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July 29th, 2013

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So close to 400!

So my parents were away for a couple of weeks and we went out to lunch with mom after they got back.  The twins were horrible, wouldn’t stay still, kept screaming if I put them in the booster chairs, had to keep walking around with them…etc. distraction techniques.  All annoyingly out of character, especially when the food arrived (grilled cheese and nuggets are not usually a hard sell).  Evan actually threw his sandwich back at me. Meanwhile, Sam keeps asking to go to the bathroom.  Sometimes he pees, usually he does nothing. Twins are finally eating, and then Owen takes Evan’s fry and tantrum ensues.  Sam asks to go to the bathroom again and Owen has pooped.  Jim left the diapers in the car and has to go get them, Evan’s climbing out of his seat again… I change Owen and try to sit down and maybe finish my now cold sandwich but it seems that diarrhea is not totally gone and Owen needs to be changed again.  Jim goes back out to the car because he only brought one diaper in for whatever reason (eye roll to end all eye rolls) and Sam wants to go to the bathroom for the fifth time, is half way there when I turn back to grab Owen who’s trying to run away from Nana… I hear the distinctive splatter of vomit behind me and feel some of it hit my pants.

Our server got a big tip indeed.

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  1. alex

    I will never be able to look at nerd the same way again. I am surprised he turned out ok after this.

  2. gamehunter

    soo sooo sad :`(

  3. DozerTheDozerian

    Man, that’s sad… Moral: never trust a kid to play with an animal.

  4. ;_;

    Am I the only one who thinks Prozac looks cute laughing in his straitjacket as cruel as the situation seems.

  5. ronin1337

    … holy shit. That was sudden.

  6. rphb

    This plot is a little dumb, who in their right mind would torture a baby cub in front of its mother. My mother would have reacted the same way when I was little if I was put thought that, in fact she did.

  7. Alister

    Aaaand here come the tears.

  8. Huh?

    Awe…. poor Dumbo………. Nerd

  9. Nick Yao

    Poor Nerd QAQ
    So sad~
    And…Prozac is so cute (・ω・)ノ

  10. ariane

    Oh poor Cracked…. You make such tragic back stories for how the gang ended up at the Discount Zoo!

  11. Bluedramon

    rphb: Well the kids weren’t really torturing baby Nerd, at least not on purpose. They’re just kids and don’t know any better. They were being rough because they weren’t taught to be gentle with Nerd given his age. So it wasn’t really torture; it was an unfortunate incident that occurred because no one on set had thought about teaching the kids to be nice and gentle with Nerd.

  12. Mikey

    “And Nerd’s mother was put down.” Geez. That phrase made my morning seriously dark. I will say it makes me look forward to next week for ‘the funny’ to come back.

  13. Erin

    In regards to your blog ..dam, and people wonder why I don’t want to have kids.

  14. maniacalmercury

    Ah the classic case of kids do dumb things to animal, animal gets pissed and retaliates, animal get’s all the punishment.

  15. Dubael

    I concur with Bluedramon, rphd, seriously; humans do the stupidest things, they forget that there are maternal instincts and do the most profoundly ignorant things. As a species we’ve managed to mostly extricate ourselves from the Idiot Cull that nature provides. If we don’t do it ourselves, on purpose, we do it in incidents like this.

    Alison, I’m sorry the kids were all acting up. I too have been the parent that wondered what my spouse was thinking in bringing only one diaper when I asked her for the diaper bag. Frankly, despite all the folderol, it sounds like you handled it well. Kudos to you.

  16. Nicole

    Gah! How sad! I wonder if mama took one of the kids out. Stupid TV producers!

    Why, oh why, do little ones always think that the bad things that happen are their fault?

  17. Urago

    Like others here said, the reaction Nerd’s mother had is completely understandable. A mother defending her children is a very powerful force.

  18. glowworm

    Good grief, it’s so depressing.

  19. SCC

    Poor Nerd…. You would think to take the mother off the set before unleashing the kids on their cub. Even the most well trained animal in the world can turn if one messes with their young.

    And i hope to hear Crack’s story~ I am very curious about how he became so…. cracked.

  20. Tacsi

    I hope she took a couple of the kids down with her!

  21. Sarah M.

    You actually made me tear up. Poor Nerd. You really know how to pull some emotions. (And I’m sorry about the kids. Sometimes it’s like they plan ahead of time to make mommy’s life a living hell for just the afternoon.)

  22. Kath

    at our local zoo the elephant keeper got between the mother and calf and she killed him in about 3 seconds. (I think that happened twice?) they didn’t put the mother down, it was the keepers fault and the zoo admitted it- they also had a case where a mother stood her kid on a 4 foot high rail and the kid twisted & fell into the wild dog area and – well, wild dogs do what wild dogs do. Wild animals are just that- wild.

    Poor nerd. Though, they usually only place straight jackets on if there is danger to others, or themselves… if bears are anything like ferrets, the better thing to have done would be to place them in with a more mature creature to bond with, or something of another species that is more tolerant, like a sloth.

