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September 24th, 2018

Page 649

It’s pretty rare that we get significant weather issues around here; it may get pretty cold in the winter but we have generally pretty stable weather patterns.  The tornado that came through on Fri was fairly localized: some people never power, while others lost their homes.  Losing power for an extended period never fails to make me both really out of sorts and incredibly pampered/don’t appreciate how easy my life usually is.  Especially in the evening when it’s too dark to draw or read, I have massive deadlines and I can’t use my computer, couldn’t cook anything so protein for dinner, couldn’t even work out cause I banged up my knee and it currently doesn’t like bending… fortunately it’s neither horribly cold or hot out!  Our thoughts are with all the people who are adrift this week.  Any locals, check out the shelters in your area; lots of people are needy right now :(

I feel guilty that I’m glad the roof didn’t get blown off my house, but still pouting that my weekend plans all got ruined (plus stupid knee) AND to top it all off, the school board is closing all the schools tomorrow just in case as lots of sections of the city are still without power…dammit!

Vote incentive: A little Mr. Skellington to bring with you everywhere you go!

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  1. Delusional

    Is this the part where I shout “First comment”? Haha… Hope all’s going well Alison! Glad to hear you and your family seem okay after the storms.

  2. Hake Feretto

    Lech… even in this tip of situation you want cosplay yourself ? Seriously XD….. and they will go away with bread and tomatoes sauce….

  3. Nicole

    OMG, the sweetness of panel 6! Aaaaand…Evil’s dead.

    @Hake Feretto: I think that’s strawberry jam. :)

  4. Nicole

    @Alison: So sorry to hear about the tornado and the power outage. :( Hope everything gets back in order soon. <3

  5. Abdiel

    lol Evil is in immediate danger
    Nerd: Let me put on my stealth outfit first.
    I think it’s cool that they are trying to save Evil and they don’t have any of the “strong bears” to bail them out.

  6. Hake Feretto

    In my memory Tank was scared of Crack after the bad crack event, it seem that the friendship is come-back between them its cute

  7. TaggertShare

    Looks like Crack has a best Bud in Tank. Love Nerd’s outfit! He should use it for Halloween.

  8. IWX

    I just love that Tank views imported brew as valuable bait. Innocently ignorant, but the intent is good.

  9. Todd Maccarone

    Crack and Tanked’s hug- adorable! On a less happy note, Evil is probably screwed if this doesn’t work out.

  10. CleaverPun

    Oh duh…a net/trap…cuz bondage…i feel silly

  11. T-Shaw

    Ninja Nerd is back!

  12. Emily A Shelton

    THAT CRACK AND TANKED HUG OMG <3 SO happy Crack can communicate his thoughts and fears without losing his brains now <3 so much development from him

  13. CorvusCorone68

    Tanked is like a super-friendly dog that also slobbers everywhere and chases its’ own tail

  14. Hake Feretto

    @ CleaverPun well actualy I think the rope is just for go in the lion-cage and about the food I think it was for “take the attention of the lion far away” and same the lions eat the food one bear go save Evil. But it must be steacks initialy and here just strawberry and toast I wonder how they intend to trick the lions with that XD…

    And the role of Gimp is a mystery….I though the bears want capture someone and use Gimp’s “persuiasives methods” for force him to help them but see the actual situation I really can’t see what Gimp could do in this mission so surprise surprise ^^

  15. Blue Bre

    gimp is the cutest

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