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August 5th, 2013

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New condom ad from Durex made me cry :)  Jim lives in fear; the boys already like to play rough and there’s been a few incidents.  There’s also another great bear clip on Youtube now of a bear stealing a dumpster from behind a restaurant, in Colorado I think?  What I most love about this industrious bear is the unexpected way he drags the thing off, walking backwards on his hind legs (like people!).  You’d think pushing it would be easier.

More Jedi Nerd as I haven’t drawn him in costume in awhile :)


  1. pinecat


  2. V-Wolf

    Very poor choice of words Nerd have said at the end.
    Guess he doesn’t know the outcome for Jinxing it.

  3. Gumballs81

    Apologies to Crack, but I would have gone with “eight-and-a-half.”

  4. Jeroen

    That add is just like a regular weekend day in my house, only I dodge and watch where I walk (most of the time)
    I don’t know what it is, but kids seem to think parents are trampolines.

  5. Ninkurou

    “How bad could it be”
    Nerd you should never say that, this kind of talk brings bad luck…

  6. Nicole

    Nerd, of all bears, should know better than to say something like that!

  7. Glowworm

    “How bad could it be?” is a phrase that should never be uttered. That and “What’s the worst that could happen?”

    Also, I love that clip of the bear pushing out the dumpster like it’s a shopping cart. I think it’s hilarious.

  8. Glowworm

    Also, yes, that clip of the bear took place in Colorado. It was a German restaurant and sadly, those dumpsters are going to be chained down from now on.

  9. gamehunter

    Damn……..he is blaming himself for his mothers death!!! ;( I hope he speaks with some one (prozac) about this..if NOT …..HE WILL HAVE MENTAL PROBLEMS !!! He is the victim, yet he blame himself !!!!

  10. Dubael

    I concur with gamehunter, Nerd needs to get over his feelings of guilt.
    However, that said, if it gives him the drive and determination to thwart ‘Los Dos Males!’ Then ‘Más poder para el Osito!’
    As to nut crunching antics, not only toddlers, rough housing little brothers. I was 18, my kid step brother was 8 and we were rough housing. Squared me a good one! I still fathered twins when I was 26. As to letting little ones square you, but I learned early to never let them get the chance (my baby step sister is twenty years younger than I, she came flying at me to hug me with her knee pointed at my groin. BLOCK!). As to squaring yourself on strewn implements, maybe the advent of junior siblings due to parental remarriage taught me or I’m a quick study but I remembered telling my wife to shuffle her feet when dealing with kids toys splayed everywhere.
    Face it it should only take stepping on a piece of LEGO ONCE, and the joyous excruciating pain thereof to teach you to not lift your feet around such ingenious caltrops ( As to stepping on Rakes! Good grief, has no one seen Fred Flintstone or Warner Bros Cartoons?
    I also noticed that they left out the Glasgow Kiss to the groin that Toddlers invariably do, just out of enthusiasm to greet you.
    Nothing says “I Love You Dad” quite like a forehead to the groin.
    Soccer! I just remembered, Soccer taught me to block with a shift of the thigh across the groin. Nothing like a head sized ball barrelling at you at groin height travelling that fast.

  11. YourWorstNightmare

    Oh no no no, Nerd should have known better than to say something like THAT at a time like THIS… I foresee bad things to come. How bad can it be, what a poor choice of words it will be so much worse than you can ever imagine

  12. Raqoon

    Alison, the way you’ve drawn the expressions with these characters just never ceases to amaze me. Prozac goes from being confused to having a wtf moment, to being a shoulder to lean on for Nerd. Wish I could see these characters animated. Keep up the great work.

  13. Urago

    I don’t know why, but Prozac looks adorable in the third panel. I would hug him.

  14. Laura

    Hmmmmm looks more like 7 against 2. Vanity looks down for the count as well lol

  15. Nicole

    Raqoon, I totally agree!

  16. Nick Yao

    Oh~ Prozac is always so cool and cute
    He is my favorite bear ☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆

  17. An Anonymous Commenter

    “How bad could it be?”

    Famous last words.

  18. Becky

    I vote that Evil and Evil have turned on each other, and the giraffes are playing both sides.

  19. Jon

    Sudden feel explosion. I actually cried, this comic has officially made me cry.

  20. Cam

    I want to give Nerd a hug and protect him forever. ;_;

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