    Must have been the weekend of baby puke, Was feeding my 3 month old great niece, sat her up and she gave this hiccup and it was projectile that hit everything all the way down and a stain on their new carpeting that will probably never come out. (the dog helped to clean it up)

  23. Kath

    it wasn’t nerds fault btw, there was nothing he could have done or not done that would have changed things. He really needs to be told that, even if Death tells him. of course, he might lose his angst complex, but, someone should have a happy ever after.

  24. NoveltyFishHead

    aww. that’s just sad that he lost his mum.

  25. Thirteen

    I saw this coming from a mile away.

    But I guess it is kind of sad.

  26. geoff

    Nerd Origins : Hearbreak

  27. An Anonymous Commenter

    @Tacsi: Well, the newspaper gets cut off by the narration box (stupid narrator!) but I’m pretty sure the top right corner reads “Bear Maimed Five and…[something completely blocked by box]”

    Point is, we already know she AT LEAST maimed five of them =P

  28. Ascry

    It is sad, but if you look at what headlines we can see it kinda looks like it says that a bear mauls five though i’m sure there are some extra words in there at, so at the very least Nerd’s mom punished those who were hurting her child.

  29. Gallows

    @rphb You’d be surprised. People are stupid around potentially dangerous animals. I was working in Yellowstone and I had to rescue a kid that’s mom covered in honey to get a picture of a bear cub that was nearby licking the brat. And then she screamed at me for ruining the kodak moment. Yeah lady, I was really ruining your family vacation by keeping your kid and yourself from being eaten.

    Frankly I did it to protect the animals from being put down, stupid like that should be cut off at the knees.

  30. Shatari

    …Well, that’s kind of dark. :(

  31. Shadow

    The thing is, kids can be perfectly fine with animals (some can stand more roughness then others). It’s just a case of typical parents not teaching children at all to be nice. If you are rough with an animal, it may attack you. Unless it’s one of those super-loving and protective dogs who put up with roughness just because they love the kid so much.

  32. Dubael

    Good on you Gallows, such nonsense. Yeah, let’s cover junior in honey and get pictures of Baby Bear getting its first taste of Long Pork!
    Seriously, that kid owes you her/his life.

  33. Anime fan

    Question. What moron forgot that a bear’s immediate reaction to seeing their cub in distress is to kill the shit out of everything?

  34. rphb

    @Bluedramon I think that every adult knows how bear mothers, even if they are domesticated and trained, react when their cub is screaming for help. I don’t blame the kids, but I blame the adults that put him on the show because this was too easy to foresee.

  35. YourWorstNightmare

    I saw it coming but its still really sad and poor Nerd thinks its his fault.. also anyone else notice that that toy he had was one of the ones Evil and Evil2 mutilated? also was that crack and PROSAC!?!… also i wonder what cracks story is

  36. Gumballs81

    Poor little Nerd…

    (Panel 10’s Prozac makes me smile every time I see him, though.)

  37. i♥monkeys


  38. Wolfen

    This page was a little dark. Nice work though.

    Alison, as far as the kids go, it may not seem like it now, but what happened that day will be the kind of story you will be telling years down the road to embarrass your kids. Laughter will probably ensue.

  39. Gallows

    @Dubael Thanks. I was so ticked off at the woman for yelling at me. But stupid people are stupid for a reason. Of course stupid is the lighter explanation of why she did something that would have gotten her kid killed. However, this reason among many others is why I have little respect for the human species as a whole. It’s hard to relate to people like that.

  40. Urago


    By saying you hate humans, you’re essentially saying you hate yourself. Do you?

  41. Dubael

    @Urago, don’t go there, you just embarrass yourself.
    @Gallows, I hear you on that one, I look at some of the people around me and wonder, am I really related to these creatures? Am I some alien transplant, a new species? Or has our civilisation spread so much that now those of our species that would have been picked off by predators now run about.
    It’s like that poster I’ve seen on the net “I’m not in favour of killing stupid people, but just remove the warning labels and let nature take its course.”
    The fact that sometimes you don’t even need to remove the labels for some of these idiots to do themselves (and unfortunately others) grievous harm is indicative.

  42. sneakers

    I’m sorry your outing turned out to be not as awesome as you hoped.

    It’s a shame when human stupidity has a consequence for animals who were never a problem.

    On a happier note, baby Crack and Prozac are so adorable.

  43. Cam

    Oh, poor Nerd. He must blame himself. It is interesting to see he met Prozac and Crack when he was young though. I wonder how the others ended up being introduced.

  44. Faiz

    Of course, maternal instincts – I know that feel bro

  45. Hikaru

    Oh god. Why this sad? I feel sorry for Nerds mama :,( she was only doing what a mama would do. Evil human shrimps >:(

  46. Cesar Castillo

    Finally I can start reading my favorite comic strip again. Anyways I do not understand why did the humans put down nerds mother? All she was doing was doing what any parent would do when their child was in danger.

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