Page 384
August 26th, 2013

Page 384

I think Prozac’s exasperated face is going to freeze that way.

I can’t believe summer’s almost over!  Sam starts school in less than two weeks (if the school is ready since the switch to all day kindergarten necessitated both local grade schools to renovate, and neither looks all that close to done).  I really can’t picture putting him on the bus the first time and just letting him go.  He can’t wipe himself efficiently yet for God’s sake :P  Fortunately his nursery school did have a bus field trip and watched the same safety video I did at that age, so he’s not completely unfamiliar with the concept.  We went down town today to try out a “city” bus and he found that fun.   It also happened to be pride parade day and I had no idea, so it was a very colourful walk down Elgin.

Vote incentive: small preview from pg 10 of this arc…toasty.

I also added a quick wallpaper of that last panel from the previous page as requested on the Wallpapers page.


  1. Nick Yao

    Prozac is so cool ! ! !

  2. Namba

    Damn, this is going to be sad…

  3. Nicole

    Hey, there’s Death! :) Hoo boy…where are they heading? Polars?

  4. Aps

    Looks like those polars are gonna get it….and then the bears will have to pay – oh the vicious, never-ending cycle!! Thanks for another great page :)

  5. Trewest

    Elgin is a lot of fun for that no? Did not realize that we live in the same city until that comment. Hopefully little Sam wasn’t exposed to too much ah….bareness. I saw a fair amount of cheek during parade.

  6. Ninkurou

    I think that the evils are after the Polars…

  7. abowden

    …Nerd is proving useful already.

  8. Saddust

    Gimp’s face in the 10th panel is too much ! Btw, who knows what is his history ?…

  9. Alister

    Perhaps Evil is saving the scoop for making up a previously missed opportunity.

  10. Nicole

    @Saddust: We haven’t had Gimp’s origin story yet. Should prove interesting when we do!

  11. Bliv

    “Who else does he have an issue with?”. Evils list of enemies is pretty high…

  12. Zermel

    Polars no doubt.

  13. Dire

    Vanity’s face in panel three cracks me up so much.

  14. soman

    wait, wheres deaths scythe?
    it would seem logical for him to have it, and yet…
    come to think of it, we haven’t seen it for a few arcs.
    btw: the actual design of it is flawed, it wouldn’t cut right

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