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June 24th, 2013

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Super hot today!  It’s been a kind of weird cold/wet spring/summer so far but today was a great day to sit naked in a kiddy pool and smush a chocolate ice cream cone on your chest/hair/everywhere.  The twins are two now and Owen promptly climbed out of his crib during the last two “nap” times.  I was hoping because they’re on the small side still that this wouldn’t happen for awhile yet, but no luck.  The fronts are off their cribs now and it’s after 9 pm (Sunday night) and I can still hear them babbling away up there.  They also didn’t nap today so it’s really late for them.  They better sleep in.

We found some of my old He-man and Ninja Turtle toys at my parent’s house.  I wonder if those old shows are on Netflicks.  Sam just started watching the 80’s Transformers and he loves Bumblebee.  He started with “Transformers: Rescuebots” which he loved, and then we watched a couple of “Transformers: Prime” which is pretty recent I guess and a little too dark.  I haven’t had regular cable for a long time so I’m missing all these shows when they come out.  Netflicks has been awesome for him though.  He’s currently obsessed with “The Magic School Bus” :)  He also loves the really dated “Spiderman and his Superfriends” which I’d never heard of before.

I think this is an old vote incentive: Bear Pile, but I put it on Soc6 and Redbubble as I know some of you liked it.  I’d like to do more silly poster images like these but it’s really hard to find the time these days :(


  1. gamehunter

    love panels:1,4,6&7 <3 !!!

  2. gamehunter

    also at panel 6&7 I think that Gay is truing to say : that makes NO sense , we have the same mother YOU IDIOT!! ;). (thats just my opinion )

  3. 林子堯

    I like panel 6 (・ω・)ノ Lech is funny d(^_^o)

  4. snowgods

    Oh my god, It’s Raphebacca

  5. mrjack

    heeeeeeeey does anyone notice vanity on panel 8

  6. DeColuvj

    Not only did you fit a dalek into the panel, but you ripped off its head and melded it with R2D2. Madam, I salute you.

  7. Fazzey

    My son was quite addicted to Pokemon & the Magic School Bus. I preferred MSB over Pokemon. At least Miss Frizzle had lesson plans & the kids learned a lot. My son made me watch the shows with him. So I found ones I could tolerate. He is now too old for that….But we watch some shows together.

  8. Ponyhome

    To the Pain!

  9. Leila

    Transformers prime is definitely not for little kids, a great show for kids, that’s also pretty good for adults, is superhero squad. it’s smart and funny and has a cast chock-full of some pretty famous people.

  10. Julia

    What he did to Nerd’s toys… that’s… that’s just sadistic.

  11. Kath

    While the twins may be chronologically two, they *aren’t quite* two. as with premies, figure out how early they were and then subtract that from their chronological age. That will give you a better idea of their abilities.
    They do catch up, in time, but it takes a while. my brothers niece & nephews were all very very tiny premies who have grown up to be normal kids but everything seemed to be set back several months.
    why is vanity laying down on the bed with his feet on the floor?/
    at 13 months of age, they can sign 300 words, and converse on things that happened a week before.
    There – are these side bar things that prevents them from falling out of bed, they are an L shaped bracket thing that sort of works. as for naps, sometimes, they will fall asleep on the carpet where they are playing. It counts as a nap!

  12. Greg

    My thought process, I’m embarrassed to say:

    “today was a great day to sit naked in a kiddy pool…”

    But wouldn’t the neighbors see? Even if you’re in your back yard with a fence, neighbors on the second floor can still see over out their windows. Maybe she’s just using a colorful description of how hot it is.

    “…and smush ice cream on your chest/hair/everywhere.”

    Okay, now she’s almost definitely just using a colorful description, though part of me wants to believe there are adults out there that are just this awesome.

    OH!! She’s talking about the kids! I’m a dumbass.

    Still, thank you for the amusing mental imagery of you and your husband sitting in a kiddie pool playfully smushing ice cream in each other’s faces. I still want to believe you’re that awesome.

  13. Dubael

    Death’s reaction, very cool, I’m so used to him not being surprised that it is a treat.
    Great art work and story line Alison, thank you.

    As to the twins, yes, just when you think they won’t/can’t surprise you, something new shows up.
    Are you guys members of a Parents of Multiples group? We found it helpful at the start, gave us some ideas of what to be prepared for.

  14. Magdalene

    Nerd is going to MURDER Evil2. Remember the last time Evil destroyed one of his models? >.>

  15. Nicole

    Oh, the humanity!

  16. Ben

    Exterminate!… boop-beep.

  17. Chuck

    I’ve seen He-Man & She-Ra listed on a channel called Qubo.

  18. Spider30

    XD Death freaked out from that?! And here I was thinking he was a rock!

    Then again he does have a personality and we’ve seen him sad and disappointed before.

  19. Duez

    Phew, haven’t commented in a while! XD Anyway, is it odd that I just ADORE some of Death’s expressions here? XD Also, your mama jokes almost NEVER make any sense. Seeing those mix-matched models makes m recall some silly things I did as a kid too, oh man. Fun page here, hehe, also tha tbear pile image is just adorable and silly all at once! <3

  20. Nicole

    @spider30: I think Death freaked out because he opened the door and someone was standing right there in front of him. Of course it turned out to be the full size Picard, but at first glance anyone would be surprised–especially when you’re not expecting someone to be there.

  21. NoveltyFishHead

    R2-D2 has received a pretty awesome upgrade.

  22. Rainey

    Evil2 must die now. >=3

  23. richard s f

    when I saw the “super friends” part of “spiderman and his superfriends” + the twins part…

  24. Urago

    Is it normal if I think Gay looks BETTER with clothes on?

  25. Wolfger

    From what happened to the action figures, I am pretty sure I know where Evil 2 came from…. or should I say *who* Evil 2 *is*

  26. YourWorstNightmare

    oh my god look what they did to they toys… thats just sadistic and was that vanity in there?

  27. Glowworm

    I lost it at R2 D2 with a Dalek for its head. Also, someone needs to manufacture a Teenage Mutant Ninja Chewbacca.

  28. gamehunter

    @Urago: yeas it is, I think he is 2 times more sexy now with clothes!(now I can fantasy how I undress him…….mmmmmm……..soo sexy =P ) Also I love the purple scarf and glasses , hope Gay stays green forever NOT that I disliked the golden yellow color. ;)

  29. Injy.

    Death, in this strip, is unbelievably cute. Especially in panel 2. nsdifbsdfubdf.

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