Page 371
May 27th, 2013

Page 371

Totally forgot about prepping this page and it’s really late so I’m going to bed.

Vote incentive: more dragons


  1. Feartheswans

    The moment you realize that maybe your problem is a little trivial.

  2. Name

    Oh my god… Death through all of this…. XD also, second!!

  3. gamehunter

    last panel FTW!!!

  4. Name

    Sorry for doing this twice but
    *clicks on vote incentive*
    *crosses fingers*
    *I’m sorry, you will be able to vote in one hour*

  5. abowden


  6. Envious Spartan

    …Death’s look on the last panel…me gusta! :D

  7. DozerTheDozerian

    Heh-heh, looks like they will soon have to choose the lesser of two Evils (pun intented).

  8. Dubael

    Panel 4: Gimp’s Face. Classic!
    Love the story and the art Alison. Thank you.

  9. Alister

    Gosh, I’m loving Gimp’s expressions in this page.

  10. Caroline Moreno

    I suppose Death really isn’t used to people not being afraid of him.

  11. gamehunter

    @abowden: kill who?

  12. Nicole

    Why didn’t Death zap ’em? You can’t attack Gimp and get away with it!

  13. Nicole

    Oh, and, DozerTheDozerian…well done! *polite golf clap*

  14. Alister

    I’m sorry, but I can’t help but think of Evil 1 with a child’s voice in this page. If it wasn’t for the dialogue, I’d think he was just an excited kid with a new playmate and tons of new games to play. The third panel doesn’t help much with that either, considering (in my opinion) Gimp and Death just look like two exhausted parents that can’t keep up with their kid’s rambunctious antics.

  15. Kath

    you know, I could just hear gimp thinking to death “I will hold him down, you zap him” What evil 1 and evil 2 fail to realize is that they have ticked off pretty much every bear in their habitat. And they have to sleep sometimes. And- cloning never really works all that well in the long term.

    I had to zoom in at 400 percent to see there is a very still little paw in the bag. No moans or groans from Vanity.

    Evil 2 isn’t afraid of death. he hurt gimp, who is the one bear who could be counted on to help when things got very very bad.

    I think Evil 1, is going to discover, that Evil 2 doesn’t care who gets hurt for his fun, even if it is at the expense of Evil 1.

    Maybe toss him to the polar bears??

  16. NekoD

    I was just thinking, is there any of our beloved bears that has not been targeted? Tank-SlingTrap, Gay-ColorChange, Lech-Beatdown, Gimp-BoxBomb, Prozac-Laxatives, Crank-CornCube, Vanity-Fair (Sorry^^). What about Nerd? Maybe Death not, since Evil is afraid of him. And Nerd is save from Evil2 because (in an indirect way) he is his father. Hmm maybe Nerd stops Evil2 from harming Evil in a Vader costume with said words, hehe. Nerd->StarWars->…..

  17. Nicole

    @NekoD: I fear Nerd was first in line for the havoc. We haven’t seen him and the two Evils have been loose for a while. I think he’s probably in his room, but in what state I shudder to think!

  18. Magdalene

    What happens when Evil2 decides to prank Evil?

  19. Dubael

    I just had a thought, Evil Prime is going to end up on the wrong end of Evil Twain’s urge to hurt others.

  20. Dubael

    And then, after I wrote that, I look up and see that Magdalene had the exact same thought. *facepalm*

  21. YourWorstNightmare

    yes I agree that even Evil himself will not be safe from his dopple ganger also @NekoD I’m afraid it is true Nerd was the first to go when the second evil was born because he was in the room and we haven’t seen him since and if he were still able to move he would have alerted the others first thing that another Evil was on the loose

  22. Cam

    Gimp has the best annoyed faces. ^^

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