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July 1st, 2013

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Happy Canada Day guys!


  1. Dubael

    Happy Dominion Day Alison, good to see that Prozac is back and ODL, poor Nerd.

  2. Xia

    Th-they made him watch.
    Tied him up helplessly and made him watch.
    As they destroyed everything he loved.

  3. Xint22

    Well it turns out Nerd was not the greatest hide and seek champion in the zoo.

  4. bearwulf

    i just readed all the comic from start. i love your work and congrats for the kids :)

  5. Sterling Rodd

    Happy Dominion Day? Geez, I haven’t heard THAT in about 30 years. :) The Maple Leaf Forever, next, I suppose. :)

    I’m increasingly intrigued to see how this segues into Nerd’s back story. I mean, we have some much going on with current events in the strip it’s hard to see how we could even break away!

  6. Nicole

    Poor Nerd! And Prozac in panel 4…shit just got real. :D

  7. MonochromaticPrism

    I just realized, it looks like Evil may have taped Nerd’s eyes open. He made him watch. He made him watch as he destroyed everything. Nerd may be drooling because he has lost his sanity.

  8. Kath

    of course tanked has the picard doll in his mouth. Ages three and up, it says so on the box!!!

    Poor nerd. Its good to know that the bears, so far have survived the two evils…

    do I dare wonder if the twin evils are a reflection of another set of twins?? nahhh….

  9. Wolfger

    Looks like I was wrong, I had been thinking Nerd had been transmogrified into Evil 2. :)

  10. Nicole

    @MonochromaticPrism: I never thought of that! The horror! The horror!

  11. Whitnay

    @Wolfger I thought that Nerd had been transmogrified too! I Death and Prozac were going to have to catch Evil II and get him back in the machine so we could have Nerd back. But I went back and looked and it makes sense that he’s still here because he was in the panel after the machine doubles Evil.

  12. 林子堯

    Yes !! Prozac finally appear (^w^)/
    Nerd is so ……… = =A

  13. Sterling Rodd

    @Kath — Oooo. Nice twin call there. :D

  14. Nicole

    And of course the spit would fall on Crack’s head. Poor Crack.

  15. NoveltyFishHead

    Yikes, their rein of terror continues. hmm…I would of expected the diabolic dual to use red duct tape. X3

  16. Constance

    I’m rather confused as to why Lech gets angry at Gay… He didn’t insult him?

  17. Constance

    Prozac, sorry. I don’t get why Prozac is angry.

  18. Wolfger

    Prozac is not angry at Gay, he is reacting to finding out there is a new Evil.

  19. Oztiks

    In the Bear Bios page, there’s a silhouette of 2 bears at the bottom with “???” between them. Shall I put a pot of conspiracy theory on to boil away, that neither silhouette has pointy ears like Evil 2, so maybe a new bear will show up to help destroy this cloned calamity? A bear-pair maybe? Tag-teamed terror against… I’m shutting up now. (Sits in corner trembling with anticipation.)

  20. YourWorstNightmare

    I vote new Evil to be less sane

  21. Cam

    I just now realized that is Crack’s vomit on him and not a rash. Ew….

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