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July 15th, 2013

Page 378

I can’t remember the last time I used narration boxes.

Jim is watching Sharknado right now and I don’t think I can compete with that awesomeness; we should all just give up now and admit to never topping that form of entertainment :)  Obvious shoe in for best Oscar???

Little Nerd sketch vote incentive!  This was actually back when he was care-free and full of child like wonder and innocence…I am a horrible person.


  1. Zermel

    Panel 5 contains all the adorableness!I have not left this comment section yet guys ;)

  2. Nicole

    Cuteness overload!!! Panels 4 and 5 are so sweet!

    Yay, Zermel! :)

  3. Delakando

    Until.. she went mad..

  4. 林子堯

    Wow ~ Panels 4 and 5 are so sweet
    And … Nerd is so cute ☆(>▽<)☆ !!!

  5. Moxie Man

    So is that a drowned or passed-out mouse in the pool in panel 3?
    (Panel 7) “She was grand and gentle.” But kids still fell off her back.

  6. Ninkurou

    So that’s why nerd like nerd things, he lived in place that, he could know many things that nerds like, just lacking the internet.
    But yet, he says that he was the responsible for something very bad happening there, I curious about what will happen…

  7. Mike

    Little Nerd looks like Tanked, with that dopey expression.

  8. Glowworm

    Aw! His mother is adorable.

  9. raeByppilF

    Nerd’s mom is beautiful!

  10. Spiritwolf15x

    Sharknado was horrible, the acting, the plot, all of it.

    Comic is awesome as always though.

  11. Dubael

    Double Thumbs Up

  12. Urago

    Aww at Nerd’s mother cuddling him in the 5th panel.

  13. Sterling Rodd

    No wonder Nerd was so keen to dress up with Gay and put on a light saber duel. :) He knows first had “people love animals in costumes!”

  14. Beta


    Don’t tell me Nerd has a sister. Nerd’s mother looks way too much like a certain girl bear I shall not name, but may or may not be one of those female bears people seem to keep chanting about.

    Also, little nerd is an overwhelmingly cute ball of cute.

  15. NoveltyFishHead

    aww, this is a sweet page. I would guess that this is how Nerd was introduced to movies and such.

  16. Lux

    I feel a little obligation to say that Sharknado wasn’t ALL bad. Even though I haven’t seen it. I just know my sister’s boyfriend was an electrician (he ran the lights) for it and I don’t want to think HE did a bad job.

  17. Nicole

    @Lux: No one’s knocking the crew. :) The best crew in the world can’t save a lame script. But those kind of movies are what Syfy is known for. They’re silly and fun! Myself, I still want to see it! :D

  18. Lux

    @Nicole: Oh, when he saw the final product his first words were “We worked that hard for THIS?!?” I’ve heard a lot of people liked it as a mindless popcorn flick, at least.

  19. YourWorstNightmare

    Yay Nerd backstory

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