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October 1st, 2018

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October again!  Feels like it came really fast, but that might just be my usual slow acceptance of the cold weather coming…and the horrid drudgery of tax time (our year end is Halloween, the scariest time of the year!)  Normally I’m not big into the season of pumpkin spice but I did find a yummy sounding recipe for pumpkin protein pancakes; as a fan of lower carb substitutes AND alliteration I think we’ll just have to give those a try.  I made spaghetti squash pad thai on the weekend and 1 out of 3 kids deemed it edible!  (Owen sat for nearly two hours eating one strand at a time because he’s insane/stubborn.) Whatever, I loved it.

Vote incentive: Canadian Thanksgiving is next weekend :D

More Halloween tees!  I might have a new zombie one upcoming on Woot…. emphasis on the might because I have no idea if/when they’ll print it :P


  1. CorvusCorone68

    heh the adrenaline wore off at the end

  2. Chasey

    I love how absolutely typical everyone is acting right now, hehe.

  3. Todd Maccarone

    Poor Crack. Here’s hoping that saving Evil goes well enough…

  4. MicaXIII

    he’s still a scared boy but he’s trying

  5. Abdiel

    Is Gay wearing two bowties?

  6. gridsleep

    Crack’s versatility in the field would be of questionable value, anyway. Not the Black Ops type.

    As for the Hallowe’en Treat, I’m afraid it’s 50% obscure. Ghost Busters, I get, but who is playing them?

  7. gridsleep

    BTW, I have meant to bring this up for quite a while, but it has always bothered me that Crack has a syringe tummy. Crack is not injected like heroin. It is smoked. He should have a crack pipe tummy. Nothing to do for it now, I suppose.

  8. gridsleep

    OK, I get it. Supernatural. I’ve only watched a few episodes, so it took a while to remember.

  9. T-Shaw

    Good luck guys!

  10. Nicole

    Oooh! Can’t wait for what happens next!

    gridsleep: Crack didn’t only use crack, but lots of drugs. So I think the needle just represents drug addiction.


    It all goes full circle. Crack is going to discover heroin and fully revert to his former self.

  12. bunny

    bawwhhh crack honey youre doing so well.

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