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July 8th, 2013

Page 377

Finally finished thumb nailing the last arc in this Nerd “saga” and it’s 24 pages… this is going to take awhile!

We had a 2nd birthday party for the twins on Saturday, I’ll have to post an updated photo of them once I get my camera dumped.  I still can’t believe how old they are already.  Sam is off to all day kindergarten in Sept and my little preemies are talking back and giving my dirty looks.  The magic of babyhood is all gone :(  At least one of them is potty trained now.  What am I going to spend money on when I don’t have to buy a box of diapers every month??  Probably more food because they’re going to start shovelling it in any day now.

Vote incentive:  I’ve done a couple of flag draped bears in the last week to I thought I should include a colourful one :)

Now available on Shirt.Woot is the finished version of the Browncoat Crest.  I had to laugh at some of the comments as some people didn’t like the two T-rexes and I didn’t feel the need to explain away my borderline OCD issues with symmetry.  I realize I haven’t seen any tees for the “Two by two guys…”.  Unfortunately my stuff trends heavily towards cartoony/irreverent and I’m not sure I could come up with something ominous…


  1. Tedflip

    Did Prozac gain some new control ability over his en-raged form? If so, thats freakin awesome.

  2. abowden

    Maybe Ner will fix it?

  3. samiamthrice

    this is like the second time nerd’s been bullied and abused and told everything’s his fault, with absolutely no acknowledgement of the issues that caused it. small wonder nerd tried to make himself a friend if this is all he gets.

  4. Delakando


  5. Nicole

    Poor little Nerd. :( I just want to hug him.

    Lech and Gay are so cute in panels 8 and 9.

  6. 林子堯

    Wow !! Prozac can control his size o(^_^)o

  7. Lawr

    You know the situation is dire when Gay is comforting Lech

  8. gamehunter

    ,,yelling isn`t going to help,, and so they all started yelling LoL!! :D this is getting supper cool !!!!

  9. babs

    LOL!! I love the little poop in the last panel!!

  10. Halbean

    Haha, I feel kinda bad for Lech. Kinda~

  11. Injy.

    Gay comforting Lech… GAY COMFORTING LECH. ;w; They can have their spats but even they can’t help but feel sorry for each other when Prozac rages.

  12. Alister

    I guess Gay and Lech are closer than it seems, considering Gay not only laughed at one of Lech’s jokes but also turns to comfort him when he gets the crap scared out of him. Talk about some close frienemies.

    Also, tanked cowering behind Death is pretty adorable, albeit sad.

  13. Urago

    Prozac looks like a real bear when he’s in “super mode”.

  14. Sterling Rodd

    I’m increasingly convinced Gay and Lech are actually brothers who really get a charge out of bickering, but have an underlying thread of caring about one another. :)

    What is that coming out of… or stuck in… Tanked’s nose? O_o

  15. Whitnay

    @Sterling Rodd

    There’s a Ninja Turtle arm stuck on Tanked’s nose

  16. jeroen

    I for one like the Browncoat logo, as well as Prozac hulking out!!! Nerd is in soo much trouble.

  17. Urago

    So, that vote incentive means you support gay rights, right, Alison?

  18. Dubael

    I love the strip, I love the vote incentive and I love the family anecdotes. Thank you for sharing your art and your life with us.

  19. Nicole

    The vote incentive is very sweet. :)

  20. Constance

    Lech is starting to look like a rabbit more than a bear, I think his ears are extending. xD

  21. Xint22


  22. YourWorstNightmare

    Evil in the bathroom AHAHAHAAA

  23. Romah

    I agree with samiam×3’s comment up there, poor Nerd frequently takes more than his fair share of blame. I notice some of the readers also forget just how much unprovoked abuse he’s taken from Lech and Evil in the earlier comics.

    I’d love to see him snap, maybe even inducing the same amount of fear as hulked out Prozac. The expressions here are great as always, same with the comedic timing.

  24. Kent

    Panel 4 … oh snap! ^^

  25. Cam

    Aww, Gay comforting Lech~ Glech! And wow, even Death is arguing with them.

  26. Faiz

    never seen Death yell like those who are completely opposite like Gay n’ Lech

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