about raccoons!… ;)) but it never seemed interesting enough to follow up on. I’m aware of it just enough to know it’s there as a cultural touchstone. :)

    Hmm, I get the sense that the Best Bear is going to have to leave the cave to find a sympathetic/simpatico pair of ears. Gay has Madge. Lech has… whoever that monkey is. :) I wonder if there’s someone else in the Discount Zoo with an interesting in science-fiction.

  10. Knives

    Oh Death.

  11. Dubael

    I concur with Sterling Rodd, Odin is a cool sobriquet for later in life. Then again I have friends with nicknames like Thor (he actually is a blacksmitth though).
    Having been exposed to SITC the TV show, I confess that I like the time travel element, that would have definitely done the show some interesting twists and turns above and beyond the topics of white middle class hetero-angst. Rodd is right, it’s a cultural touchstone.
    As to the ‘NO!’ stage, I found with my twins it was easiest dealt with by presenting them with choices up front.
    “Do you want this or that or the other?” and they both would sit there and wonder at the option. The ‘NO!’ stage is basically children learning that if they say no, they have a certain power. If you present them with choices, they revel in that power instead. It’s not always easy to remember to do this with them, but I found it to be like a game.
    Regardless, love the strip, hope the family is well and that you’re enjoying life.

  12. admin

    Labelling error! This is page 354 :)
    And richardsf…. hmmm, that’s some fish angst!
    @ Dubael: we’re giving Sam choices all the time and it’s driving us insane as he’s suddenly in capable of choosing and gets very upset when you bring him option a, when he picked a but kind of wanted b.

  13. Tux

    The middle panels here are probably some of the funniest I’ve seen in this comic yet, and that’s saying a lot.
    Best. Faces. Ever.

  14. kath

    in a warped and twisted way, i understood the manaloes remark-
    as for No- we use no all the time and no means yes, and no, you don’t mind so it means yes, go ahead. the best thing to teach them is FREEZE. you do it as a game (play music and when the music stops, you yell FREEZE and stop moving. of course loud noises are a game to them- concider though they have gotten out of the house and are running to the busy street and if your yelling at them NO- NO! they think its a game- and will continue to run, but – FREEZE will stop them in their tracks.

    Biting babies. Babies learn by putting things in their mouths. Can it be eaten? is it good to comfort my teeth with? is it going to squirm when I bite it? once their vision improves, then the biting slows down.

    as for the hugs…

    many years ago, I played Santa and I told the kids a few things- one being that all Santa wants is for the child to tell his parents and siblings and everyone he/ she knows) that they love them- every single day in the morning and each time they go out the door, or end a phone call, and true sibs and family do things we don’t like, and thats part of being a family- the key is- while you don’t like everything they do in a day, (which is ok) you will always love them, and you have to say it every day to make a special magic happen.

    if you can get the kids trained in this at an early age it is half the battle when they become teen agers and preventing strife later on.

    good luck with that…

  15. Halbean

    Poor nerd needs someone to relate with, haha~

    Death seems to be the most understanding of the bunch, but he’s not very approachable I take it, lol.

  16. Nicole

    Death is cute. :) And Prozac is patient. And Tanked is…sniffing. :o

  17. dexter

    Nerd, Death might actually be interested in scifi and fantasy. I mean he does have super natural nearly cosmic power.

  18. Name

    I love how Nerd takes one look at Death’s face and is like “Nope!”

  19. Cam

    Poor Death, no one to hang out with because they’re all basically afraid of him. And I’ve been wondering, everyone’s symbol on their bellies have to do with their personalities basically, but the ones I have a hard time figuring out are Nerd’s and Gay’s. What does a hotdog have to do with him being a nerd? Is it because he’s a weenie? And what exactly is that on Gay? A turtle? A rhino? I can’t figure it out…

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