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January 14th, 2013

Page 352

Vanity’s head is soooo lumpy :)

Thanks to one of my wonderful readers who pointed out that the Bear Bio pages image link was busted.  So were a few of the fan art pieces so bio page fixed, and fan art page fixed AND updated!  Finally!  I apologize for being freaking slow at that.  And let me know if you see any I missed and I’ll get them back up asap.

More big cats for the zoo game: lynx! Now I have to go research how to pluralize that word.


  1. kath

    you have three very good reasons for not noticing the stuff broken. – your three kids! stuff happens. No big deal, and with the move on top of things, eh, did i mention it happens??

    I have a feeling that there is going to be more sorting out for prozac to do very shortly…

  2. riu

    gay looks adorable in panel three and there faces when he apologizes is awesome.

  3. gamehunter

    YEAAAS YEAAAS YEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAS YEAAAAASS :D AND DAT IS HOW YOU PUT THAT PANDA ON HIS ASS!!!!!!! :D eheheheh Good job Gay Im sodding proud with you :)

  4. Mathias

    Hehe! Nice one, Gay! :D

  5. Jon B

    Great update. Hope you, your husband, and three precious demons are doing okay. :) Great work.

    “The plural noun for lynx is lynxes or lynx”

  6. pinecat

    Aw, I love gay’s expression on the fourth panel! Ish adorable, I can’t wait for the next story! :3

  7. geoff

    “we could of”???
    “we could have”!

  8. Sterling Rodd

    Panel three… awesome.

    Panel four reaction shot… awesomer. :)

    So is the tear in Vanity’s left ear going to be permanent? Or does that kind of thing grow back? :)

    The plural of “lynx” is “wombat”. It’s one of those irregular ones.

  9. Nicole

    Oh, naughty Gay! Ya couldn’t just leave well enough alone, couldja? Vanity’s expression in the last panel tells me this isn’t over. ;)

    Adorable lynx is adorable!

  10. Paul

    Hah! In the end they’re all still assholes. Love it!

  11. Xint22

    YAY this chapter is over WOOP! I wonder whos next??

  12. Kate-Hedgehog

    What game was that again? I finally have a tablet so I can play, I think…

  13. BrobyDDark

    Dammit Vanity. Its Tankard’s fault and we all know it. But Tankard’s too cute to get in trouble.

  14. Blitz

    ya it should have been’ we could have’

    I don’t understand ‘we could of’

  15. Sterling Rodd

    @ Blitz — Geez, good eyes; I totally missed that. :) “Could’ve”, I suppose.

  16. admin

    Urg, fairly sure I’ve made that error before too (I know I use it when I talk for one). Thanks for pointing it out guys, on my list to fix it.
    @Sterling: I lol’d at wombat, they’re pretty cute. I’ve drawn a few of those for Tapzoo
    @Xint22: like the Facebook page and find out! :)
    @Kate: Tap Zoo from Pocket Gems games

  17. Beta

    Most people say Could’ve which sounds like could of.

    In the end, so long as both sides understand what we mean, I couldn’t care less how you say something. It’s the whole ”me and my friend vs. my friend and I” argument. It’s irrelevant in the end if you understood what I meant. Although in a text format, those things are more relevant.

    Sterling, I’m pretty sure ”Wombat” is the plural form of ”Racoon Face”. If I’m not mistaken.

  18. Sterling Rodd

    @Beta — I stand corrected. Well, actually, I sit in my a$$-groove chair corrected. :)

  19. JR Tyner

    For some reason, my comments are not showing up?

  20. JR Tyner

    OK, that worked, but I tried 3 times earlier to say that Lynx is singular and plural, but Lynxes is also acceptable in response to the artist comment.

  21. khielira

    I wanted to see your Lynx pic but all I get is Crack’s pic. *pouts* your animals drawings are so cute. *pouts*

  22. Solario the Visored

    I think I had a dream last night based on part of this story arc. I’m pretty sure Vanity was in it, not sure about Gay. I think Vanity was dangling over a pit, only it was a lava pit or something, and he heroically let himself fall to save someone else. It was kinda weird. :/

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