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August 19th, 2013

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Chinch bugs… hate them.  I’ve had this new lawn less than a year now, and it was kept quite immaculate by the retired guy who sold us the house.  Literally all our new neighbours mentioned it was the best lawn on the street.  Took me less than a year to kill it :(  I’m perhaps being a little overdramatic; I’ve only killed about a quarter of it, plus some sun damage cause we don’t water enough.  Lawns are seriously time wasting and aggravating.

Vote incentive:  a fun Star Trek themed commission I did a few months back.


  1. Justacritic

    Tanked and Gimp have perhaps the most terrifying weapons, Vanity’s just classic.

  2. Urago

    Just what is Gay wielding anyway?

  3. DozerTheDozerian

    Bear wielding a plushie bear. It’s sure deadly! (Yeah, I’m so sure it is.)

  4. Feartheswans

    @Urago Its a Back Scrubber for the Shower/Bath

  5. gamehunter


  6. gamehunter

    oh yea and that BEAR NUTS logo with 2 Evils its soooooooooooo SEXY c(-8<

  7. Nicole

    Prozac with a bat = AWESOME!!!

    Where’s Death? Hmmm…

  8. Nick Yao

    Prozac VS 2 Evil = AWESOME d(^_^o)

    I can’t wait I need more ~ !!! (>□<)

  9. Gumballs81

    I like Lech’s “bear-knuckle brawler” approach. ^_^

  10. Urago

    By the way, I know Vanity is a spoiled brat and everyone seems to hate him, but I’d still hug him. He’s so CUTE!

  11. Lance

    Could we get that last panel without text as a wallpaper/vote-incentive/both? I’m a particular fan of Vanity’s expression there.

  12. Dubael

    Lawns, a waste of time, energy and patience. Only thing I can say is water at dusk or dawn, never in the daylight, better at night (so long as you don’t have to worry about frost). Seriously, plant a garden, much easier to deal with.

    Yes, where is Death? Vanity armed with a Frying Pan, awwww. Why do I suspect that harmless as it seems, that loofah on a stick is more deadly in Gay’s hands than the fry pan in Vanity’s… perhaps Gay knows Loofah Fu?

  13. Alister

    Isn’t that the same club that Nerd used in his own Evil smack-down earlier in the series? Could be wrong but it does look pretty similar.

  14. Ron

    So does this mean one of the bears is going to die? I guess the logical choice would be one of the Evils, but I don’t want to lose any of the main cast…

  15. Nick Yao

    WoW Prozac VS two Evil = Awesome

    I can’t wait ☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆

  16. Beta

    I can’t pinpoint why, but this Evil 2 in the arc picture somehow breaks a threshold of adorable in which the likes I’ve never seen before. Curse you Alison and your wicked talents!!!

  17. gamehunter

    !!!spoiler alert!!!
    The conflict is going to escalate and the 2 Evils are going to be in situation that only one Evil can exist (,,There cold be only ONE!!!!)*Team Fortress 2 references* and then one Evil is going to DIE from the hands of the other Evil…..I know its a,,cliche,, but in the END *the author* IS GOING TO hint that the original less bad Evil is dead and that the evil tween is alive. ;)

  18. FTS

    I do a lot of lawn work, we live on a few acres of land and I mostly manage it. Now being as its a hotter time of year and coming close to the dormancy season, you want to avoid shallow root, (probably the problem) you see the best way to water a lawn is to water very seldom, but when you do water it heavily. When the top soil is dry the water traveling downward will cause the roots to grow deeper to get to the water, this conciquently will also eliminate compitition for water between grass and weeds making for a great color of green. Also water at dusk as mentioned previously but don’t water too often this will allow roots to stay shallow and make room for weeds.

  19. FTS

    P.S don’t be afraid to add nutrition to a damaged garden weed n feed and miraclegro are common products that can easily be applied, just make sure its done on the day you water

  20. FTS


  21. YourWorstNightmare

    omg I think its all about to go down… and were is death?

  22. Beta

    I’m gonna guess that one of the Evils will die. The gang will try to kill the Clone, come to a crossroad where they can’t figure out who’s the original Evil, have to have them answer something only the real evil would know, and then someone will come out of the blue and kill who we think is the right one to kill, with the comic ending with a sinister Evil hinting that they did away with the wrong evil.

    Or we’ll be surprised when someone else is killed. Guess we’ll find out :)

  23. Epic

    Suspense! I think Death is just taking a potty break…

  24. Cam

    Gay, is that a loofah? Really?

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