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January 21st, 2013

Page 353

I find lately that I’ve lost the enthusiasm for things that I used to have.  It’s not that I’m not interested in the same things, I just don’t have the same level of excitability/can’t wait to see that/OMG when does that come out?!  It’s partly that I don’t have time for video games anymore and we might make it to two movies a year.

I believe the children have burned that spirit right out of me.  Maybe when Sam finally, FINALLY starts using the potty I’ll lose my shit.

Cracker Evil Dead hand!


  1. Bluestorm

    I wonder if Nerd would ever be a fan of Doctor Who. He would look so cute trying to impersoante the Doctor

  2. Xint22

    U gotta update archive

  3. kath

    very few kids who graduate from college haven’t been potty trained. Sam is not into it because the twins still use diapers. taking them every 20 min and plunking their back sides down with a tiny reward when they are done can help. (unless they believe something is broken down there. ) Your exhausted. you have been doing far too much and you need a break. Might I suggest (even though its a break for you) to suspend bear nuts for maybe- a month. Don’t worry about us. We will still be here, and every single one of us will understand. You need YOU time. Spend the time that you would on the comic with a moment of silence and a cuppa tea. in a month, things will look better, and Sam, will in time, be potty trained. (hugs)

  4. Herecius

    It’s so rare to have that kind of enthusiasm anymore. But just recently, for the first time in… at least six or seven years, I pretty much nerd-spooged all over the place (and still am) over the Cyberpunk 2077 teaser. It makes me warm and fuzzy inside to know that there are still some things (such as faithful throwbacks to something near and dear to my heart like Cyberpunk) that can make me freak out like a teenager all over again.

  5. Sterling Rodd


    Can we see the story without Nerd in the way? WHAT ABOUT COMMANDER PHOENIX??? 8O

  6. Beta

    You play video games!?

    When your boys get older and start playing them, I’d love to see their friend’s expressions when you beat them :)

    I agree with Sterling. Nerds Unite!

  7. Sterling Rodd

    …I mean YAY, finally a story about my homie again! Purple, the colour of win. Let the lames begin! :)

  8. Sterling Rodd

    Also… my, Gay certainly heals fast. I already miss his rugged Lechesque look.

  9. Kate-Hedgehog

    I just let my oldest run around with no pants on when I got fed up… Strangely, it works fantastically. Them not having anything on their bum some how triggers the “I have to find something to pee in” urge. But he also had a vague interest in the toilet. My youngest does not have this interest unless it’s putting a brand new roll of toilet paper into the water and watching it double in size…

    Also! Children also (literally) suck the life out of you, and this is why you can’t get excited about stuff. We only make time to see the new Star Trek movie when it comes to theaters, everything else is “Meh…”

  10. Sterling Rodd

    @Kate-Hedgehog Them not having anything on their bum some how triggers the “I have to find something to pee in” urge.

    Same here. Well, after a few quarts of Moosehead.

    …TMI? :)

  11. Evilbob

    Don’t worry about the loss of level of excitement!

    That’s just you conserving energy after being tired out from taking care of the kids (and doing work, and all that other stuff!)

    Just wait until you’ve got down-time and rested back up again. You’ll be able to jump back into the fray and get excited in no time at all!

  12. Duez

    Oh golly look at him go, being a super cute well, nerd! XD
    Love some of the expressions on this page, and I feel your pain on the excitability area. Everyone I know is all excited for the new Pokemon gen, and I’m just mild on it. It’s HARD to get me excited or eager for a lot of things. Maybe we’re all stuck in “survival” mode, we just wanna get by day to day to be happy. XD That and I guess with age, comes wisdom and knowledge, and that means you understand how things work so it’s harder to be unknown to it and gt more excited. XD Aaaaah well.

  13. An Anonymous Commenter

    Hm…something tells me next issue is going to feature Gay having an infaturation in the appearance of the “next issue” of the comic’s character…*points to back of the cover shown in pannel 4, then points to Gay’s expressions directed at what looks like that same picture in pannels 10 and 11*

    …I sense lolz and/or disturbing lines approaching in the next issue…

  14. Halbean

    This is pretty much me summarized. Only with videogames. XD

  15. richard s f

    You’ll be needing to activate your “Wonder Mom” powers. Taking care of the kids, running all over, cooking, cleaning, juggling all manner of things followed by everyone “Wondering where Mom is?”

    Where is your Fortress of Isolation?

  16. I♡Monkeys

    awwww Tanked is so adorable, love his gaptoothed drooling expression. I thought he was giving Nerd a friendly kiss on cheek in panel 8.

  17. Knives

    It’s weird, but it seems that Gay and Nerd are the only ones who actually have a friendly, co-existent relationship.
    … Though even they aren’t anywhere near being friends.

  18. Argon321

    Yup. You’re a mom. You’re amazing as it is – parenting three toddler boys (exhaustion sets in just writing that) AND keeping up with your art. It’ll come back as the boys get older and are able to share your interests. I loved having someone to get excited with me about the X-Men movies!

  19. Amy

    *rolls around* Oh my goooooooooood. This comic just keeps getting better and betterrrrr… I do, however, wish you the best of luck with your kids. I get tired babysitting my three year old second cousin, I can’t imagine what you’re going through. At least I can give my second cousin back to my cousin. XD


  20. Jianre-M

    Ah potty training, always a tricky one. My mother raised seven kids and it was always a different technique for each. The reward is a good idea, my mother’s most successful potty training was one of my younger sisters, who was potty training right when we had baby puppies. My mother would let her ‘hold’ one puppy carefully, only if she sat still on the potty. … She potty trained up right quick that way. :D

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