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June 17th, 2013

Page 374

Happy late Father’s Day guys!  I was going to draw something and post more timely on Facebook but I spent the day with a migraine and three screaming kids.  Still better than Mother’s Day when they all had tonsillitis! Sam made a card at nursery school with some questions that the teachers helped them fill out.  Under “My dad is _____ years old.” Sam put 73.  “My daddy’s favourite things are: sleeping and working.”  Jim figures perhaps he should take some time off.

Now we’re up to the Origin of Nerd with lots of shenanigans to follow.  I’ve been too busy this past month to work on the next arc which is mostly just thumbnails at this point, but I’m looking forward to figuring out how this double Evil situation will go… the action scenes are slowly coming together and should be fun to draw :)  I also started reading GOT (now there’s a big time suck) since wikipediaing the Red Wedding a couple of weeks before it aired.  I didn’t feel like waiting months to see the next wedding so I’m caught up now and starting book 4.  HATE Cercei.

Latest WIP tee design is all Firefly again :)


  1. Urago

    Lets’s see Nerd’s past.

  2. Nicole

    OMG…Gay’s “Noooo” panel is the best!! :D His tongue! :D

    Is Crack covered in…vomick?

  3. Blacky Blackerson

    So wait…we’re going to see Nerd’s past now?

    Sweet! Bout time! Now maybe we can get the females and Book of Tanked sometime soon right? RIGHT??

  4. 林子堯

    Panel 7 Gay’s face is the best (・ω・)ノ

  5. Knives

    Crack ew ew ew ew ew ew ew ew ew

    And again, I have absolutely no idea how you can manage so much creative work with all of that.
    Kudos, Mrs. Acton.

  6. Yu Huo

    Oh, I’m looking forward to the Origins of Nerd and the Problem of Two Evils! This gets better and better.

    And yes. Calling Cersei Lady High Bitch Queen is an insult to bitches, and not the canine kind. I continue to be astonished at how deeply rotten she is. It’ll really suck if nothing truly appallingly awful happens to her…

  7. richard s f

    sleeping is on my list of favorite things also, work is on another list :P

  8. Dubael

    Wonderful work Alison, I concur with Knives, impressive.
    Sorry to hear about the migraine and Los Tres Hooliganos, hopefully life will get better.
    I think Jim may be on to something though, while working to support your family is important, working so much that you never get to spend time with your family is not a solution. These are the times the memories are being made, these are the days when his presence or absence will be remembered.
    On a personal note, NOT THE RASPBERRY JAM!… what? Wait! Coulis? *searches Witlesspedia* Uhm… yeah, I concur, don’t waste the Raspberries man!

  9. Alister

    Heh, Tanked looks pretty damn adorable licking the jam off of Nerd’s door. I guess someone’s feeling a little better. Also, Crack, take a bath boy you’re all sticky.

  10. Sterling Rodd

    Ah, I’ve been waiting a long time for this. :)

  11. Beta

    Everyone knows that the Origin of Death will be last. Gimp just before that.

    Crack. I’m sure he’s afraid of large amounts of water, so bathing to get that nast off him will probably take a while.

  12. Zermel


  13. i♥monkeys

    lol tank is already getting into licking the door… I want to buy a tanked plushy – he is adorable.

  14. Jeroen

    GOT is a great read, or in my case listen. Well worth your time.
    Cercei isn’t all bad, and most of the bad is more or less a result of her upbringing. You kinda feel sorry for all Lannister kids when you find out what kinda bastard Tywyn really is.
    I’m sure I haven’t read all of it yet, I still have to start book 5, and we know it doesn’t end there. (George is still writing).
    As for the rest, it stays interesting, and in some cases becomes more so. There are some real surprises in book 4.

  15. corvuscorone68

    this webcomic has been my favorite for a long time now, not often i label something as my favorite, it has to really earn it

  16. corvuscorone68

    also Lech seems to have a mutant healing ability, one of his bumps is just a red spot on this page and the other is half the size

  17. Kizzy

    I just found this comic last week and WOW I LOVE it!! ; v ; def one of my favorite webcomics! Its cute, crude, and hilarious! I cant wait for the next update! Its been keeping me company and busy throughout the days c: great read!

  18. Xint22


  19. YourWorstNightmare

    man Lech had me goin there for a minute I thought it was blood…. also Crack is covered in vomit EWWWWW

  20. mid

    Nice Spaceballs reference

  21. sneakers

    Oh I’m so excited for the origin of Nerd! All of the origin stories are really entertaining.

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