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June 3rd, 2013

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It’s been so hot lately I’ve been putting the twins down for naps in just their diapers.  Two days in a row I’ve gone up to get them and Owen is naked, his diaper in Evan’s crib (everything goes in Evan’s crib, all the pillows/toys/bedding is always in Evan’s crib when I get them up).  At least it was clean.  They do this silly thing where one seems to exhibit more prowess or interest in something and then the other surpasses him. Owen used to parrot nearly everything we said and Evan didn’t seem to have much interest in talking.  We assumed Owen would start talking sooner/better but the opposite proved true (Evan is especially masterful at “NO!”).  I’ve frequently had to pull Evan’s diaper back over his butt and stop him from pulling on the tabs but not Owen.  Figures he’d be the one to first achieve complete removal.  This is what my son does when he’s bored then :P

I totally forgot I did a podcast interview that you can check out here: Comics Coast to Coast Surprisingly we talked for almost an hour which ran into bedtime and Jim got to deal with that routine all by himself :)

I can’t remember if I posted this Crack hand yet- who remembers these??


  1. riu


  2. gamehunter

    and this is how the bears made a team that killed Evil N2

  3. rezazel


  4. Kath

    try the diapers called “Little Swimmers” the thing is, they don’t have tabs, they go on like underwear- (you can use them in the pool) or cotton diapers, its like wearing a plastic bag around their bum, its pretty hot!!
    Good to see that vanity survived his beating. so its easy to see who is evil one – evil two- the one who is still afraid of death is the original. But like all clones, there are some imperfections, including age progression. things that are aged really fast, continue to age fast. the cells just don’t know when to stop ageing… Now, an old, evil bear, who’s paranoid? Can you imagine what would have happened if it turned out to be a nerd? smarter than nerd?

  5. Name

    The hunt- and the wait -is on!!!

  6. Xint22


  7. NekoD

    Death’s last panel is a typical ‘ShockHorror’ moment: Da da DAAAAA!

  8. J

    But who will be the lesser of two Evils?

  9. Chuck

    Ahh the Power Glove. One of Nintendo’s biggest flops. Only 100,000 sold and only two games made for it.

  10. Muchacho NL

    Never seen Death talk that much before… me likes ! :)

  11. Kelardry

    I foresee a “lesser of two Evils” joke coming up.
    By the way, great job on this comic! I don’t think I’ve commented before, but I really like it.

  12. Nicole

    I love Death’s purdy gray eyes. Though I’m still not sure why he didn’t just zap that Evil2! Time will tell…

  13. Urago

    Lech and Vanity are still alive? But I wanted to steal their souls… :(

  14. Silverhide

    I got a power urge to say
    Dun Dun Dunh!!!
    With an orchestra in the background for dramatic effect
    In that last panel

  15. Dubael

    *assume grumpy old one voice* Little Swimmers? Little Swimmers! In my day we didn’t have the luxury of Little Swimmers! We had to use Duct Tape!

    *back to normal voice* Good suggestion Kath, I like it. However, seriously we did have to use duct tape. My daughter was the first to figure out how to remove her diaper and taught her brother soon enough. She also did finger painting on the wall with the contents too.

    There we would be, looking in on them in the morning. My wife aghast, I laughing uproariously. Bundle her off to work, clean up the kids, the walls and do the laundry and figure out how to keep them from removing their diapers (we presumed that the first time they had just fallen off, it was the second day in a row that led me to realise Serena was purposefully removing them).

    Twins are like that, Alison; my own two were as different as night and day. Nathaniel would study things intently and find solutions his sister would have the patience for and she’d try things first that he didn’t have the temerity to do. Thus she learned to crawl, walk and climb before he did, but he figured out locks and doors and drawers and ‘intricate’ things.

    As the stay at home parent, I was on my toes LOL

    Love the faces in this strip.
    Thank you Alison

  16. TheGnome

    All Evil needs is love. The love that can only be shown with a chainsaw.

  17. Chris

    I can’t believe that I’ve finally heard your voice after all of these years :)

    Haven’t given up on ‘Night Mia’ and as soon as I find a publisher (who’ll stump up some cash that I can send your way), I’ll be asking you to finish up those graphic novel roughs – I hope you haven’t thrown anything away ;)

    Loving your work as always.

  18. Name

    Aaaaaaand Death assumes total control.

    ……God this storyline is beautiful.

  19. Nicole

    *listening to podcast*
    Wow…you sound just like you should, Alison! :) I love hearing the boys in the background.

  20. corvuscorone68

    everyone’s been saying Evil cloned himself but i think it would be more accurate to say he copied himself, or duplicated; there was no gestation, no birth, he just hit a button and a copy of himself turned up, possibly thru storage of his physical data, like they do with Star Trek teleporters, and then a duplicate spawned

  21. Beta

    Just listened to the podcast.

    As far as some of the stuff you’d like to do but don’t have the time or the resources. I’m sure there are plenty of fans that do the things that you need done and would gladly do them for nothing. Some feel like they need to give back for the quality entertainment you provide but don’t know how to do so. It’s like crowd funding from kickstarter only more in the form of tasks instead of something monetary. :P

  22. admin

    @ Kath: the problem is he just wiggles right out of them, he doesn’t bother with the tabs. Diaper shirts all the time.
    @ Dubael: you’re welcome! No poop accidents yet, just pee thankfully! We did have a kid at the dojo once do some “art” on the bath room stall with his poo, and he was way too old to be doing that. Fortunately it was in the men’s room so I didn’t have to clean it!
    @ Nicole: they get very loud!
    @ corvu: that is entirely more accurate!
    @ Beta: are you offering to clean my house ?? :)

  23. MaXwile

    This just came up in my mind. Did your twins inspire you for the double… or should i say triple evil festivity?

  24. i♥monkeys

    ooooh thanks for sharing stories about the twins – its really funny! especially when one of them chucks everything into the other twins cot, so cute >_< . It’s like bonus entertainment – I get to read about the evil twin bears and then about the funny things kids do.

  25. YourWorstNightmare

    wow…. i don’t even know what to say… i see an alliance forming… but can it prevail against the Evil

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