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June 10th, 2013

Page 373

ARG.  Lost my hard drive this past week and EVERYTHING on it.  I had backed up everything important (mostly) and then realized all the little things I would have to re-do.  Websites and bookmarks gone, ALL my presets in Photoshop plus brushes and fonts (most of which I hadn’t backed up and had to find again).  Plus I installed my husbands copy of PS 6 (I was using 4) which has a bunch of nit picky differences that annoy me and are hard to get used to.  The worst one is my scanner interface is messed up and I hate, HATE the only one that’s working. This page I had to re-color completely and I somehow managed to not back up random sporadic pages from what will be vol 3 so I have nearly 20 more pages to re-color when I find the time.

Week of RAGE.  Plus it’s been cold and rainy and I had to turn the furnace back on and dig out the twin’s footy pyjamas, in JUNE.  Blah.

Update:  Smore is up at Shirt.Woot :)  For a limited time you can get him on a tee, tank, or apron!  (He’ll still be available as a tee later but the price will go up).


  1. Zermel

    You probably shouldn’t be drawing so late,Alison,unless we have a Nerdly bear now.;)

  2. Name

    First! Also, the bottom seems to be missing fOr me…

  3. Name


  4. Dubael

    Sorry to hear about the hard drive issues and all, I hope things improve.
    As for the story, working wonderfully, I’m impressed that you’ve not let the disasters of the comp and the cold curtail your creativity.

  5. Knives

    Holy hell you are one tough lady o_o I would have thrown the whole computer outta the window.

  6. Ann

    Oh no! I’m so sorry to hear about your hard drive. My aunt had her laptop stolen a couple of months ago and lost all her pictures of her baby. You should think about backing stuff up on cloud systems instead. I’m not sure what you can do about your PS settings, but for things like your websites and bookmarks you should try using Chrome instead. It saves your settings and bookmarks to your gmail account, not to your computer so you can access your setup from anywhere. Good luck restoring everything!

  7. Shade

    Just recently went through a similar nightmare, I feel your pain, hunting down every disc, file, and installation code gets really old.

  8. Randagio

    Hooooooly….. I hope that’s not as serious as it looks… seriously, whatever is going on with Tanked right now, that looks potentially lethal o.O

  9. 林子堯

    Poor Tanked
    He looks so scary Σ(゚д゚lll)

  10. Xint22

    Everyones face in the second panel is like “FUCK! SERIOUSLY?!”

  11. Paam

    You must try to use a service like Dropbox, for avoiding loss of important files !

    At home, for not loosing anything, i have set 2 HDD in RAID1 : If one fail, the second is an exact working copy.
    Also, if something very bad happen, the most important is located in my Dropbox folder…Wich is on my RAID1 too…

    I know this pain when you lost most everything :-/

  12. alicia

    Lost everything! Girl I am so sorry! that has to be right tragic! Also, what happened to Tank?

  13. Alister

    @alicia: Earlier Tanked had been suspended by his foot thanks to one of the Evil’s traps, thus having him hang upside down for quite a while. Talk about a serious blood rush!

    I’m seriously sorry to hear about all of that Alison, that’s quite a lot of rage-worthy incidents to put up with.

  14. Nicole

    Love panel 9 where they’re all like, Oh. Right.

    So sorry about the computer woes! :(

    @Zermel: I think Lech is just saying Nerd’s name in a mean way.

  15. Julia

    Origin of Nerd coming up so excited!!!!!!!!!!!! This comic is amazing Alison!

  16. Beta

    Dropbox is amazing.

    Setting up Hard drives in RAID is also very nice, but much more costly than Dropbox. But if you’re not into saving things online on a “Cloud” system RAID works very nicely unless you have some sort of electrical disaster (like water damage) or somehow both Hard Drives fail at the same time.

    You probably use an iMac or Macbook of some sort. They tend to not have expansions for multiple hard drives and if they do, they are not Usually** matching. RAID might be out of the question for you depending on your Mac’s model.

  17. corvuscorone68

    ehhh i think Tanked will be fine, just get him in an alcohol tank ^^ his version of bacta

  18. Bartholomew

    OMFG! Poor tank! Seriously, oh my god!

  19. DeathJockey

    What have they done! all Tanked ever wanted to to get stupid amounts of drunk! how evil is this new evil!?!

  20. Paam

    @Beta : Dropbox ==> Yeah <3

    And i agree with you concerning RAID. I was assuming a RAID system, on a Desktop PC. And so, i’m using the one integrated with Windows, not the one of the Intel controller. It’s maybe not the best in term of performance, but it’s easy to install and manage.

    Otherwise, the easy solution with a MAC would be to buy a RAID1 NAS ?

    But yeah…Maybe Dropbox is just enough :p !

  21. NoveltyFishHead

    Sorry about your loss of the hard drive. I can relate to that, I had accidentally “formatted” my external hard drive and lost everything…including work files. It was just horrible.

    aww…poor tank…that must be worse than any hang over. ;A;

  22. AutumnwulvDjoone

    Well, with the way the government is, you could just ask them to back up your files. I’m sure they have em somewhere.

  23. shonenjump1

    I like the look they gave him when he asked the question. “Oh yeah. Why /are/ there two Evils?”

  24. Garrett Williams

    I feel your pain. My hard drive died over a month ago and, considering the laptop was 4 years old, I refuse to spend any money repairing it. Unfortunately I can’t afford a new computer yet, so that’ll take a while.

    Thankfully I have almost all of my files backed up. Unfortunately it was all online backup, so it skips programs and anything over 2 GB’s, BUT MOSTLY it takes weeks to recover 100 GB and I have a bandwidth limit(trade-off for 50 Mbps internet) so I only dare to recover during unmetered hours. Definitely backing up to a local copy when I get that next computer.

  25. YourWorstNightmare

    and finally they come to the conclusion of Nerd…. poor Tanked how did he get down… I hope they find the others soon at least Crack before he goes into a mental coma

  26. Cam

    It took me a moment to realize what happened to Tank. Just hanging upside down can be killer…

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