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August 12th, 2013

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Oh Nerd, the wrath you hath wrought… not sure that’s 100% correct.  Is there an online old English to butchered English diary?

And now for something a little “manlier”:  Lechzetta in all his hairy gloriousness.


  1. Radiuos

    And it begins.
    Thank you Nerd.

  2. DozerTheDozerian

    Yep, that was to be expected from double Evil.

  3. Envious Spartan

    The end is near! Can’t you feel it?!

    Guess where the quote is from? Figured it’s appropriate based on the current situation.

  4. samiamthrice

    how is this in any way nerd’s fault

  5. samiamthrice

    seriously, nerd needs to just pack up and run away, there’s nothing for him here but abuse and blame-throwing

    in the end evil’s just gonna get away with it all because evil’s gonna evil and nerd will take the fall after trying desperately to get a new friend

  6. NoveltyFishHead

    I wonder if Nerd can also develop a lazah gun?

  7. corvuscorone68

    seriously Prozac, not Nerd’s fault if Evil broke into his room and touched sensitive equipment, it’s Prozac’s own fault for not snapping Evil’s neck like a rat years ago

  8. Justacritic

    Da wolves are cute with their sad face and one poking over the wall. Poor Nerd, with things coming to a head like this, I wouldn’t surprised if he goes into psychotic breakdown.

  9. Sterling Rodd

    “The wrath thou hast wrought”, I think. :)

    Is this the end of the Discount Zoo?

  10. Kaiserbix

    Wolves YEAAHH!!! i think is the first time i get to see them in this comic. :D

  11. PineCat

    Nerd’s so screwed. He’s gonna get all da blame and etc. By the way, THIS IS NOT THE END, I STILL NEED THE BACKGROUND OF GAY, DEATH, LEECH, AND ESPECIALLY CRACK.

  12. Yu Huo

    Sterling Rodd is correct. In the Eldritch Tongue, ‘you’ is plural or formal. There’s also case structure to worry about. ‘O Nerd, the wrath thou hast wrought!’ might be rejoindered with:
    Nerd: ‘Alas! Such hath not my tenderest thought to cross, even in febrile dreaming–‘
    Lech: ‘And hast thou no courage, not to draw to thee thine brethren, all who beside thee stand, to the last?’
    Prozac: ‘Then stand thee not, Crack; thou hast spoken and thy will heard. Nerd, to thee I pledge my troth. Together, we shall stand against what Evils thou hast in thine ignorance wrought and together shall we prevail. Who amongst you by me stands?’
    Lech: ‘I!’
    Gay: ‘I!’
    Vanity: ‘I!’
    Gimp: ‘Mmf!’
    Death: *slow fizzle*
    Tanked: ‘Gna!’
    Crack: ‘I’m going to bed.’
    Prozac: “All have been heard! Now, Nerd, hast thou an un-cloning device, or be it possible to reverse the polarity of the neutron flow in this ghastly contraption of thy make?’

  13. admin

    @Yu Huo: Hilarious! Thanks, that made my day :)

  14. Dubael

    @ Yu Huo, very well done in deed good companion!
    Alison, I love the look on the faces, especially Prozac and Death.

    I’ve just one nagging question, at what point will Clone Death start to scare the little horns off of Death Prime? When will Death Prime start to realise that even he is being dragged too far by his clone. I just have this feeling that at some point, it won’t be 8 against two but the entire original cast (Cracked forced to fight… for her/his very life), including Death Prime against the Evil That Nerd Hath Wrought.

    Also, Lechzetta, CLASSIC!

  15. Constance

    @Dubael Crack is obviously a dude? He’s in no way feminine. Gay is probably about as stereotypical “female” as the group gets…

  16. Nick Yao

    Wow that’s too bad but Prozac’s face is so funny
    I really like this comic

  17. Xint22

    YES WOLVES ARE THE BEST!! Also I feel somethings going to happen… Lets say nerd wakes up from a dream?

  18. Nicole

    LOVE how Vanity’s head doesn’t even fully breach the bottom panel! :D And Nerd is so cute…just want to hug him! I’m glad our little baby elephant is safe…I forget her name.

    @ Yu Huo, that was awesome!

  19. Alister

    Well, Nerd came to regret those words pretty quickly, huh?

  20. Urago

    *Plays One-Winged Angel*

  21. Dubael

    @Constance, in this day and age, until someone indicates which gender pronoun I should use, I don’t make assumptions. I’ve got friends and ‘family’ who are trans. I respect their situation and don’t make judgements. How someone behaves is not always a clear indication of gender.
    If I was going to go on someone’s action being indicative of their gender then I’d say that both Gay and Lech are hard core Y chromosomes simply because they are so stereotypically ‘Male’ in their actions, one obviously ‘he-man macho’ the other obviously ‘queer as a $3 bill’. However, from personal experience I’ve learned never to presume.
    Then again, the truth is often stranger than fiction.
    That said though, I wouldn’t presume to suppose that Alison is a limited story teller.
    In fact, everything I’ve read and seen of her work assures me that she is a creative individual with many nuances.
    That aside, I’m won’t be surprised if Crack is male. He’s all the screaming pathos of the majority of my gender.

  22. BrobyDDark

    @Dubael. While I believe in one’s opinions and principles, the Bear Bios page has his, him, and he in each of their bios. All except for Gay, who may aswell be female anyway.

  23. Knux

    That first panel is beautiful and truly shows that two evils released upon the earth will cause the zoopocolypse.

    (And I love seeing wolves, a hyena, and vultures oh my! You may not showcase all the animals of the zoo, but seeing bits of the larger background population from time to time is always fun ^^ Especially when there’s a few of my favorite animals there :D )

  24. Urago

    @Dubael: I understand if you have trans friends or relatives, but the only female character so far is Madge, the lighter-colored adult elephant in the top panel of this very page.

  25. Ninkurou

    Beware Evil and Evilier!

  26. Yu Huo

    @admin Hee. Thanks. I aim to amuse.
    However, I committed some painful errors… should have been ‘hast *thee* an un-cloning device’. ‘Hast thou created an un-cloning device’ would have been appropriate. Dative, accusative, ah, let’s call the whole thing off!

  27. Dubael

    @BrobyDDark, thank you for reminding me of the Bios, I read them so long ago that I forgot about them.
    @Urago, as BrobyDDark pointed out, I should have referenced the Bios, my inclusivity got in the way of my curiousity *self deprecating grin* I’ll endeavour to not let that happen again.

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