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July 22nd, 2013

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I have yet to see a whole episode of “Honey Boo Boo”  (and I don’t think that’ll ever change) but I have to admit from the peripheral stuff I’ve seen and read, it seems like her mom is being pretty down to earth/practical about her daughter’s time in the spot light.  I’m seriously sick of this culture of profiting off your kids but hopefully she doesn’t end up another Amanda Bynes in a few years.  I wonder how those “John & Kate” kids are doing?…

This is probably the last week to get Unstealthiest Ninja 4 on Woot from the top 20 (afterwards it’ll be in the back catalogue and cost more).  Time to get started on a new one I guess :)

Vote incentive: Sushi Fish, the original version, now available as a tee or print on Soc6.


  1. gamehunter

    Oh Nooooo ! >:( I predict something saaad is going to happen ;(

  2. Kath

    @gamehunter, yeah all its going to take is a kid who trys to hurt nerd and mama bear is going to eatem the little honeybooboo who needs serious psych meds.

  3. ariane

    Oh god the eyes on the chicks!

    I seriously thought about ordering one of the ninjas on the tank, but given that I’ve already got 5 copies of the 4 (one is in 2 sizes…), I just couldn’t talk myself into it…. Once the kiddo is a little bigger, I’ll start indulging myself in buying reprints in her size!

  4. Dubael

    The budget unfortunately doesn’t allow any wardrobe additions at present, but I wish it did.

    Yes, I concur with gamehunter and Kath, I sense something dire.

    I also concur with you Alison, shows like Tots in Tiaras and the like just make me wonder when an apex predator is going to come along and cull those members of the herd.
    Oh, that’s right, that’s us, we’re the apex predator.

  5. Nicole

    Hamlet mouse FTW!!! :D Alas, poor Yorick! I squeaked him, Horatio.

    Soooo worried about how this is going to go. Baby Nerd is so cute in his little bonnet.

  6. All

    Hehe, poor Nerd. I want to learn how they all got their tummy badges.. obviously his mom doesn’t have one, so he had to of gotten it somehow.. That’s just me.

  7. Natalia

    I fear for Nerd. =(

    Make the 5th Ninja shirt on a Dark Purple shirt!! Or Charcoal Grey. :D

  8. Urago

    The fourth panel makes me wanna tickle cub Nerd’s belly.

  9. Ryukurai

    Hah! Score one for Alison… I knew the target of Alison’s muse the instant I saw “Honey Boo Bear” :P

  10. Astrofenn

    Just looking at the body sizes, between Momma and the “present day” bears in the zoo, would they be “teenager” or subadults? Or is momma just bigger cause she’s momma?

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